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January 7, 2011

Building Your Normal Mode Tier 11 Gear Set

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Written by: Vixsin
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Shaman Tier 11 (Male) - resized

I always find the time after the holidays to be particularly busy, and this year was no exception. Amid the wrapping paper, holiday parties, relatives, and festivities, (and work … we consultants don’t get long holiday breaks) FH has been pushing through normal modes and trying our hand at a few hard ones to boot. But, aside from the delights of progression raiding, there are two things I enjoy most about this point in a new expansion. First, is that every boss holds possibility, a potential new item to fuss over and play with. And second, is that a “Best in Slot” gear list is still a long ways off. So, if you’re hoping that I’m going to hand you a shopping list of ranked items for your journeys into BWD, Four Winds, and Bastion, I’m sorry to disappoint. But, if you’d like to hear some great news about your gearing efforts, do read on.

Trinket Lockdown

**NOTE: As of Patch 4.0.6 this Mana Tide “supercharging” will not be applicable. That’s what I get for dedicating half a post to it. Darn it.**

It may seem strange to start thinking about a Tier 11 gearset by defining what trinkets you want to pick up, but when it comes to these specialty items, there are two which currently are performing leagues above the competition. I’m talking about Dream Owl and Core of Ripeness (the former is a JC-only option, the latter comes from Valor Points). If there is no other item that you purchase from Valor points, please buy the Core of Ripeness. Oh yes, it’s a game-breaker; let me explain why.

Back in WotLK, Resto Shamans’ Mana Tide totem restored a percent of your total Mana Pool with every pulse. But during beta, to keep MT in line with other regen sources, it was changed to increase your Spirit by a flat percentage. When 200% was determined to be too lackluster, Blizzard changed MT’s proc to be +350% Spirit for the total duration of the effect. This means that every time you drop MT, your Spirit increases by a factor of 4.5 = [1 (baseline) + 3.5 (buff)]. This means that any Spirit-based procs you have at the time of the drop are also multiplied by 4.5, including … you guessed it … on-use Spirit trinkets. That +1425 Spirit you get when you activate Dream Owl, turns into +6,413 Spirit. That +1926 Spirit you get from Core of Ripeness turns into +8,667 Spirit.

To give you an idea of just how much a gain this amounts to, I tested a variety of proc + MT effects in my current set, the data from which is below. (At the time of testing, I had no buffs of any sort, no totems, and was sitting at 4997 Int and 1808 Spirit).

Spirit OOC IC IC-2 For 16 Sec Net gain
Baseline 1808 3309 2240 896 7168 0
CoR 3734 5586 3378 1351 10810 3642
MT 8136 10790 5981 2392 19139 11971
CoR + MT 16803 21037 11104 4442 35533 28365
CoR + DO + MT 23215 28618 14894 5958 47661 40493

As you can see, the gain from Mana Tide nearly quadruples when the totem is used in conjunction with Core of Ripeness (CoR) and Dream Owl (DO). In contrast, if you were to activate these trinkets independently you would gain the following regen:

  • Core of Ripeness – +1926 Spirit for 20 sec (2min CD)
  • = (1926 x 20) / 120 seconds= 321 Spirit (constant)
  • During MT = 321 x 4.5 = 1444.5 Spirit
  • Dream Owl – +1425 Spirit for 20 sec (2min CD)
  • = (1425 x 20) / 120 seconds =  237.5 Spirit (constant)
  • During MT = 238 x 4.5 = 1069 Spirit

If you were to extend these calculations over an entire fight, you would see that you actually benefit more from saving these trinkets to use in conjunction with MT (effectively using them on a 3 min CD, instead of their 2 min CD) than you would benefit if you used them independently. So, for Resto Shamans, capitalizing on this situation simply means macroing in /use 13 and /use 14 in with your MT and watching the mana pour in. For other healers, timing might be a bit more tricky given that you will need to rely on the shaman announcing the MT drop in chat or over vent. In the end, if you can coordinate it properly, the trinket + MT combination will be a godsend for your entire healing team.

