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December 27, 2010

Breaking Up (With Haste) is Hard to Do

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Written by: Vixsin
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A year ago at this time players were making their move into the depths of the Lich King’s citadel, their weapons primed, strategies in hand, and their stats in line. For resto shaman, the march into ICC was set to a chorus intoning “haste, haste, haste”, as we strove to reach and exceed the previously elusive “haste softcap”. It was an oftentimes misunderstood goal–that magic number of 1269 haste–but with every utterance of “stack more haste”, the resto community fell deeper in love with the stat that made long cast times a thing of the past. Our chain heals wizzed, our Healing Surges surged, and we fired off spells with reckless abandon. And then, the Cataclysm hit.

Amid the new sights and sounds of a shattered World of Warcraft is a new healing game, the rules of which we have not seen before. (No, not even in Vanilla—don’t you even try to claim otherwise). At least thus far, it is a world where healers have to do more with less, and where judgment (seemingly) matters more than twitch reflexes. In this new healing environment, Healing per Mana (HPM) is king. And although we came into this new world hand-in-hand with our partner of old, I’m sorry to say, that the time has come to move on. Resto Shaman, you need to break up with Haste.


What’s changed since WotLK?

To understand why haste has dropped away as the stat of choice, I think it’s important to be clear about why haste reigned supreme at the end of Wrath. As stated a number of times by Ghostcrawler and others, in WotLK, healing spam was the name of the game:

Think of playing a healer like a real time strategy game. In the Lich King environment, your strategy is basically to crank out infantry as fast as you can and never let up. No matter what your opponent does, your job is to counter him with infantry. It doesn’t matter what kinds of units he makes or whether he’s going for a fast or slow buildup. Just make infantry. If your race has upgrades that affect things other than infantry, obviously they are of no use to you and you should ignore them. Cost is largely irrelevant too, since you are making one solider over and over. (Source)

This strategy was largely in place for all healers: shaman had chain heal, disc priests had bubble spam, pallies had Holy Light bombing, druids rejuvved the world and holy priests … erm, I have no clue what they spammed, but I’m sure it was something. The point here is that selection didn’t matter nearly as much as a constant stream of heals to counter what, by the end of ICC, amounted to bosses almost 1-shotting tanks. (Curse you heroic Lich King, cuuuuuuurse you!)

In the LK healing environment even if you had a variety of effective healing spells, by the time you looked at someone’s bar, decided what heal would be most appropriate, and started to cast it, the dude could very well be dead. (Source)

So what do you choose to do if you have endless mana and need to deliver heals as fast as possible? Stack haste; and so we did. Restos everywhere stacked haste and spammed our hearts out. We called it “the ABC rule” (as in: Always Be Casting), but it was just a clever way of saying—don’t ever slow down that stream of spam. Yes, there was some skill involved, and certainly some manner of setting yourself up with enough of the right stats to sustain chain casting, and yet, it was all about speed.

But, despite two years of dutifully learning that twitch response was the key to being a Good Healer, it simply isn’t the case anymore. The ballooning health pools of Cataclysm made it possible for Blizzard to move away from the speed game and eliminate the “MUST HEAL OR SOMEONE DIES” stress that used to accompany healing in Wrath. (One of my first raiding memories on Mal’Ganis was being reamed by my new GL for not having a heal land in the 2 seconds before the tank’s death). While this isn’t to say that healing decisions aren’t time-sensitive any more, widening the difference between heal values and health created a time buffer that allowed healers to move away from the “mass infantry” model that GC detailed above. Now, healers have a window of time in which to react and exercise judgment.

But the “triage” environment alone isn’t what devalues haste. In fact, the biggest contributor to the devaluation of our favorite stat is the mana pool pinch. No longer do we have limitless mana bars to pull expensive heals from time and time again. Instead, the cost of healing has increased, our spell performance has decreased, and we healers need to do more with what we have. It’s this latter quality that is proving to matter the most; the more you can do with your limited mana, the better off your raid will be. Whereas before, HPS was largely a function of beating your healing teammates to the punch, nowadays, HPS is solely a function of HPM. Because quite frankly, the 0.2 seconds you shave off a cast isn’t worth the stats you invested if the necessity of timeliness doesn’t exist.


