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December 13, 2010

Getting into Dungeons and Heroics

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Written by: Vixsin
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As more and more players reach 85 and get into dungeons and heroics, the question on everyone’s mind seems to be, “What gear do I need to start into dungeons, heroics, and raiding?” The good news is that a starter gear set is well within your reach, provided that you quested your way through the various Cataclysm zones. In fact, I was able to step into heroics immediately after hitting 85, with just a minor amount of work, no BOEs, and a couple very solid quest items.

Here’s what I picked up:

Boots Fireball Treads Quest – Uldum
Chest Mindsliced Chestguard Quest – Org
Cloak Cloak of the Dryads Hyjal (H)
Gloves Gauntlets of Dragonwrath Quest – TH
Helm Helm of the Brown Lands Dragonmaw (H)
Legs Wilderness Legguards Hyjal (R)
MH Gurgthock’s Garish Gorebat Quest – TH
Neck Pendant of Elemental Balance Earthen (H)
Relic Spearwarden’s Unlucky Charm Quest – TH
Ring Eye of the Stars Quest – Uldum
Ring Red Dragonheart Ring Quest – TH
Shield Shield of the Mists Justice
Shoulders Seafoam Mantle Justice
Trinket Talisman of Sinister Order Quest – Uldum
Trinket Stonemother’s Kiss Quest – Deep
Waist Girdle of the Ancient One Quest – Uldum
Wrist Bracers of the Lost City Tolvir (Quest)

In addition, just by completing the quests in Mount Hyjal and in Deepholm, you should be able to pick up the BOA helm enchant (from the former) and the rare shoulder enchant (from the latter zone). This put me at ~75k mana and around 6k healing spellpower getting into heroics, which made mana tight but not nonexistent.

What sort of gear should I aim for after I get my starter set?

Anything that you can get! Your goal for doing dungeons and heroics should be to get as many direct stat upgrades as possible. The more 346 pieces you have, the better your healing will start feeling. Ideally, you should shoot for over 1k haste (to push your hot ticks into one more cycle) and as much Int and Spirit as you can possibly get. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to completely avoid Mastery gear, huge chunks of it can provide ample opportunity to pick up more haste, crit or spirit. Beyond that, I put together this spreadsheet to guide me in seeing what upgrades I can get and from where.

What heroics are the easiest?

To be quite honest, your first couple of heroics will be difficult no matter what one you get. As the reports out of beta suggested, dps and solid tanks will be key to a successful group, but your mana and longevity will be the real limiting factors. So, understanding boss mechanics and damage patterns will enable you to dole out your heals appropriately (and note when someone could be saving you some mana through their own healing/CD mechanics). Don’t be afraid to ask for boomkin innervates, priest hymns, and for tanks to use their CDs at every possible opportunity. In the end, rest assured, if you find yourself finishing fights with near 0 mana, you’re not alone.

Now, once you find yourself with a good group, there are a couple heroics which I’ve found to be a bit easier. Blackrock Caverns, the Lost City of Tol’vir and the Stonecore are some of my favorites and contain pretty simple boss mechanics. On the other hand, Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, and Halls of Origination all contain some higher-than-average dps checks, which can stress good groups to the limits. Regardless, expect to enjoy the feeling of being challenged and the thrill of seeing what a diligent group can accomplish.

What sort of healing rotation is the most successful?

In most heroics, I find myself sticking to 4 basic spells–Healing Wave, Greater Healing Wave, Riptide, and Unleash Elements. Using the latter two on CD really helps boost my capacity to keep tanks alive through the heavy damage they take on multi-mob pulls. An RT + UE + GHW lineup can hit for around 27-30k, with crits up to 50k (accounting for mastery). For AOE situations, I’ll CH through the tank to take advantage of Nature’s Blessing and reapply an RT hot on him at the next opportunity, but then revert to keeping players stable with HW. The one spell that I haven’t been using all that much in heroics is, naturally, Healing Rain. (Though, it’s worth noting that it is simply amazing on the first boss of SFK). As with most Cataclysm encounters, the key to having “just enough” healing becomes knowing which players are likely to die and which can sit at 50% hp. Believe you me, even when you pick up fully heroic gear and sprinkle in epics, sloppy pulls and wasteful heals (looking at you here, Healing Surge) will almost always spell disaster.

