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June 25, 2010

Shaman Roundtable

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Written by: Vixsin
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There’s no long post to be had here, folks, just something worthy of note: The Shaman Roundtable, part of a series hosted by the Raid Warning podcast, is being held on July 13th. There are some great community members taking part, and like the previous podcasts held for Priests and Pallies, it should generate some interesting topics of discussion.

(It may sound silly, but I’m actually pretty bummed out about not being asked to participate. Feels like 3rd grade kickball all over again, ugh.)


  1. If it makes you feel better I was bummed out when I saw the list and noticed you weren’t on it. :)
    .-= ecclesiastical discipline´s last blog ..I Can Haz Totems: The Teenage Years =-.

  2. I’m a little surprised about that as well to be honest mate. =(
    .-= Lodur´s last blog ..Making Dungeons Fun Again =-.

  3. I was surprised you weren’t asked as well. Stupid kickball group. Rawr.
    .-= Windsoar´s last blog ..Top Fit =-.

  4. In all fairness, when this idea was first brought up on Raid Warning, the guys clearly stated they weren’t familiar with the shaman community and didn’t know who to invite. So you know, don’t let it bother you too much. :-)

  5. AmIBroken

    > It may sound silly, but Iā€™m actually pretty bummed out about not being asked to participate. Feels
    > like 3rd grade kickball all over again, ugh.

    Naw, don’t feel bummed. They invited Lodur, ffs.

  6. Hey, not sure if you’ve checked your mail, but you have an invite in there. Sorry, like Sindei said, we’re not that familiar with all the Shaman bloggers and just found out about ya yesterday.

  7. Hrm, all I need to do is make a post saying I’m bummed and good things happen …

    *clears throat*


    It’s worth a shot, right? šŸ˜›

  8. Big congrats on getting asked for the roundtable Vixsin! I’ve been following these guys for 20 odd episodes and they’re always fun to listen to.

    I’ve posted a lot of questions on Epic Advice but would you mind me posting some questions here as well that I would like to see adressed?

    Gz again!


  9. By all means, fire away! We’ll be collecting questions through this Thursday. The more, the better!

  10. Jenster

    Ha, I noticed my question was on there, awesome!

    I know it was very complex, but often my situation is a little different from most other resto shamans and many decisions have to be made. I also didn’t expect it to be included in the podcast, but I am very flattered that you chose to include it, it’s obviously an interesting one and it does highlight the complexity behind gearing and going for what you really ‘need’ rather than what ‘should’ be the case.

    Since that email I have started to heal more effectively, and do have a bit more mp5, and less haste. It feels much more balanced. But thank you for including the question, I feel famous :O.

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