How much haste should I have?

So now, after I’ve destroyed your illusions about haste, told you how awful it is, told you that it cheated on you with Armor Pen and just look where that loser is now, I’m going to throw a curve ball at you—you will want some haste in your Cata gear set. But just how much?

From my perspective, you want enough to do two things:

  1. Add an additional tick to each of your hots.
  2. Respond in an appropriately timely manner to incoming damage.

So, let’s look at that first point, because it’s the easier of the two. Since 4.0.1 introduced hot scaling with haste, hots’ intervals are now governed by the caster’s haste value. With 0 haste, the hot will perform in a basic manner:

Total hot healing = (total duration / base tick interval) x healing per tick

When you add haste on gear, that haste will accelerate the ticks of the hot, such that:

  • Tick interval = Base Interval /(% Haste + 1)
  • So, for example, with 4.5% haste RT would have = 3 seconds / (0.045 + 1) = 2.87 sec intervals
  • This would yield the same amount of healing overall, but would shorten the duration of RT to 14.35 seconds

However, when you have sufficient haste such that (Total Duration / Tick Interval) has a value with a remainder that is equal to or greater than 0.5, you will gain an extra tick of that hot. So, the goal then becomes to maintain a minimum amount of haste on gear such that you will gain an additional tick from each of your 3 affected hots (RT, EL, and HR). Plugging the above formulas into an excel spreadsheet, along with the current equation for haste, nets us the following:


As you can see, RT, RL and HR all have different break-points where they gain an additional tick—RT at 610 haste rating, EL at 916 haste rating and HR at 610 haste rating. Since we want the point at which each one of these gains a hot tick, we then take the maximum, associated with EL, as our “first haste threshold”. (Hence my mentions of ~1k haste as a threshold in the Resto Shaman Cata Guide). It’s important to remember that the above calculations include WoA, so in the absence WoA, an spriest, or a boomkin, you will need 5% more haste to reach the first threshold. Conversely, goblins will only need to reach ~6.08% total haste to benefit from an additional tick of all hots, since their racial contributes 1% haste to all casts.

Obviously, any haste beyond this threshold still maintains a benefit, not only because it decreases the interval between hot ticks but also because it allows us to fire off direct heals much faster than we could otherwise do so. But, in terms of a minimum value that you should hit before pursuing other stats—916 haste is it.


Is haste really all that bad?

In the end, I don’t think that Resto Shaman will ever be able to completely end our love affair with haste; it will always be a stat that enables us to mitigate the long cast times of our healing spells. But with the increase of the haste factor to almost quadruple what it was in Wrath (128.11 @ level 85, versus 32.79 @ level 80), we clearly won’t be approaching the stat levels we held at the end of the last expansion. This would seem to indicate that we had better get used to those long cast times, because they won’t be going away any time soon.

So, as much as I loved 1.6sec Chain Heals and 1sec Healing Surges, we Resto Shaman will need to get used to the cast times that Blizzard has imposed. And consequently, we’ll need to ever-develop those proactive skills we’ve been talking up for the last couple of years. Yes, this break-up with haste will be a rough one, full of clinginess and wistful gazes, but believe you me, it’s for your own good.



  1. Vibram

    I have to admit that it has taken some getting used to not having the same amount of Haste as before. I loved having some spells that were <1s to cast (with various buffs), but I'm having a great time getting used to having to balance new stats. And reforging is the greatest thing ever.

  2. Dránu

    First thing i did when i got all my 346/359 gear is to stack haste without a thought : )

    I certainly agree with another post you did on preference to Crit over Haste. Yet i stilll have 40 haste gems in my yellow slots. Just cant ge way from it. Will get some new gems and get some 20int/20crit in them yellows and hope the sweat eases up from seeing my precious haste drift away.