The Icing on the Cake

And a special, special thanks to Rissamagus, the GM who enabled me regain the name I’ve been using since I started playing. Cataclysm will herald the triumphant return of Vixsin, the troll resto shaman on BDF! (Now, I can stop confusing everyone by being Vixsin on LiG5 and Vixsyn on BDF!) <3 to Rissamagus, whomever you are.


  1. Vnko

    Great insight as usual. I’m getting into my 346’s and am just now comfortable tossing the occasional healing surge in a crisis. Overall, I have found the heroic experience in cata both challenging and rewarding (with LFD for extra challenge!) I think the new model is wonderful.

    However, as I’m sure you’ve noticed on the official forums there is quite the outcry among a number of healers decrying the system as unsustainable or in some way flawed. Do you think we will see any significant change in blizzard’s cata healing paradigm? Though some of us seem to be doing pretty well for ourselves (no doubt because of the regular guidance from this blog) do you think the current system leaves out some of the more casual healers?

    • I’m fairly confident in saying–I think Blizzard and their developers are going to stick to their guns when it comes to the Cata healing model. Despite the outcry of healers on the forums, they’ve stated (and truly believe) that this model is leagues beyond the twitch-healing model of Wrath.

      For what it’s worth, I both agree and disagree with them. I agree that this model is better, and certainly prioritizes selection over button-mashing. It’s nice to feel like skill counts for something. What I disagree with is that this model is “more fun”, because quite frankly, the stress that I feel as a healer has increased almost tenfold. Part of that is due to what players on the forums seem to be struggling with–re-learning how to heal–but the greater part comes from shouldering the burden of a major paradigm shift: our mana is the group’s responsibility now, not our own. That’s not an empowering feeling, and I don’t think Blizzard has done enough to publicize the fact that they tune encounters so that healers will end with near-nothing mana.

      So, does the new “healing burden” mean that some casual and new players will move away from the role? It’s highly likely. But will it make those of us who stick with it more skilled, out of necessity? Absolutely.

  2. Rahana

    Hey Vix!

    Was looking forward to your list, happy to get the check that mine wasn’t too far off. Gotta say that getting lucky on both JC trinkets proved to be great deal of help.

    As for heroics – I run with 2 dps guildies at least, who push 12 and 10K dps per fight, plus our guild warrior tank who can keep up very close to 10K dps on trash. So far I did SFK, DM, HoO, Lost City of Tolvir and Vortex Pinnacle. Vortex Pinnacle was by far the easiest as far as boss healing goes, really. Properly placed Healing Rain makes wonders there for party healing. DM and SFK are alright (however Commander in SFK had to be skipped, 10 tries and best was 20%). Halls of Origination are fairly easy, lost 3 people total on the upper bosses due to oom issues. Lost City was healable (when I remembered to stay out of Holy Ground).

    • That’s some amazing dps to run with, to be sure. Most of the LFD groups I’ve been in (and I’ve done about an equal number of PuG and guild runs), have hovered around 8-9k dps, making fights much longer and tougher on my mana pool.

      As to Commander, I’ll absolutely agree that he’s a tough one with a low dps group. I spent ~ 3 hours in there on Saturday with a PuG, and he took about 6-7 attempts to get down. What seemed to make the difference for us was add dps–focus-firing the Officer first and the Guardsman second. Since both have the potential to heal the boss (I believe they can be interrupted), the sooner they die the shorter the fight will be. Positioning also seemed to play a role in our success–we started out tanking him on the platform, but quickly realized that having the dps/heals on the stage would allow the tank more room to kite and avoid the D&D.

  3. Vistol

    I’ll second the motion about the commander in SFK. Maybe it’s a mechanic or strat I’m missing, but no other heroic boss has come remotely close that guy. I’m guessing it’s a dps burn and we just need more dps, which will come with better gear.

