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Dammit Jim, I’m a Raider not a Juggler

There’s no doubt about it—one of the biggest challenges about being a progression raider is juggling your commitments when new content launches. One week you’re clearing content in a single evening, and enjoying the wonde...
by Vixsin


Good news, everyone!

In an interesting turn of events, Blizzard dropped three bombs on the Resto Shaman raiding community today. The first of which, ostensibly an effort to address concerns over shamans’ lack of a raid/tank/personal CD, bring...
by Vixsin


… And then there was light

I’m not normally one to repost from MMO-Champ or Bluetracker, but there are moments when sheer, unadultered joy gets the best of you and you can’t help but break out of the mold a bit and do a little jig. Today is o...
by Vixsin



Complete Email Fail

No theorycrafting here, just a quick apology to every who’s emailed me directly over the past 3 weeks. Amazingly, despite my incredible ability to program my own VCR (back in the day) or configure my home wireless network...
by Vixsin


The Longest 16 Hours

Keeping this one short and to the point … After 16 hours of the longest solo questing ever (14 of which were spent pondering why I attempted the adventure without a buddy, the other 2, fine-tuning my mob-tagging skills), ...
by Vixsin


Off-topic of the Year: The Lines of Blogging

Despite being a very cautious and pragmatic person by nature, the move to start my own blog was surprisingly an impetuous one. I remember complaining to a friend about the lack of Resto Shaman resources, and having him respond,...
by Vixsin