    Totally different ball game now. One question though: with WoA and my haste of 1269 curently, my healing wave is at 1.5 seconds (after RT) and 2.1 (no RT) – would having 961 increase the cast time of Healing Wave too? if so, would a new haste limit be preferable in order to get that extra tick and still maintain 1.5/2.1 cast time of Healing Wave? Just wondering if there is a bit of theorycrafting on this before i start hacking away at my haste.

    Many thanks for the post.

    • Your cast time on Healing Wave will naturally increase as you drop off more and more haste. In your case, you’ll lose about 0.03sec (with Tidal Waves up) as a result of dropping your haste down to 961. As to the idea of establishing a 1.5sec cast on HW as a threshold, I’m a little unclear on why that would be an important marker. In raids, HW sees very little playtime, so gearing with it in mind would I think be putting emphasis on the wrong spell. In the end, it’s all about what you’re comfortable with. But I think it’s important to bear in mind that haste stacking comes at a cost.

  3. Galaxy


    After doing some testing on my draenei shaman, it appears that I am gaining an extra tick of EL somewhere between 900-919 haste rating (WoA is up), and not at 961.

    Am I missing something?

    Great blog btw. 😀

    • Hrm, odd … I’ll see if I can’t replicate the same performance tonight, but the typical effects which would contribute to different haste effects would include: Lifeblood, Berserking, Bloodlust/Heroism, Time is Money (the Goblin racial), and trinket procs (like Rainsong).

      • Sleeve

        On the WoW shaman forums, it’s been shown that the 961 haste value is incorrect for an extra tick of EL (also consistent with what Galaxy was seeing).

        The problem with the haste calculations were that WoA’s 5% haste was being added instead of multiplied. The cap for an extra tick of EL seems to be 916 haste.

  4. Nayruu

    Haste, … I will always love you :'(

  5. drug

    I agree that haste isn’t a stat we can stack anymore. There’s one point though where I disagree: 0.2 seconds do really matter. If Blizzard wants me to tell healing has changed in cataclysm that’s ok, I believe them, it has changed, I kinda like it even. Precasting heals at the right time, pre-hotting people who need it is more important now than ever. Mana micro-management like pots and mana tide and coordinating with other healers is signficant again, I love it.
    At the end of the day, healing is still a game of reaction and speed though. That’s why some of us invest some money into a good gaming mouse. That’s why we all get good healing raid frames. That’s why we don’t download p…rn while raiding. And haste helps us do exactly that, react faster. It’s really hard though to get some mathematical evidence for this, but people will die due to slow heals. I don’t think we just have to accept a 2,5 sec chain heal, especially if most uf us are already at some 800-1000 haste in like 333 ilvl gear, I think we’re easy going to reach much higher values of haste.
    I understand your math, but I don’t come to the same conclusions as you and I didn’t get the answers to the questions I still have.
    Some points I’d like to add:
    -Mana regen is so important now. Most uf us healers are still focusing on spirit and int (or in our case crit to some extent), I think I’ll even stick to the glyph of water shield for some time. I’m very sure though that we’ll all get to a point where we’re comfortable with our regen pretty soon.
    -I don’t think we have to discuss int vs. haste at this point. Int is good for throughput and regen, I’d advise any shaman to gem/enchant for int except maybe for good socket bonus.
    -I’m not sure if we have to discuss haste vs. mastery. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m just not conviced mastery does a good job for us. It’s hard to model though.
    -Crit vs. haste is where things get really interesting though. Crit is a lot better because we overheal a lot less and because mana regeneration through IWS is more important. I still think in the very near future we’ll lean towards haste again, depending very much on how important chain heal is going to be in future encounters (and blizzard WILL buff chainheal if shamans stop casting it). But also crit heavy gear is something I could see happening.
    -If we cast two well timed casts it sometimes makes more sense than casting three spells just because we can, not casting a spell at all saves a lot of mana and is especially important in 25 man raids.
    -I know we all should mainly focus on our healing set, but I guess a lot of resto shamans are very much used to dual spec and fill in as elemental rather often. Elemental shamans should still favor haste over crit and mastery.
    -I’m still not sure if GHW or HS is the way to go, both interact differently with crit/haste and SP, this might influence how we gear in the future. RT/GHW/GHW or RT/HS/HS is surely something we’re all going to use heavily.