  4. Shamanstyles

    iv had an initeresting time healing with the new model, quick question though, how are people finding their “efficient” heal? i find mine to be hitting for about 5k, and just seems lacklustre when compared to the current health levels of everyone in the group, i dont know if this is because of the groups im running with (LFD whilst waiting for my guild to level up, we’re pretty casual) and dps taking more damage than they should be,
    comments please.

    keep up the good work, great blog, always a pleasure reading

    • Firestyle

      I’m actually using our efficient “Healing Wave” VERY infrequently and I’m also using healing rain a lot. Healing Wave just doesn’t have enough OOMPH to make it, I don’t find it effective as a healing tool when the group is taking damage from mechanics they don’t know – Healing Surge is a necessity. I’m probably being inefficient using healing surge – but it’s working. I’m regemming for int tonight vs. , so maybe that’ll change my position with the added SP.

      Healing Rain is VERY effective if you can drop it just before incoming damage on a location where you know the raid is going to be. For example, Rahj’s AE damage in hHOO – totally predictable. This heal costs a lot of mana, but is not inefficient if placed in a good location.

  5. […] So I’m guessing there’s a decent chance you’re getting your dungeon or heroic hat on at the moment. Given Cataclysm’s a brave new world of adventures, or at least of shiny lootses, a fair few of us are feeling a tad awkward about the whole dungeoneering thing. Well, Vixsin’s come to our rescue with a post on getting into dungeons and heroics. […]

  6. Vnko

    If you are short on DPS but you have a hunter you can MD pull springvale out to the courtyard, burn the first two adds and focus on springvale thereafter. It generally takes so long for the next adds to path all the way to you that they become a non-issue.
    Of course I expect blizzard to fix this with a leash shortly as it somewhat trivializes the encounter. Having done it both ways I have to say the MD pull was loads easier, but much less satisfying to see go down.

  7. Slyph

    One thing that I’ve found helpful is healing stream totem. I’ve taken to using healing stream instead of mana spring for the slow AoE HoT. It lets me ignore DPS that are at 80% health confident that they will eventually be topped off.

  8. I haven’t done any healing yet this expansion as my focus is to get my tanking main ready to raid by the end of the month, but I’m very worried about mana after seeing my healy friends flail. We had a terrible undergeared regular Lost City run last night that I still haven’t recovered from, after our normally pro holy priest went OOM over and over again.

    So basically, what have your experiences been with regen from crit vs regen from spirit?

    Also, you mention haste and hots. First off, hots plural implies that Earthliving is actually worth something now – is that true? Second, I thought I read somewhere that Riptide doesn’t scale with haste. I take it it actually does?

    • (GAH! Looks like my reply got eaten last night …)

      Earthliving is definitely more valuable than it used to be. Looking over our kills on Sunday, EL was around 14% of my effective healing (behind #1 CH, and #2 HR).

      Riptide is most definitely scaling with haste and crit. It was bugged for a while on the beta, but it was fixed about a month before Cata went live.

      With regards to regen, you’ll always gain more regen, point for point, with spirit than you will with crit. Now there is a sweet spot where your crit (and thus, your WS procs) will enable you to stop taking on more spirit, but with the steep stat conversion factors imposed with Cata, I don’t think we’ll be hitting that sweet spot any time soon. As it stands, most raid encounters have me struggling not to OOM for the last 10% or so, meaning spirit is still something that I should be collecting. The Wrath model of eschewing regen for more haste and crit definitely isn’t something we can afford to adhere to any more.

  9. Grim

    How do you guys handle situations where there is heavy group wide damage but for whatever reason the group is spread beyond chain heal-jump range? My old strat was to spam HS which seemed to work pretty well in wotlk, but now in cata its just going to leave you oom.

    I feel like I have a good answer to every other healing situation, heavy damage on a tight group ch + hr, heavy single target rt + ue + ghw/hs. But for a spread out heavy group damage situation I’m finding myself getting more and more jealous of my priest friends CoH.

    • Meryam

      I just ask that person to move a bit closer, given that the situation does not require them to be standing completely on their own. I ask either immediately, or just point it out after. I make sure I always remind people to not unnecessarily spread out, most AoE healing spells require people to be somewhat stacked up, so those people standing solo are not just missing on CH, but many other AoE healing spells too.

