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January 12, 2011

Resto Guide Updated – Talent Specs, Macros & Addons

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Written by: Vixsin
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Double Whale Shark is like Double Rainbow

It’s been one heck of a busy month thus far, but in the midst of it all I managed to wrap up two supplements to the Resto Guide I published back in December:

  1. A discussion of potential PVE talent specs
  2. A Macros & Addons section designed to give Resto Shamans an idea of what mods and commands I find helpful while healing.

Hopefully these supplements answer some of the various questions that I’ve been getting and distract you all long enough for me to finish editing my post on the state of Resto Shamans in light of the 4.0.6 changes. (The short version: while I’m not happy about losing my super-charged Mana Tide, the Mastery and spellpower boosts to CH and GHW are much-deserved as more and more players make their way into hard modes.) So read, enjoy, and critique and I’ll have another, more meaty post for you tomorrow!


  1. Nabol

    Now all that’s left is your undoubtedly bulking email inbox 😉

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, I’m looking forward to more reading :)

  2. Aegle

    Thanks for the addition – I’ve been wondering about any useful addons I might be missing.

    I know you said you’re working everything with the nerf of our beloved Mana Tide, but I do have a quick question regarding this (and hoping for a quick answer that requires no calculations!) – do we still love items such as Core of Ripeness above all others, or is that just for an “oh crap I’m running out of mana too much” set instead of a main, balanced set?

    • Give a answer without quantitative support?! Inconceivable!

      The short answer is: don’t despair over your Core of Ripeness purchase. Just because the +Spirit proc won’t factor into your MT calculation doesn’t make it a bad trinket. In fact, I have a hunch it will still be valued pretty highly even with the change.

      That being said, I will likely pick up a MH weapon or staff, enchant it with +Spirit, and use a swap macro for when I drop tide, just to get that extra spirit boost.

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