    • So many good points of debate, it would take another post to address them all! :-)

      I think where you and I differ slightly is that I see a greater emphasis these days on selection as opposed to reaction time. There are very few encounters, both in dungeons and raids, where I feel pressured to select and deliver a heal immediately. Time is still precious, but not in the way it was in Wrath (where I was afraid to stop spamming). When I do get into trouble nowadays, when a tank starts spiking or a dps gets sub-30%, I find I can generally trace it back to a choice of HW over HS/GHW or RT+HW instead of a CH. So, my priority becomes fixxing my initial perspective on the damage, instead of investing more stats to make up for my bad selection.

      That being said, I agree that there is definite value in fast delivery of heals. But I think it’s very important for Restos, and most other healers who like haste, to realize that if a heal could have landed later, with no difference in effect between the earlier cast and the minutely later cast, then they have paid a premium for a benefit that wasn’t necessary. Or, to put it more bluntly … more haste does not make up for bad judgement.

      • This is a great conversation, and it’d be interested to seeing some (if not all) of these points expanded into greater talking points. However, while I agree with Drug that stat balances are more intricate and varied than posited in the original post, I also read through Vix’s post with the understanding that he was trying to re-educate the general population that Haste as KING of stats is dead.

        In that, I think he’s quite correct, in that I no longer automatically assume that haste is the way to go, but having a more intricate discussion over the possible thresholds of critical strike, mastery, and haste would definitely be worth the read.

        And I wish we had a freaking chart on multiplicative vs. additive spells/talents. Trying to keep track of multiple healing characters at the moment is frying my brain :)

  6. The general recommendation for paladins is haste right now, but a significant minority are looking at Crit and Mastery in order to boost HPM. With Holy Radiance being our only HoT, and on a 30s cooldown, it becomes hard to gauge stat priorities in both a general and fight-specific situations.
    Joe Ego´s last post ..One Week In Updated

    • *Incredibly* valid point. In the 3 starting instances, fight characteristics are so disparate that stat values will vary widely from encounter to encounter.

      For example, If you were looking at a fight like Chimaeron, where our Mastery’s performance is off the charts, you would think to stack nothing else. But on fights like Nefarion, where you have some very intense burst periods, haste inches back up as a favorable secondary selection. Context is crucial.

  7. Tittatotem

    I changed to goblin for the 1% Haste, i knew it is not needed from gear as much so now i can stack spirit and crit,all my reforging is to crit i can see crit only gems and reforging in T13 content best way for us to regain mana now is to crit

  8. Nabol

    My wife downed Omnitron Defense System and Magmaw last night and Mastery does seem like a real lifesaver in a LOT of situations.

    I’ll be watching your posts, Vix. Looking forward to a post about what raid-gear to get.

  9. Olaye

    I have a quick question. I currently am at 997 Haste, which is 7.77%, I am also a Goblin so is my Haste actually 8.77% or is the 1% included in the 7.77% already?

    My second question is, since I am at 7.77 and you add WOA so now I am at 12.77 which from what I have read I should get 10 ticks with my RT but I only get 8 ticks still. Is the math incorrect or am I not doing something correct? Thanks

  10. Jynus

    In regards to your haste values, you arrived at the exact same ones I published. However, you made the same mistake I made. Assuming that our WoA totem was addictive haste. Turns out it’s in fact multiplicative. Our first cap point is 916 actually. (possibly 915 depending on what decimal point the wow engine calculates to if you go to the hundredth of a decimal point, 916 to be safe)

    The formula is as follows. First find the break point. Using Elw, it’s 0.5*3/12. Which gives 12.5%. Now combine that multiplicatively with WoA 5% haste. 1.125/1.05 = 7.14% haste needed. 7.14*128.11= 914.70. voila. 😀

