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How to be an Unabashed WoW Gamer

With WoW’s subscription count in the tens of millions these days, and the console market covering everything from Wii Fit grandmas to NASCAR devotees, I think it’s very safe to say that gaming isn’t as closeted as it used...
by Vixsin


Where Your Loyalty Lies

I wanted to take a break from Shaman topics today to talk about a subject which equally fascinates and frustrates me, and which I have been struggling with since Day 1 of my raiding WoW career—guild loyalty. (I’m seldom the...
by Vixsin


The Value of Community Self-Sufficiency

Back in the days of Nintendo, die hard gamers intent on beating Super Mario Bros on “hard mode” or trying to get into the hidden dungeons of Zelda learned that there was one way to fix any bug in the game—to blow on the c...
by Vixsin



Non-Critical Healing Noise in Mists of Pandaria

(Alternatively titled: Why we throughput classes maybe, kinda shouldn’t hate Disc Priests and Paladins all that much) It is a common occurrence on raid nights the world over—the healing team is assembled for the eveni...
by Vixsin


The 5 Whys of Wiping: A Healer’s Lessons

If you ever have the inclination to study supply chain management, manufacturing, or production system design, you will likely bump into an evaluation technique called “The 5 Whys”. Originally developed by Sakichi Toyoda an...
by Vixsin


Reflections on Tier 14

There’s always a lot to be said about the first tier of an expansion. It’s a time where so many things are in transition, as players adjust to class changes, new game dynamics and new systems. It’s a time of volatility, w...
by Vixsin