Juggling Your Other Gear

Over the years, and more so lately, Blizzard has received a lot of flak for their “homogenization” of gear and of stats. But the one area where I think you’ll be surprised to discover the benefits of the normalization of gear is when you set out to build your Tier 11 gear set, where reduced options and stat normalization actually make selecting the “right” gear a whole lot easier. Combine this standardization with the options provided by reforging, and the gearing picture actually looks a lot brighter.

So, what this means to you—the Resto Shaman pushing through content—is that any piece you pick up will be able to be worked into multiple gearsets. And yes, I do mean the plural there—I do think you’ll want to form multiple gearsets depending on the characteristics of the fight at hand. To give you some idea of the flexibility that can be found in Resto Shamans’ available options, I pulled all potential Resto items (all mail, all ilvl359) into a spreadsheet and set about trying to make a variety of sets—one favoring each secondary stat and one which found a middle ground between all of them. (The examples below exclude trinkets).

Potential Stats for ilvl359 Gear Sets (excluding stat benefits from trinkets)

(The spreadsheet showing all the items can be found here.) So, despite a seemingly limited number of options (about 2-3 per slot), you can create gear sets which prioritize just about any secondary stat. So the question becomes, which one should you aim for first and which pieces work best in all the sets?

Based on what I’ve seen thus far in normal modes, and the handful of hard modes we’ve put in attempts on, flexibility is going to be key.

So, I’ll be following some basic rules as I pick up upgrades:

  1. Int is still a primary focus, so items with less potential Int than their counterparts are not desirable.
  2. 4 piece is going to be very helpful in maintaining a mana pool that can last through hard modes, so I’ll not be using offset pieces instead of tier.
  3. I’ll likely be sticking to my preceding post about haste and keeping enough to get past the 916 haste threshold, as a minimum value. I can get ~200 haste from enchants and gemming, so anything that’s necessary past that point, I can reforge for.
  4. Whereas in normal modes I was aiming for Crit after that haste threshold, I’m going to be modifying my approach and picking up more Mastery for hard modes on the premise that raid damage is going to be more prevalent and there will be plenty of occasions where I’ll be picking up very low HP targets. (Man, we confirmed this last night on HM Tron Council.)
  5. I don’t want to sacrifice Spirit for Crit and Haste, because Crit is a reduced means of mp5, so I’ll be limiting the number of non-Spirit pieces that I include.
  6. I’ll be sticking with CoR and Dream Owl as trinkets—the mana gain is amazing (as I, hopefully, demonstrated above).

So, in terms of what Items I’ll be aiming for in my “starter” Tier 11 set, I’ll be trying my luck at picking up the following pieces:

  • Chest  – Tunic of the Raging Elements
  • Cloak – Shadow of Dread
  • Feet – Earthmender’s Boots
  • Gloves – Handwraps of the Raging Elements
  • Helm – Helm of the Nether Scion
  • Legs – Legwraps of the Raging Elements
  • MH – Twilight’s Hammer
  • Neck – Yellow Smoke Pendant
  • OH – Kingdom’s Heart
  • Relic – Relic of Eonar
  • Ring – Signet of the Fifth Circle
  • Ring – Twined Band of Flowers
  • Shoulder – Mantle of the Raging Elements
  • Waist – Waistguard of Hatred
  • Wrist – Chaos Beast Bracers

(A CharDev fully enchanted and gemmed set can be found here. Note: bracer Int embossment is missing.) Now, there’s one major thing to note about this list—I’m not trying to max out any one particular stat because, again, I’m interested in flexibility. When you look at the options with the various sets I created, and evaluate their “swing potential” for each independent stat, (noting that you cannot have max values for each stat at the same time), you come up with the following stat values prior to enchants, gemming, and socket bonuses:

Resto Shaman Tier 11 – Reforging Options for Sample Gear Sets

What the above table should, hopefully, reinforce is that whatever set you have or whatever one you end up with, it will have significant potential to adjust to your needs. So instead of looking at the above list and thinking “Vixsin’s getting those items so I should too!”, instead understand that you can make the gear you have work in the way you need it to. And if, in the end, Mastery ends up on top and Haste isn’t as valuable, then a couple small tweaks are all it will take to make your oh-so-undesirable set into something near Best in Slot.