  11. Ragas

    Although interesting and valid, the points you make assume ideal world, and encounters are not taken into consideration. Currently there are many encounters where we as healers should quickly heal up the raid where shamans can achieve that most efficiently through HR + CH, and here where haste really shines as faster (even 0.2sec) CH does really shine. I agree we should not go back to blindly stacking haste as Wotlk but I do not think haste value devalues to the point of being inferior to crit and mastery after the magic “916”. A sensible balance between stats should be achieved but when it comes to gemming I do not see us gemming for crit or mastery – 25% crit will be easily achieved with 259 gear, while mastery will never be something we think of gemming, enchanting or reforging into. And about your point about Chimaeron, you do not need mastery there as any healing that brings your target’s above 10K (let’s say 15K so be on the safe side) is actually overhealing.

    • Two points:

      First, the Chimaeron encounter benefits incredibly from Mastery, and as it so happens, from haste. During Feud you are tasked with bringing an entire raid up from ~10% in order to survive the Caustic Slime bursts. Since both HR and CH gain significant power from Mastery, and the raid is at such low health, Mastery will be your biggest HPS contributor during this phase of the encounter. Even during the rest of the encounter, Mastery will still provide a significant benefit, allowing a single RT or UE to bring a player back above that 10% threshold.

      Secondly, while I absolutely agree that different fights will favor different stats (making Drug’s point about multiple gear sets all the more relevant) what I’m trying to do is encourage resto shaman to stop thinking that massive amounts of haste are necessary. Having to invest any amount of haste to make up for a slow decision or lack of understanding about an encounter is, quite simply, a waste. Having healed every raid encounter thus far, I’ve found that there are very comparatively fewer instances where a raid or a group of players are in such danger of death that hundreths of a second matter. More than that, so long as overhealing remains low, then crit’s effects on HPM and HPS remain greater than haste’s effects. But this is all up in the air as we get into hard modes, so it’s possible that I might have to eat some crow in the near future! 😛

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  13. Meoses

    Hey all, long time lurker first time poster. I find this blog to be the best Rshaman blog I have seen around. Keep up the good work.

    My question is about gearing, but this is the most active topic so I will post it here. If it needs to be moved, please feel free and I apologize in advance

    Our BiS is pretty limited and we don’t have a ton of flexibility. We can choose which off set piece to get. We can look at the crit/haste mace instead of the spirit hammer but the most interesting choice is the trinkets.

    I would like to submit my hopefully correct math to you and your readers to get some input.

    The Trinket is the interesting one. I still feel like the core and fall give the most benefit when looking at what is available. The only other options are Darkmoon Card: Tsunami, The Arch Trink, and the Hellscream Reach Trink (321 spirit, mastery proc) and the Jar of Ancient Remedies. Without a doubt Fall is BiS,….that one is easy. The real toss up, in my eyes, is that 2nd slot. Here is what my terrible math says about the specific trinks.

    Tsunami (adj): 321 spellpower, 5.7k mana, .5% crit and the stacking spirit buff that equates to 400 spirit extra (133.5 mp5 according to the regen equations .016725 * sqrtINT * Spirit)
    Arch Trink (adj): 321 spellpower, 5.7k mana, .5%crit and the clickable on use that turns out to be 360 mp5
    Hellscreams Reach: Pretty awful, mastery and static spirit for an increase of ~115 mp5
    Jar of ancient remedies: This one is the only other contender imo. Stacking buff of 580 spirit. However, the lack of 321 Int is pretty substantial when you look @ all the bonuses you get. Until I see some other math that dissuades me, it seems that while the Jar is more straight up regen, the lack of INT is going to be an overall stat loss. Also, when you macro in the Core to mana tide, the effect of it is multiplicative.

  14. Luuma

    Quick answer:
    if i ignore for the moment Earthliving and go for Riptide and HL, do i get an extra tick with 2x 610 Haste (1220) ? Because thats roughly what i have at the moment and i wonder if you can sum this so easy up.

