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June 16, 2010

Ding Dong, the King is Dead (*with Flowcharts!)


Yes, that title means exactly what you think it means. FH went into ICC last night, powered through 11/12 Hard Modes and got ready for a night of work on LK. Attempt #1 of the night saw him down to 22%. And 4 attempts later he was dead. On a Tuesday. With an hour left in our 5-hour raid night. During an enrage. With healers dpsing and CDs popped. With an entire vent full of players screaming, pleading, and groaning all at once. Even now, I get goosebumps just writing about it–the kill was that thrilling. US #38, Realm First. I don’t care that it’s just a video game, I don’t care that it’s only pixels and I don’t care that it would look ridiculous on a resume. That feeling of accomplishment we all shared last night is why I play.

So, this morning I can finally make the post that I’ve been waiting to make for weeks. And I can finally give you all the inside scoop on what it takes to kill one of the hardest (if not *the* hardest) boss I’ve ever killed. So here it is: How to Kill Lich King, the Flowchart. (I’d highly recommend looking at the PDF version, as it’s more legible than the jpg.)

~ A very exhausted and very happy Vix

A special thanks to everyone on BDF who took the time to whisper me or anyone in FH to congratulate us on our kill. I’ve never before been a member of a server first, and the community response was absolutely overwhelming. (And grats to our roll hax GL who actually won the mount in an open roll; there is no one more deserving of epics than the bloke who puts up with it all.)


  1. Congrats on the kill!

    Awesome flow chart 😀

  2. Grats on the kill! Flow chart is pure win.

  3. Shaka

    Congratulations on your kill. Flowchart was awesome! Your blog is really helping me learn to heal. Thanks!

  4. Morannon

    Hehe, gratz on the kill and thanks for the laugh :)

  5. That’s awesome. Big congrats on the kill!
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    .-= Apple´s last blog ..To Troll or Not To Troll? (or, what I did last night) =-.

  7. congratulations
    .-= Kaethir´s last blog ..The Little Druid that Could =-.

  8. […] I don’t have any desire to pound our collective heads on the Lich King at the moment.)  However, this flow chart is win. Pure […]

  9. Wow, grats to you and your team 😀
    .-= Angelya´s last blog ..Today on Twitter =-.

  10. Jäede

    While it probably won’t help with resume building, it’s still a gigantic accomplishment and testament to the you and your guild. Congrats, now return to normal breathing :)

  11. Grats! I can’t bring myself to start looking at that flowchart just yet :)
    .-= Cassandri´s last blog ..Priests have all the Personality =-.

  12. Heh, with the right spin maybe I could turn an LK kill into a demonstration of sound professional qualities: “Demonstrated team coordination skills, dogged determination in the face of extreme adversity, attention to details, excellent command of decision-making strategies in time-sensitive environments, sustained personal initiative, and the ability to kill dargons while munching on chips.”

    I think I’ll try the pitch on my next prospective client!

  13. TheBest

    He casts Fury of the Frostmourne at 10.5%.

  14. *sigh* all that witty flowchart humor …. lost.

    Hrm … searching for pithy comeback …. I guessed at the percentage since I was, unlike some people, actually focused on healing? *cough bad priest cough*

    /snicker …. see you at the alt raid, Kieska.

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