So … that’s it? One piddly list and some tables?

Yep. When it comes to gear at this point in the game, it’s about half math and half reasoning. There are some things that we can identify with certainty—haste thresholds, the comparative benefits of crit versus mastery, talent builds—but other qualities will remain slightly nebulous for well into the new year. So, if you’re looking for solid HEP values or throughput rankings, you simply won’t find reliable ones this early in the expansion. But, I do think there are a great number of discussions going on in the variety of threads being created on the WoW foums, on MMO-Champ, and on assorted other sites and blogs across the interwebs that are helping to flesh things out a bit more. (Particular credit goes to Jynus, who in my mind, provided a pretty solid argument for a better valuing of Mastery in hard mode encounters recently on MMO-Champ).

As those of you who have been reading LiG5 since the days of ICC release might know, I’m really not a fan of Best in Slot lists, for the reason that they tend to isolate individual items instead of talking about the larger picture. And while this might be a viable approach when one stat clearly trumps all other options (read: haste in ICC), I think what the Resto Shaman community is slowly starting to acknowledge is that diversity of stats might be a little more applicable in the current raiding environment. Yes, there are still some options out there which will excel above everything else, but in the end, what matters is your ability to adapt your gear set to the needs and characteristics of your raid.

So, if I leave you with one thing from this behemoth of a post from one of theTerminal Verbosity crew, it’s this—don’t be afraid to get things “wrong” right now. When we’re 6/7/8 months past release, I’ll likely be hitting you over the head with numbers about why I’m right and everything else is wrong. But right now, in this dawn of the expansion, you have the chance to find out for yourself just how powerful a Resto Shaman you can be. Take that chance and run with it.



  1. Thanks for putting some math behind my observation that Core of Ripeness + Dream Owl is absolutely amazing. The mana impact in raids is really quite amazing so if you’re on the fence about your first Valor purchase, go ahead and get the trinket.

    I definitely agree with your general premise that flexibility is key in our gearing. I’m glad to hear that Mastery is a little more useful in hard modes, since that’s the one stat I’ve been having a harder time getting excited about.
    Wugan´s last post ..Resto Shaman Tier 11 Loot List

  2. Solemme

    Hmmm well we certainly agree on trinkets. Was almost tempted to buy Darkmoon trinket if not for the MT trinket combo.

    As for having 2-3 variations of a sets, well, it’s gonna be hard. I’m going to focus first on the standard Int>Spirit>Haste (916)>Crit which in the end is the most flexible set to get atm.

    Btw first table writes “Potential stats for iLvl259”. Last i checked we were discussing 359 iLvl items 😀

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  4. Nabol

    Heya Vix!

    Thanks for this, really helpful post! I’ll be sure to let the Mrs. know what to spend her VP on.

    On an unrelated note: you have a typo in the subscript of your first table. It says “ILVL 259” where you probably meant “ILVL 359”.

    And about Mastery. I did tell you so, didn’t I?

    ( I’m in the “I liked Mastery before it was cool-club”! )

  5. Pak

    First of all, thx for all your posts
    I’m still wondering why did you choose the chest set when it has no spirit on it. Is-it because the helm of Nefarian is hard to get ?
    And i’m really surprised that DO and CoR trinket don’t share the same cooldown, i will not be surprised that this will change soon.

  6. Pak

    Really sorry for the flood but I want to had some thoughts about [url=]Jar of Ancient Remedies[/url].
    It gives around 20k mana with the “on-use function” and the boost of spirit gives me +596mana (5sec) and +300mp5. So for a fight around 8min, it has around 75% uptime (because of the 30sec CD on-use) which means around (375/5)*300 = 22.3k

    So the trinket gives 40k mana on a fight without taking account of the increased of intellect compared to BO.Definitely a must have.