  15. Monsieur

    nice post vix 😀 I’m gonna chip in with a pat on the back for my old buddy crit. At least at the moment, crits usually don’t mean overhealing for me, and it triggers what i consider to be one of our most important talents, namely ansestral healing! yay! not sexy, but it’s a lifesaver. Blanketing a raid with a critting healing rain and -10% dmg is in my oppinion quite powerful.

    ofc, i have no numbers to flash, but! it’s a synergy worth noting in the ongoing battle between crit and haste, especially now when the crit is so low.

  16. Az

    You might want to include the HOT break time for glyphed RT (21secs) since it is a must have glyph for any resto shammy.

  17. Gistwiki

    Something I posted in Jynus’ thread on the shaman forums and something I figured I’d put up here, is that the haste threshold for an extra tick of HR/RT with WoA out is 608 rather than the expected 610.

    The ELW one is probably off by 1-2 points as well, but I haven’t been able to test that just yet.

  18. Blitzschlag

    Great post Vixsin,

    Your post answered many questions. Thanks for taking the time to make this blog!

    I have a question specifically about Chimaeron (25m) as a resto shaman. The key to this fight is getting the group healed enough to survive the caustic slime bursts.

    In this encounter, because of the low health of the raid, clearly, mastery would be more beneficial than in other encounters. At what point does mastery really start to kick in? 50% health?

    Would it be worth swapping in Hellscream’s Reach trinket (321 spirit, mastery proc)?
    The talent “Blessing of the Eternals” grants 80% chance to proc earthliving on targets below 35% health. Perhaps the talent would be enough.

    • Blessing of the Eternals is the reason that Earthliving performs so well in this encounter, because you’re almost guaranteed to proc EL on every cast. And while the majority of that will technically be “overhealing”, beyond the 10% HP threshold, there’s a huge benefit to blanketing the raid in EL hots on the collapse. Mastery is equally beneficial in this respect, because it not only allows your RT and UE to hit for much more on recently hit targets, but also empowers HR and CH during the collapse.

      That being said, I’d actually advise against Mandala because the proc is random–you might get it during the collapse (in which case it would be amazing), or you might proc it during the spread, in which case it would be mostly wasted.

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  20. suleria

    The one thing you are not accounting for is glyph of riptide. The glyph, which is very frequently taken turns riptide into a 21 second spell. this has the impact of requiring less haste for additional riptide ticks.

    • You’re correct. Glyph of Riptide was not factored into the evaluation. Seeing as how it’s a glyph that most shaman (including myself) utilize, I’ll have to add that into the next update.

  21. Ramathor

    With the Riptide glyph, the required amount of Haste two reach the next (9th) tick is 2025 Haste. Do you think that, if capable, it’s more beneficial to attempt to achieve that goal despite not receiving additional ticks on Earthliving and Healing Rain?

    • I would think it depends on two things: the encounter and how much earthliving is contributing to your performance. On fights like Chimaeron and maybe Maloriak, where EL is a significant portion of my healing, I’d say yes it’s worth working towards while maintaining your other stats. But what I really want to discourage Resto Shaman from doing is stacking haste “because heals feel too slow”. In WotLK we got in into our heads that speed was everything, and that simply isn’t a good mantra to have in Cataclysm (at least from what I’ve seen in all of the normal modes).

  22. Zubr

    Doesn’t the Glyph of Riptide, which extends the duration, affect the haste breakpoint for Riptide? SInce the ratio of Duration to Tick interval will change. It seems like it should push the 2nd breakpoint down to around 2020 rating.

    • Absolutely correct–Glyph of Riptide would drop the first haste threshold to the mid-300s and add in a 9th tick at a little over 2000 haste. Technically speaking, I get (21/8.5) = 2.47 tick intervals, which would then be =12810*((3/(2.47*1.05))-1) = ~2008 haste.

  23. Sekul

    Great post as usual.

    I’d like to touch on one nuance that I didn’t see anyone talk about that I believe is relevant to the Haste debate.

    Something I’ve found is that unlike Wrath raiding, Cata raiding is a much more cooperative healing environment as opposed to the competitive “who gets there first” healing we became used to in Wrath. I’ve found that haste has become much less important to me for a number of important reasons.