      I’ve done a 25man Blackwing Descent last Sunday, killed the first 3 bosses. I’m rather disappointed by how lackluster I found Resto Shaman to be compared to all other healers. First, our healing rotation seems almost identical to how it always has been. Second, our throughput was pathetic compared to Holy Paladins and Holy Priests. Third, I felt that the encounters are fun, the challenge is nice, but playing the class itself was really boring. And fourth, the combination of bad throughput+nothing majorly new and exciting is just…. yeah, it kinda sucks!

      I found it interesting though that Premonition had used 2x Resto Shaman on Nefarian. I’m certainly not giving up on this class and role. I do believe that our numbers in those meters will gradually climb up as we adapt and gear up better. I just really wish Blizzard had given us something to be proud of. Hello Spirit Link.

      Another thing worth noting. I had ample opportunities to cast LB to regain mana. Specifically on Maloriak and Magmaw. It helped avoid worrying about running OOM all the time, and less guilty about casting that expensive Healing Rain.

      • I confess, I actually wasn’t expecting much from Restos from my experience on the Beta. But, in our guild’s kills in both Bastion of Twilight and BWD, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my numbers. Our healers have all been incredibly close in terms of effective healing, with each one of us pulling ahead of the pack on various encounters. I’d actually argue that Resto Shaman are in a pretty good place in terms of output.

        Where I’d argue that we’re not doing well is mana regen. As you mentioned, TC is a godsend for many of the raid encounters I’ve done; the mana gain it netted me on our Halfius kill this week was more than I gained from WS. Without that regen source, I’ve no doubt that my throughput would have been substantially less.

  10. Dorisel

    I’ve actually been having the opposite situation going on, which I find odd. I settled into a situation of using Healing Rain on fights with any AoE damage which allowed me to throw some lightning bolts to get mana back from telluric currents. On Single Target fights, I would usually try to heal the tank by popping Riptide, then unleash, then GHW to get a high-power, still quick heal, with chain and surge sprinkles in for effect.


    I’m at gear level 334, which means I’m just above regular dungeon blues, on average. And my Healing Wave only hits for about 9k. When my tank has almost 140k HP, how is this supposed to be sustainable? I just don’t see it as any more than a drop in the bucket.

    Not disagreeing, just finding it interesting that my experience has been so different. Have been enjoying the blog.

    • That doesn’t sound so opposite from my own experiences. ^_^ When I say that I’m not using HR significantly, I mean that it isn’t a normal part of my rotation for dungeons. But in the situation you’ve described–a group taking heavy AOE damage–it’s certainly something that I’ll utilize in conjunction with CH and some rolling RT hots. And, the single-target set-up that you detail (RT + UE + GHW) has been invaluable in helping me quickly catch a tank back up.

      As to our “auto-attack” heal, Healing Wave, I think all healers are in the same boat. The scaling is, quite frankly, horrible and as gear improves, I would expect the differential between the heal value and tank HP will continue to grow to the point that the spell simply won’t be worth the time to cast. We might see some adjustments in the future (I hope), but for now HW is the spell I cast when major healing isn’t really needed. (Since I typically let groups sit at around 70% HP during runs, I spend low-damage periods throwing out HW on various party members).

  11. Yopax

    Any (updated) views on how to balance mastery / haste / spirit / other stats compared to your previous posts ? I find quite a lot of mastery on my current gear (1422 @ 85) compared to haste (936 @ 85). Should Mastery and Haste go along on the same leve (i.e. 1200 each?).

  12. imccle

    I have just started healing again, avoided it as I levelled to 85 although I healed all through Wotlk and ICC.

    My stats in my current gear, 90k mana, 6500 +spellheal, 2600 mana regen in combat. Do you think this will be enough for hc’s?

  13. Vixsin, it’s relieving to hear another healer out there is stressed out by level 85 healing. I am constantly running oom and watching dps die, and I was feeling like a bit of a noob, so i appreciate hearing that others are having the same issues.