    My stats buffed : 4787 inté, 2255 spirit

  7. Malefícent

    Excellent post and highly reasoned thoughts.

    As an aside, if you do not have the Dream Owl, I stongly recommend getting Jar of Ancient Remedies. I pop this badbay when I hit 85% (for the 6400 mana back right away) roughly and then30 secs later the procs start to kick in again and time a CoR/MT release to benefit from the 500odd spirit it gives (multipled by MT ofc further).

    Finding it very useful in Manaregen.


  8. Argorath

    Hi, thanks for the excellent guides so far! I do have one question pertaining to a replacement for Dream Owl since I’m not a JC and I really don’t plan on leveling another JC.

    As Maleficent said, Jar of Ancient Remedies is a pretty amazing trinket that stacks 515 spirit and can give 6420 mana every 2 minutes, but what about Tyrande’s Favorite Doll?

    321 intellect and it captures 20% of the mana you spend on spells (not reducing the amount spent of course) but will allow up to 4200 mana to be stored. Then, every 1 minute you can pop that bad boy to gain 4200 mana. I realize it won’t benefit from MT but since MT is once every 3 minutes Tyrande’s Favorite Doll could be used 3 times per MT rotation.

    Perhaps I’m missing something but if you get a chance I’d love to hear your input.

  9. Sekul

    I have the Owl now and had already intended on getting the Core as soon as I have enough VPs, but I have a question.

    You sort of indicate that you can use both trinks with MT but doesn’t you second trinket go on a cooldown when you use the first? How can you benefit from both?

  10. Tamayah

    A few thoughts about Darkmoon Card: Tsunami vs Dream Owl.

    Mana Tide is 12 sec at 350% spirit.

    Darkmoon Card: Tsunami has 321 Int and an equip stacking spirit buff which can have nearly 100% uptime (if you are casting healing spells). It can go up to 5 stacks of 80 spirit so 400 spirit. If you factor in Mana Tide —> 400spirit * 4.5 *12sec = 21600 spirit. Add in the regular spirit of 400 for the rest of that 3 min tide cd –> 162sec * 400 spirit = 64800 spirit. So –> (21600 + 64800)/180sec = 480 constant spirit.

    Dream Owl has 285 Int and an on use 2 min cd of 1425 spirit for 20 sec. Mana Tide –> 1425 * 4.5 * 12sec = 76950spirit. Rest of the 8 sec of the trinket –> 8sec * 1425 = 11400 spirit. Add all of the spirit together and divide by the mana tide cd of 180sec –> (76950 + 11400)/180 = 490 constant spirit.

    So, the Dream Owl is slightly ahead in the constant spirit but the Tsunami Card is a little ahead in the Intellect area.

    I currently use the darkmoon card but not in a hurry to switch professions to get the Dream Owl unless my math is way off.

    I love your posts and wisdom. I’ve been a resto shaman since mid BC and always enjoy reading and connecting with other Resto Shaman. Keep it up!!

    • Tamayah

      Edit to mine: Forgot about Totemic Focus and the effect it has on the duration of Mana Tide (additional 5 seconds). Throws my math off…

    • Dream Owl: 1425 Spirit for 20 secs
      During MT = 1425 x 4.5 x 16 = 102,600
      Remaining Proc = 1425 x 4.5 x 4 = 28,484
      Total = 131,084 Spirit
      Over 3 min = 131,084 / 180 = 728 Spirit

      Darkmoon Card: Tsunami – 400 Spirit constant (performance confirms ~99% uptime in raids)
      During MT = 400 x 4.5 x 16 = 28,800
      During Remaining Time = 400 x 164 = 65,600
      Total = 94,400 Spirit
      Over 3 min = 94,400 / 180 = 524 Spirit

      So going with the Dream Owl, you gain 204 Spirit in exchange for 36 Intellect. For Tsunami to be better, Int would have to be valued at an HEP of ~ 5.7 versus 1 point of Spirit.

