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Welcome to: The Dark Side

Thank you for making the choice to join Blizzard’s Evil NPC Empire! We do hope you enjoy your stay with us, whether your final destination is a holiday event, landmark instance, or some backwater cave or subterranean lair whe...
by Vixsin


Where Your Loyalty Lies

I wanted to take a break from Shaman topics today to talk about a subject which equally fascinates and frustrates me, and which I have been struggling with since Day 1 of my raiding WoW career—guild loyalty. (I’m seldom the...
by Vixsin

AQ40 (small)

Diversions for the Bored Resto Shaman

The end, the end, the end … you’d have to be blind and deaf and under a rock to not know that the end of WotLK is fast approaching. The blogrolls are getting lighter (or more blood-thirsty, depending on which ones you frequ...
by Vixsin


Lost's Magic Numbers

Is the Healing “Rotation” Becoming a Reality?

The term “healing rotation” is often bandied about by bloggers and theorycrafters, as they take the dps max output model and try, very clunkily, to apply it to a role which doesn’t adhere to the same rules. Unlike our pew...
by Vixsin

Healers _Collage_small

Lessons from an Alt: the Holy Pally

As many players and bloggers out there have discovered, the end of the xpac is a great time for alts, and like many others, I’ve been living it up these days on a variety of toons, including one annoying cutesy Holy Paladin. ...
by Vixsin

Halion Hard Mode Kill - US21

Life Behind the Kill Pic: A Look Inside Hardcore Guilds

With the recent preview of the guild leveling and perks system, now more than ever, the tag under your name will start to impact your interaction in the game world. With perks ranging from more XP, more money, and more tier poi...
by Vixsin