    I actually ended up leveling my priest first, but I am planning on leveling my shaman and then making my decison at 85, The leveling grind was pretty easy, and my guild is going to need the continued gexp gain from questing.
    Zigi´s last post ..Did you ever have to make up your mind

    • Man, if you would have talked to me after my first heroic I might have convinced you the the sky was falling … I was just a tiny, itty-bit irrational. So rather than bear the embarrassment of another guild run wipe, I went into LFD, where I was teamed up with the tank that righted my world again:

      [After a wipe in Stonecore]
      Dps: So um … what happened there healer?
      [Vixsin sighs audibly and braces for impact]
      Tank: Healer was oom
      [Vixsin’s blood pressure spikes]
      Tank: its your job to keep the healer from oom
      Tank: stop standing in crap, stop being out of Los, the healer will oom if you dont do your job
      Me: … you are the best tank … ever.

      After a couple more runs, I realized that the great healing paradigm shift had another side effect–distinguishing amazing tanks from ones that simply ride the insta-queue. The tank that had only 120k HP but popped CDs every time they were up > the fully stammed-out tank who sucked my mana dry and didn’t pop *ONE* CD or self-heal through an entire run.

  14. mikø

    I am level 85 shaman of course but i am having a big issue on going oom all the time after every pull. Dont know what to do. I was wondering what stats i should be stacking……. int and crit or sprit what please help thank you for your time

  15. Mitila

    Have your tried gevlon’s 2 healer technique? It really helps out especially on trash makes the need for cc obselete.

    • I’ve actually never considered 2-healing heroic trash, and quite frankly, I don’t think it would be that efficient. Single-target dps far exceeds AOE damage these days, so it actually behooves groups to CC and focus fire. AOE is unlikely to make up for the 8-10k dps loss of a dps turned healer, and the mana that you save by reducing incoming damage allows the group to pull quickly instead of pausing regularly for the healer to drink.

      But hey, if it works for some people, then more power to them.

  16. Yazz

    Ive read the majority of posts here and not sure if this was addressed already. What do you currently recommend to gem and reforge for. If mastery is not so hot atm, should i reforge it to haste, crit, or spirit even? As for gems should i be using int for red, spirit for blue, and ? for yellow?

    • At present, I’m gearing, gemming and enchanting for greater HPM, so I’m prioritizing Intellect above everything else. Second to Int, I’m picking up pieces which also contain Spirit (the only pieces without Spirit are my rings, by happenstance).

      In terms of secondary stats, I’ve been aiming to keep my haste above 1k, so that I gain an additional tick of RT, EL, and HR. Because there aren’t many Haste+Spirit pieces, this means I have been reforging some Mastery and Crit on gear to get above the hot threshold. After getting past that point, I’m simply picking up whatever I can get–be it Crit/Spirit or Mastery/Spirit. Ideally, I’m shooting for >20% crit unbuffed, so that I can start to see some greater mana return from CH.

      In terms of gemming, I’m sticking to Brilliant Inferno Rubies, and meeting the IED meta requirement with a Reckless Ember Topaz and a Timeless Nightstone. Once I switch to the Ember Shadowspirit, I’ll be ditching the Timeless cut and switching to 2 x Potent. The only time that I’m meeting socket bonuses is when it’s convenient to do so (read: it’s a red socket) or when there’s a substantial gain (like +Intellect or a chunk of crit).

  17. Vorin, US Kilrogg-A

    Vix: TYVVV, (VV) M!

    This has made my leveling life 127-times easier (well, it hasn’t been easy, so maybe a multiplier isn’t the best function…maybe added 247 units of easy to my previous easiness rate/level? :))

    Also, thanks for the PS gemming and reforging advice.


  18. ffff, I have healed four heroics in the last two days and *totally* forgotten about earthliving Unleash. It isn’t even on my healing bars. And I thought I was doing pretty well too :S

    I love healing rain though, while it’s situational I’ve so far found plenty of situations where it seems useful. Also every time I use it I feel a sort of satisfying happy feeling because it’s so pretty :] In general I’m hugely enjoying the new healing style and finding my groups a lot more willing to work together to pull through an encounter.