      Is the gain worth dropping the gold you invested into the card? Depends on how well you manage your MT and the constraints of the fight. Remember that even though we evaluate MT based on 3 min (180 sec) intervals, in a 5-min encounter, you would only drop Tide once, meaning that divisor would increase to 300 sec, making Tsunami better than Dream Owl in that case.

  11. First off, don’t stop with the posts Vixsin. Your wisdom and class are a sheer treat to read! You’ve helped me, and the members of my healing team (not just the shamans) become better players.

    What are everyone’s thoughts on using Tear of blood ( from Stonecore heroic teamed with C.O.R? I’ve found after setting up a simple power aura to show the “cleansing tears” buff, the extra 300 or so spirit over Dream owl is a nice little boost (dropping MT/C.o.R macro o.v.c). The RNG on the proc might shy some away at first, but with testing I’m finding an internal CD of about 60 seconds, which hasn’t left me in a tight spot (yet).

    I’m curious to see if I’m being overly selfish about 300 spirit (and possibly forcing my teammates to wait a few extra seconds) or should I revert back to my Dream owl/Core combo?

    • I was actually using Tear of Blood before I did the math on the DO+CoR combination; the proc’s internal CD is indeed ~60 seconds. And yes, there is a definite advantage to monitoring the proc so that you can align it with MT. However, I’ve found that tsing a proc-based trinket does require you to be more on top of your mana management and know your output in an any given encounter. The last thing you want need the MT drop and have to wait 45 seconds or so for another Tear proc for a burst of mana.

  12. Pokka


    I just wanted to mention that [Fall of Mortality] that drop from Cho’gall is another very viable option, although this is a proc trinket just set up a monitor to look for the spirit buff then pop your mana tide!

    This is a great option for people that dont have JC or want more Intellect!

    Great forum been reading your posts for a very long time.


  13. Eso


    Another great post, one quick thing. Any chance you could elaborate on how you got those regen numbers. I am trying to build a spreadsheet using the regen formula etc to test a few other trinkets like the darkmoon card: tsunami etc.

    Looking at the stats your mana tide gives you a 450% increase (8136/1808 = 4.5). I am most likely just being silly as no sleep does that to people in IT !!! And the other stats are not working with the spirit based regen formula. (Could be that I am using the wrong one).

    SpiritRegen(SPI, INT, LEVEL) = (0.001+SPI \times \sqrt{INT} \times BASE\_REGEN[LEVEL] )\times 5


  14. Eso

    Ok please ignore my post above, sleep deprivation got the better of me!

    • No worries. The numbers in the first 3 columns of the MT/trinket table were actually taken from my own character pane. The latter columns were simply calculated based on in-combat regen per 2 seconds, the corresponding value for 16 seconds of MT, and then the difference between my base regen and the total gained per drop combo.

      If there’s anything I can do to help in your spreadsheet efforts, please do feel free to send me an email.

  15. thora

    Hey vixsin :)
    You r really doing a great job and u hekpem me a lot in the begining of this new xpansion.
    What i want to ask u is ,why u didnt go for the ring from BWD,and what u think about taking the ele relic instead of the healing one.
    I hope u ll find time to answer me.Keep up he good job

  16. Su

    Have been reading your site for quite some time. Thank you for sharing. I would like to second the request for info about Tyrande’s doll trinket vs Dream Owl. I have two jc and my shaman isn’t one of them. She is max engineer though with alchemy. I arch’ed my brains out and have the doll trinket. It seems to be doing wonderfully paired with heroic tear of blood. Buying core today when I get home. I have been semi-hoarding my valor trying to decide if I wanted t11 set pieces or that trinket first. So… Besides JC which trinket do you feel would be most optimal to pair with core? Also. Engineering helm seems pretty spiffy, do you think it could compare with the helm of nether scion? The cogwheels offer spirit, crit, haste options.

