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The VIP velvet rope

The Construction and Deconstruction of an App

There comes a time in every raider’s life when they find themselves faced with a daunting challenge—writing an application to a guild that they would actually like to join. In stark contrast to those guilds that you join as...
by Vixsin


Raiders’ Answer Bag

In my travels in WoW and my quest for interweb answers, I’ve collected a number of resources and a good deal of information about Resto Shaman. Previously, all this information was relegated to a Bookmarks folder and a disorg...
by Vixsin


An Argument for Addons

A month or so ago, I had one of most all-around discomforting experiences of my raiding career. I had a moment, not dissimilar from showing up to class stark naked and lacking your homework, where I was simply stunned into immo...
by Vixsin


WoL Healing Analysis

The Next Step with WoL: Healing Analysis

So by now, you’ve become acquainted with World of Logs, played around with its tools, and maybe uploaded a log or two to your guild’s site. You have a basic faculty with the interface and feel comfortable navigating through...
by Vixsin


Alternative Speccing for the Renegade Shaman

I have something to confess: I haven’t changed my resto spec since I originally dinged 80. Okay, that isn’t precisely true—I have respecced a couple of times to try out various minor tweaks, but, when all is said and done...
by Vixsin


PowerAuras and You: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

It’s fairly safe to say that I’m a visual person; telling me the way to the party isn’t going to ensure my arrival, but show me where it is on a map and I turn into a veritable TomTom. So it’s no surprise that one of my...
by Vixsin