    One is mana, so far, faster casting simply means shorter time to OOM for me, this is bad.

    Second, successful raids are largely dependent on proper mechanic execution which means damage avoidance, which means fewer emergency heals which would require very fast heals. When someone dies to fire it’s not because I couldn’t heal them fast enough, it’s because they stood in fire.

    Third and the original point of this is cooperative healing. I’m not alone in my raid and I heal with that knowledge in mind. Back in ICC when a decimate hit the raid, I made a true effort to heal the entire raid to full by myself (AMG, LOOK AT THOSE METERS!!). Now, we simply can not do that, nor should we. When big damage comes, I know and expect all the other healers will also be healing that up. My RT/HR/CH’s aren’t the only heals going out and we as a raid and as healers are expecting our heals to be complimented by other healers with slightly different strengths and weaknesses. So, I don’t feel pressured to heal fast because I have a whole team that is helping me.

    I personally love what Blizz has done with healing for every class. I love working with my other healers and actually having to develop a healing strategy and/or coordination to be successful. Now, instead of shining as an individual healer, you shine as a healing team which is more difficult to achieve and more satisfying when you do.

  24. Nihune

    I have a quick question regarding the math behind the haste % required stated above for Goblins to reach the 3 ticks.

    For all other classes 7.14% haste is required. Now at 1% haste = 128.057 rating (taken from EJ) you get (7.14*128.057=914.32698) or 915 rating which matches your math above.

    You mentioned Goblin’s get a 1% haste reduction and that they’ll need only 6.08% haste to reach that same goal (779 rating).

    Now obviously I don’t need to tell you that 7.14% – 6.08% =/= 1%.

    Is this slight discrepancy related around the multiplicative aspect of WoA totem? Im decent with math but new to the formula’s with the game.

    Because at 6.14% haste you’d need 787 vs the 779 at 6.08%. Now with min/maxing I don’t want to miss those extra ticks accidentally.

    Thanks in advance for the help and Great Guide!

    • Goblin’s haste is multiplicative as well. So the total haste needed would be =12805.7*((3/(2.667*1.05*1.01))-1) = 779 haste, which is equal to 779/128.057 = 6.08%.

      This is based on the casting speed formula N = B / [1 + (HR / 128.057 * 100) x HM], where N = new cast time, B = base cast time, HR = haste rating, and HM = applicable haste multipliers.

      I’d gladly welcome a double-check on my math–it’s easy to get lost in it sometimes. ^_^

  25. Kaervas

    Hey, after looking at the graph that you posted I have been trying to make the same sort of thing for other classes (healers and dps alike). I was wondering if you could tell me what sort of a code you used specfically in the excel spread sheet. I tried taking the simple formulas you had used above but I seem to be missing something.

    Either here or in an email would be great! Thanks! Good job on the analysis!

    • Kaervas

      PS: On your graph it shows that at the point where the HoT gains an extra tick that the spell duration shoots to a duration that is actually longer than the spell itself.

      Shown on RT for instance when it shoots up to a duration of ~16.5 seconds. Can you explain what is happening here and what kind of effect it has in game? Does it actually extend the duration of the spell? Or does the next tick actually occur further down the haste scale at ~1900 rating?

      Kinda confused by this. Thanks.

    • A version of the spreadsheet can be found at:

      Hots will extend to beyond their baseline duration when the interval between ticks is the greatest, which is immediately after a tick is added. This is because the number of ticks rounds up, but the interval is not adjusted to compensate.

  26. grakthon

    is this breakpoint for riptide extra ticks really something that matters outside of the calculations? using glyphed riptide there is a RT rolling on the tank almost all the time…so extra haste will have a lot of room to add ticks over a longer time period-especially now that clipping the RT before it falls off just adds to the hots time instead of reseting the timer. extra ticks from EL and HR are nice, but not a huge component of most people’s total healing done.

    this isnt to say that haste is good as it was in wrath-im a huge fan of crit currently-but it seems like taking less haste becuase one is at the threshhold may not be as simple a matter as it sounds.