  17. Josefus

    And almost immediately, the spirit trinket trick is getting nerfed:

    Ah well… keep up the good work, Vixsin!

  18. Yopax

    With the upcoming 4.06 changes to mana tide totem, I am thinking if it would be worth stacking more spirit instead of being focused on INT, CRIT, etc. in regards to the value of the totem being tied closely to the casting shaman ?

    +500 more base spirit will benefit not only yourself, but also the other healers in the raid (so its more like +3 x 500 x 400% x 17 secs spirit while mana tide is active). Don’t know if its worth it? Any views ?

    Also – with this change I guess I will miss quite a bit of mana regen on some fights, which probably will have me look for more spirit and go well beyond the ~2.000 I currently have.

    • Yopax

      Edit : I am thinking slots such as trinkets – better to hunt a fulltime +spirit trinket (i.e. rainsong and others) than an +int trinket with a proc.

  19. Tikiya

    And now unfortunate I read on mmo-champ:

    “Mana Tide Totem has been redesigned. The totem no longer multiplies the Spirit of those affected by it. It instead gives a flat amount of Spirit equal to 400% of the casting shaman’s Spirit, exclusive to short-term Spirit buffs affecting the shaman when the totem is dropped.”

    “# Greater Healing Wave mana cost has been increased by 10%; healing done has been increased by 20%.”
    “Chain Heal’s effectiveness has been increased by approximately 10%.”

    I guess that CH needed a little buff, and the MT thingy was to op.. but still. What is your response?

  20. Geros (VeCo)

    I’ll be interested to see what qualifies as a short term spirit buff when they’re excluding buffs from Mana Tide’s spirit calculation. I assume heartsong and on use trinkets will be excluded. Hopefully the 5% from Kings/MotW still apply. Not sure what to guess for Tsunami, but probably it will count as “short term” even though it has nearly 100% up time.

    • Exactly what I thought while reading over the changes–“what constitutes a short-term Spirit buff?” Because technically, Tsunami isn’t short-term and Heartsong has near 100% uptime … But, I highly doubt that they’d push through a change to MT and neglect to exclude those two items. Most likely, we’ll be working from our fully-buffed Spirit, prior to any combat procs.

      TBH, the change reminds me of the days when druids would have an “Innervate staff” that they’d swap to before dishing out their Innervate. Sounds like I have some research to do!

  21. Feros

    Talk about getting totally screwed, I JUST bought that trinket last night and of course would NOT have bought it had I known that Blizzard was redesigning mana tide to NOT include our short-term procs in that 400% increase. DAMNIT. Now I’ll have another 3 or 4 weeks of accumulating valor points to purchase the T11 gloves I should’ve bought instead of that trinket. Without the proc benefit when you pop mana tide the 359 valor trinket is fairly worthless when I already have the JC trinket and heroic Blood O.I. :(

    Thanks for all the work you do Vixsin, too bad Blizz screwed us this time around.

    Signed, unhappy shaman

    • Well, you should still be within the return period for the item so just sell it back to a vendor to get your Valor points back. If anything, the change simply puts trinkets like Tyrande’s and Tsunami back on top for pre-heroic level gear, which is hardly surprising. I’m happy enough to keep my CoR; I’ll just be switching out my Dream Owl at the next opportunity.

  22. Bezzub

    I am in the same boat as Feros.
    Was making a tough decision between buying the first upgrade for resto or ele and Core was just too good to pass up =/

  23. Feros

    I bought the trinket right before our 3 hour raid last night so the 2 hour limit has already expired :(

    On the bright side, I do have the Tsunami card, so I shouldn’t be complaining. It’s just I wish I had the opportunity to pick up T11 gloves instead and make due with a combo of Tsnumai/JC trinket or Tsunami/something else.

