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December 7, 2010

The Longest 16 Hours

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Written by: Vixsin
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Keeping this one short and to the point … After 16 hours of the longest solo questing ever (14 of which were spent pondering why I attempted the adventure without a buddy, the other 2, fine-tuning my mob-tagging skills), I almost missed the screenshot!  But there it is–level 85 in all its glory. 9 Million XP in that level alone, and man do you feel it. Now to get cracking on gear, professions and finishing up the Cataclysm Resto Shaman Guide. Best of luck to everyone, wherever you may be in your Cataclysm journey!


  1. Holy. Crap. I do not have the attention span or the (metaphorical) balls to do that. I’m a much more leisurely leveller… damn. That’s amazing, go you!
    Apple´s last post ..“It is done”

  2. Mitila

    Congratulations! I’m sure the grind was amazingly boring but so fun at the same time. Looking forward to that Cataclysm guide and I hope you have fun getting into those new heroics.

  3. Congratulations! Did you miss out on Server First 85 Shaman?

    Bet you’ll sleep like a baby tonight 😀

    • Missed out on server first by a mile. The smart kids went into a couple dungeons first and then split into 2s to quest it out. Sadly, I was not one of the smart kids … >.< Now let's see if I can't get working on that sleep!

  4. Velrono

    What spec did you level as, been going as Enh so far, level 82, my version arrived about 16 hours after release, which didn’t help so much.

    And of course, big gratz on the ding.

  5. Impressive! I have oodles of friends who are still “sick” from work even today as they continue to pound through. I look forward to reading about your experiences and thoughts on we restos in Cata. At current, I have lots of stuff on my ‘to-do’ list but it’s looking like one of my ongoing tasks will be “re-forge mastery to spirit to avoid being oom while healing levelling 5-mans.” My caster friends at 83 zone have started the complaints and I’m deathly afraid of the transition at 82-83 and the impact it will have on my capabilities. At current, I’m halfway to 81 and feeling almost no change except now I’m wearing 3 blues from BRC. I wonder if you noticed that as you were chain-questing…did you get hit by a no-mana truck en route to 85 at that speed?

  6. Tam

    Good grief. Many grats. I’m just boggled. Impressed but boggled!

    I’m undertaking my Cataclysm journey more like Bilbo Baggins – I need second breakfast and a pocket hankerchief before I can even think of leaving Org 😉
    Tam´s last post ..who’s driving this story

  7. Nifra

    Grats! :)

    16h is pretty impressive still, for having quested (80-82 was the worse since it was sooo crowded)
    Leveled as Elemental as well, no trouble except I did run into a few mana problems at 84 (due to having to self-heal and high costs)

    Anyways, good luck grinding those heroics and looking forward to hear more!
    ~ Nifra

  8. Congrats dude! That’s pretty quick, its barely been out three days, but now at least you can focus on other things!
    Bronte´s last post ..WoW Memoirs – Part I- “Sproll- Gnome- Mage” or “The Great Arathi Basin Battle”

  9. You’re utterly crazy. But congratulations and well done 😉 Glad you found elemental reliable!
    Charles´s last post ..Ambling through the Shattering

  10. Shikai

    Welcome to a world where GHW costs 6.5k mana and gratz for the quick leveling.

  11. Velrono

    Finaly hit 85 myself last night, got a bit more gear and ran some heroics with the guild as Resto, first up was Grim Batol, only wiped once and that was when the boss bugged and kept spinning with the fire shied thing, and then on the last boss, managed to just finish the fight before i went OOM,

    Second one was Shadowfang keep, that was incredibly hard on some bosses, but managed to only wipe twice.

    Had some great fun doing them and it was a good challange, unlike Wrath stuff.

  12. I don’t think I’ve even hit 81 yet! Of course, I’m the ultimate in casuals and I also played some of my Worgen too.

    Fobok´s last post ..A Kink in the Plans

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