    • You hit the nail on the head, Grak. ^_^

      Contrary to what it might have seemed like in the post, I actually don’t regard the haste thresholds as “make or break” points. I see them as minimum values; targets to hit if it’s convienient to do so (and given current gear, it is).

      My main argument was more that resto shaman need to stop looking to massive amounts of haste as the answer, that our perspective needs to shift away from speed and focus more on those ways to increase our HPM. As you so rightly pointed out, an extra tick or two of any of our hots is a small portion of healing done. So 916 haste is as good a number as any to choose, because haste will always benefit Resto Shamans’ long cast times. In the end, if there’s one thing I appreciate about Cata at the moment, it’s that stats are more of a balancing game than they used to be. It’s about the big picture now, not just about one element in particular.

  27. Mitila

    So, now that you have killed every raid boss on normal (yes I did indeed stalk your armory). Do you think you are going to write resto shaman focused strategy guides for them like you have in the past for other bosses?

  28. Malefícent

    I am going to assume that the Goblin Racial is not actually shown on our character screen….currently I have just moved a few things around and ended up at 899 Haste for 7.02%….you were saying that 916 is the 7.14% to aim for.

    Since there is little difference between them I doubt the racial is being added in here, but I just wanted to make certain of this because normally talents etc DO adjust the character stats shown and if its not and I am a little short I will just reforge.

    Currently altered things around so that now I am : unbuffed

    Haste- 899 – 7.02%
    Crit – 1056 – 18.02%
    Mastery – 407 – 10.62 (26% bonus)

    Been a very informative read, and I have altered my gear accoordingly….let see how it stacks up in the next raid.

  29. Kaervas

    So I was looking at the excel file and I was wondering exactly how did you come up with the tick intervals?

    Did you already add in the 5% from WoA? Or was that added on the side?

    I didn’t see any formula in the tick interval column and was wondering how it was done. Did you just type them in manually?

    PS: Progress on other charts is going swimingly. Thanks for the help.

    • The tick intervals were calculated in two ways. First, I calculated the intervals for the break points where the number of ticks was X.5 (because this is the point at which Blizzard’s rounding takes over and you gain an extra tick). Then, after I established the break points, I filled in intervals between the points with a random sampling, so that I could see the behavior of the curve. In reality, you could use any values you’d like for the filler interval durations; the only ones you should care about are where (base duration / interval ) = X.5

      Haste rating was calculated with WOA, as you can see when looking at the formulas in column F EG: =12810*((3/(C10*1.05))-1), where “1.05” represents the WOA multiplier.

  30. wylhelmina

    I’m confuse the tooltipe off the goblin racial speak about casting speed and not haste!
    so how can you be sure that it’s affecting HoT.
    one more question i read else where that HR was not affected by mastery.? is it true

  31. […] for what you’re looking for.  While you might prioritize spirit above haste after you hit 916 haste rating, and the wowhead weights include no soft cap for haste rating, you’ll have to make your own […]

  32. Mordticia

    OK, this may seems like a really basic question but im going to ask anyway. Mainly because I am just starting out as a resto shaman and I have found this site extremely helpful. But to be honest I’m still a little confused

    It has been discussed in most of the posts listed above that the required haste rating is 7.14% or 916 haste rating, this includes WoA.

    Am I to assume that without the presence of WoA that I only need 2.14% or do I need to reforge / gem to 7.14% ?

    I will explain, unbuffed and without totems my haste is:

    Haste – 5.06% / a rating of 648

    When i place WoA i get the following displayed in the character screen:

    Haste – 10.06% / a rating of 648

    As I see it this puts me over the a fore mentioned 7.14% but the rating doesnt match up.

    • 916 haste is the haste rating you’ll need including WoA. So this means that *before* you drop your totem, you will need your haste rating to read: “Haste rating of 916 adds 7.14% haste”. Once you drop WoA, your percentage will increase but your total rating will remain the same.

      Hope this clears things up!

  33. Mordticia

    Indeed, and thanks for the reply. I’m loving the guides as well, a great help for a nub resto shaman.


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