    Fresh motivation to work on Archaeology beyond level 225…and on the bright side we are downing several bosses on a regular basis every week in multiple raids so it shouldn’t take a month to get my next piece of gear from Valor like it did for the 1st piece.

    Take care

  24. edsul

    with the release of some of the notes for the next patch last night and the upcoming changes to mana tide. Interested in how the mana tide nerf affects your gear lists. Seems to me that Tsunami becomes the go to trink option for resto after the patch.

    • My gut says Tsunami is going to be well-placed to be the BiS for this tier of the expansion, with Core and Tyrande’s after that. Either way, looks like I’m either going to be investing a gross amount of time flying around the continents or playing the AH. Neither sounds thrilling …

      • Geros (VeCo)

        As someone outgearing some guildies, I’ve been putting a lot of time into archaeology as they continue to gear (or in some cases level) up. I now have the “Associate Professor” for 10 rares, including every night elf rare except Tyrande. I’m gonna keep going cause I have OCD, but I wouldn’t recommend investing the time if the trinket is your only goal. On the bright side, I did get the Ring of the Boy Emperor, so I can’t really complain.

  25. Nadine

    Great post, as always.
    This comment is also concerning the new patch 4.0.6 notes

    So now that every healer in the raid is going to depend on your own spirit, would it be more beneficial (raid-wise) to go all out for spirit?

    By that I mean just pick up gear that already has spirit. (Reforge and enchant until you reach the 916 haste mark, and keep a good balance between Crit and Mastery (the 3% buff to mastery will also help a lot).
    Of course with that said, that will result in HPS loss, but perhaps aim for output trinkets (like int/mastery/haste on proc, for an example) It will really depend how fast we go oom though.

  26. Su

    *sigh* I did the same thing as Feros. Bought trinket after hemming and hawing. Ah well. I hope you have better luck than me, Vixsin. I collected all of the other SIX night elf rares before it gave me the one I actually wanted (doll). Kalimdor will be your hunting grounds as it has the most dig sites. And at least we have two hearths and portals to uldum/hyjal. I definitely became a frequent flyer!

  27. Malefícent

    So I wonder how this is going to effect our Mastery now…will this make it an effective stat to actually go for over crit, will have to look into it further I think since its todays news….plus these are noted as “tentative changes” so maybe best toi hold off until seeing the confirmed ones.

    its still likely to remain as it is though, so anyone have any thoughts on these changes, gimping our Mana regen is really annoying, and while it was nice with MT, when I look at the mana regen stats in our raids I am well behind the Paladins :(


  28. Nadine

    Pre-Heroic Raid, I’m now thinking of using this set:


    Int: 4862 +130 int from LW enchant, which would also add a bit a crit
    Spi: 2333 (1171 Combat Regen)
    Haste: 7.17%(918)
    Crit: 13.76%
    Mastery: 13.09% (913)

    I also decided to stick with regen trinkets anyway due to having less crit, and obviously, mana tide being nerfed

  29. Mitila

    I finally have enough valor for the core… just in time for the Mana Tide Totem nerf. Anyways, should I still make it my first pick or just prioritize tier and get the trinket later/not at all?

  30. Monsieur

    Same thing, bought CoH two days ago :p With the buff to mastery and the solid slab of spirit, might the Tol Barad trinket be worth going for? It’s practically free anyway.

    • Monsieur

      Edit: not that I really think that our new place in the hierarchy should be the healer version of old surv hunters and demo locks.

  31. Meryam

    I think Spirit is slowly becoming what Haste used to be like.
    In WotLK, it was all about Spellpower and Haste Haste Haste. Early into Cataclysm we leaned towards Intellect and Crit after reaching the Haste softcap, and were comfortable with our regen.

    Now, it seems like all we would want to stack is Spirit and Intellect, while keeping a healthy amount of Crit, and maintaining the easily obtainable Haste softcap.

    That’s disregarding Mastery though, as I’m still unsure where and how it fits now.