    Anyway, I’d love to see your updated take on our healing arsenal when you have a chance. I realise a lot of this stuff is still being discussed to the death on EJ, but your educated and experienced opinion on basics like the relative usefulness of our available stats or metagems, the hows and whens of, say, efficiency healing vs throughput healing, or using our new mechanics in general would be very interesting.

    I’d also like a pony and a bag of cookies. Thanks.
    Charles´s last post ..Ambling through the Shattering

    • Mitila

      I second that post request because I too have full faith in your opinions and I could really use any solid information from a reliable source (ej is just everybody arguing right now)

  19. Shockeye

    I’ve been wondering if I’m suddenly a horrible healer (I did well in Wrath) or if I’m making really bad gear choices or just what is going on, because healing is now really damned stressful. Reading over the comments here I’m relieved to see I’m not alone.

    What I’m really struggling with is mana. I just don’t seem to have enough of it (74k) to keep groups standing. Healing Wave is barely a heal at all, Healing Surge is very effective but super expensive and Greater Healing Wave is slow and expensive, but seems to have the right amount of healing. Groups just seem to be taking so much damage I can’t keep up, especially when you add in fights where Cleansing needs are near constant.

    Vixsin, you said
    “…our mana is the group’s responsibility now, not our own. That’s not an empowering feeling, and I don’t think Blizzard has done enough to publicize the fact that they tune encounters so that healers will end with near-nothing mana.”
    and this is so true, unfortunately. It’s hard to explain to other people and even other healers will scoff at such a thought. But it’s accurate. So many people are accustomed to being healed through everything they can’t fathom why I can’t do that now.

    I hate having to rely on other players for my own efficiency. So I’ve done what I didn’t want to do, dropped Ancestral Swiftness and picked up Focused Insight in addition to Telluric Currents, to see if that helps alleviate the pressure. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to AS soon once gear improves.

  20. Oozaru

    Ok, first of all, I’m relieved i’m not alone… (kinda)… It’s been a hard, wild trip since CATA came out… I used to be a good healer, healed through ICC, and even toped the HPS charts in Valithria’s fight… but sadly, this is not true anymore.
    Even though i know it is not my fault, i can’t help feeling lost… I haven’t been able to finish any heroic but Vortex Pinnacle. I can not keep up with the damage output… HW is awful… it heals for sooooo little… and HS is awful too… it drains my mana pool in a heartbeat…
    So, i’m in a dead end right now. I can’t heal through heroics at this moment, so, I respecced to elemental. (hoping to get some gear and start healing again) But… I have 40 minutes queues in LFD as a dps… and guess what? when i finally enter, the group wipes again and again, and everyone leaves… (This makes me feel better, well, kinda… because it means i’m not that bad, it is the difficulty itself, which is insanely high…).
    So, i need some advice. I can’t get gear as a dps because mosts runs are fails and because of the queue times… and i can’t get gear as a healer, because i can not heal through heroics…
    What do I do?

  21. Collop

    I’m feeling exactly the same as you Oozaru, i guess ill just grin and bear the long grind of playing a dps and gear my resto at the same time (if permitted). I also recommend you farm the Baradin Hold raid boss for some T11 items , the encounter is rather easy compared to heroics.

  22. Voltigeuse

    I agree with all of you and dont know what to say to make it better. I feel sub standard these days after being a happy shaman through WOTLK who healed up to the LK on HC.

    I just feel weak now and I seem to have no answer to AOE damage worth talking about. Tanks have more health but seem to be taking massive ammounts of damage and all this means is that with my long cast times I get to stand and watch them die while casting.

    Its just no fun anymore as I do not seem to be doing anything positive and rely on the dps not doing anything stupid and the tank using cd’s to be able to do my job. As half of the PUG groups I see are stoned griefers this makes playing if I dont have a full guild group a chore.

    Please tell me this will get better :)

    • I’ve found that two things really helped me in healing heroics–first, communicating with the tank about just about everything, including and most especially, about his cooldowns, and second, educating groups about what they can do to help me out. It requires really knowing the fights, but I’ve found that good strats and diligence can oftentimes overcome groups that might have otherwise disbanded.