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  33. Chiz

    I love reading your posts. Thanks for all of this information. I’m still not convinced on Mastery with the up coming changes. I see two items, neck/ring that sacrifice 127 spirit each for 127 mastery. Alone that is 254 spirit. Seems that with the changes to mana tide (hitting whole raid, based on our base spirit) Mastery is again a low priority for us.

  34. Firestyle

    I opted for Fall or Mortality when it dropped, and using with Core of Ripeness. Fall or Mortality seems to be a very good trinket and recommend it for any shaman, it’s int + 1900 equip spirit proc.

  35. Kyuuri

    I am actually quite confused as to why you will be sticking with CoR and the JC trinket over Darkmoon Card: Tsunami and the Fall of Madness. Unless it is bugged, or working differently than mmo-champion states it will, mana tide totem will quadruple our spirit, “exclusive of short-term Spirit buffs affecting the shaman when the totem is dropped.” Am i incorrect in assuming that the use spirit trinkets would be considered ‘short term spirit buffs,’ and therefore will not be taken into account when you drop that totem?

  36. Shockeye

    Kyuuri, that is what I’m wondering as well.
    The new wording on Mana Tide is a bit vague and I’m not sure of what the real implementation is. It sounds like mana gained by the raid will not be affected by the Shaman’s Spirit trinkets but the Shaman itself should still get that gain, but I’m not sure if this is correct.

    I have enough VP right now to get the Core, but if the benefit of it is being nerfed I may just continue to save to get a first T11 set piece.

  37. Malefícent

    I am pretty certain it means that the x4 bonus will NOT take into account the CoR addition, so your Spirit for regen will be x4 your current Spirit +CoR if you use it then and ofc not your current spirit + CoR and then x4.

    CoR while not as powerful as before with the MT boost, is still a lovely trinket, that you would now use on CD instead of alongside MT.


  38. Pak

    I have always wondering why the paragons shamans gives prioritize to haste since the release of cataclysm. I have take a look on WoWLogs to know the repartition of healing during “burst sequence”.
    “burst sequence = HR+RT+CH SPAM”
    I obtain something like :

    HR around 10k hps
    CH around 10k hps
    ELW around 7k hps
    Riptide around 1k hps

    Assuming a scenario like your raid is nearly destroy and has to return full life quickly. I think that you will have to put 3HR. During the first one your raid will be below 50% During the second it will be below 80% and the last to finish them.
    I think it’s the kind of scenario that we will face often in 25man content.

    It will be interesting to know the output of :

    HR with High Crits
    HR whith High Mastery

    ChainHeal with high haste
    ChainHeal with high crit
    ChainHeal with high mastery

    ELW with High Crits
    ELW whith High Haste

    Riptide with High Crit
    Riptide whith High Haste

    High means somethink like 1500-1600 of the stats (reforging and gemming the stats)
    The normal rates will be something like 18%crit, 918haste, 600 Mastery

    I will not be surprised if the better increase of output will be with high haste

  39. dan b

    Haste has a huge HPS throughput, but is unforgiving on our mana pools. Although with a suitable TC AOE healing spec, the more haste one has, the faster LB casts / chains will be, dramatically improving both regen and HPS.

    ^ i do not believe mastery will affect the healing done within our healing circles? it a wee bit too late to check this.

    From my exp of HM healing, mastery is looking promising. My HM experiences worry me, not only am i under-performing from a HPS perspective (compared to palies / priests), there is no room for intelligent casting. spam to keep every1 above 89% health to avoid gib mechanics. clarity flies out the window on HMs. its a wrath esq wet dream.

    interesting times for a healing sham

  40. stattix

    hey just wanted to let you know that the t11 bonus does work with MTT. I normally have 3068 spirit with DMC and 4 piece. When I put down MTT, I have 15340 spirit, which is 5x my normal spirit.

  41. […] release of Cataclysm, the fuss regarding Telluric Currents has settled down over the past months as Restos shifted their focus onto new content and onto more pressing issues. But, the still waters of discussion belie the harsh undercurrent of […]


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