      That being said, some groups will be frustrating and some will be harsh–the only thing to combat this is patience and the knowledge that gear will make a difference. A significant difference. ^_^

  23. Telethia

    I guess I was lucky as most of you have said that heroic DM is among the hardest, but it was the first heroic I completed. I have not managed to finish another in pugs thus far, and yes, mostly cause dps usually stand in places they shouldn’t. Your comment was perfect Vix lol. I am a resto shammy with only 75k mana buffed, and I seldom ever use HW or GHW because it just does not seem worth it with it healing for so little.

    I have been stacking spirit and crit as much as possible with some int. I only have haste gemmed on one gear for luck lol. I think that may be the next thing I change though.

    I rely on riptide and earth shield for my tank. I have to make sure to always put back earth shield. I find if I put a healing rain at the start of a boss fight it can last long enough to bring my mana back up with my spirit covering for it.

    I admit I completely forgot about unleash elements when I heal, and I cannot wait to use this trick. Maybe it will help with OOM issues, I hope, I hope.

    My trick to prevent OOM is riptide on DPS if it is no longer on CD and only Heal Surge tank when he is close or at 50%. Remember, the tank has over 100k health, so that means he should still have more than 60k health left. So my heal surge usually crits close to 20k, so one of those and earthshield and riptide usually compensate to get him back up with the rest. Also, if the tank is a pally, if he knows how to play he will use his word of glory. I love, love, love pally tanks right now.

    I have noticed only coming close to running out of mana when the boss is at 10-15%.

    At that point, I will put down a mana tide totem or try to get hit by an add so that my mana shield will give me a bit of mana. Mana pots and the Glyph of Mana Shield have done wonders for me. If you are a JC, the owl trinket helps too. I will pop it near the end of the boss fight to increase spirit.

    I like the idea of increasing my mana from 75k. I think about 85k to 90k would be ideal for heroics, however getting there will take LONG.

  24. Caliie

    Thank you so much Vixsin. I too am a fan of the insightful way you explain your experiences and give advice. And, like so many here, I have been discouraged and doubting of my skills since Cata rolled all over the healing population of Azeroth. But I am lucky enough to have a wonderful guild that has taken me raiding already, even though my limited playtime has not allowed me to become as geared as I would like, and it is still almost impossible to pug heroics outside of my guild. Even reading the comments you have made to others has helped me re-evaluate how to best take advantage of my stats and maximize my HPM. Would you please post your current talent build?

    This is the are that I think I need to change now. FI was good for heroics, but I want to play with TC to try “lightening-bolting” my way into a more sustained mana pool. Many Thanks.

  25. Juliana

    Yay. Awesome site. I used to visit Elitist Jerks, but after Cata there are “no-basic-infos”.

    I would love find some wish list of Heroics here, but i didnt (could be cause i just didnt find…but still).
    Not that i dont know what drops where, i have atlas loot but id like to know what are the bests options.




    obs. srry my english suck cause i am from Brasil =D

  26. Lisa

    Omg, thank god for you guys!. I have two healing toons, and just switched from my Holy Pally to my Resto Shaman. A resto Shaman seems much more efficient and forgiving imo, pally healing is just rough lol. Before I switched I thought the ooming and stressing was just a Holy pally problem. Turns out, as I’ve read here and observed after my switch, that this is a healer wide problem. I <3 my shaman healer and won't be going back to my holy pally, that's for sure. With 333 gear my shaman outheals my pally in 346.
    Lately I've taken to reforging crit because it saves me more mana in all honesty. When I crit, I get procs and mana back 😉 And depending on what type of spell I crit on it reduces the necessity to heal again. I've got about 11% haste and 15% crit unbuffed. I'm also glad to hear it will be getting better with gear…I've been LFD instead of guild grouping because I don't want to embarras myself lol.

  27. Sonyablaze

    Excellent website and commentary….made me make the decision to dust off the ol shaman!

  28. […] you from taking anything that isn’t mail; the stat gain wouldn’t be worth it. And with a number of easy-to-reach questing and rep rewards within easy grasp, there’s really no reason to sacrifice ~200 Int just to go up one step in […]

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