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January 14, 2011

The State of Play: Resto Shaman 4.0.6 Preview Edition

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Written by: Vixsin
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Maloriak - HM Killshot

In an amazing break from tradition, WoW’s Patch 4.0.6 heralds a number of insanely OP buffs for Shaman and Restos in particular, addressing a host of issues raised by shaman and other healers alike, and has absolutely no minor fixes to icons or tooltips … *blink blink* No wait, that’s not right, let me try that again … *ahem* … In an amazing break from tradition, Patch 4.0.6 brings with it several changes, both nerfs and buffs, to a class which may be absolutely fabulous or absolute crap depending on who you talk to … Yep, that’s about right.

When the Patch notes for 4.0.6 were released last week, I and likely many of you, sat at the computer and blankly stared at a list which included absolutely no adjustments for shaman whatsoever. And so, I composed an angry diatribe in my head, bitched to my healing teammates (was quickly rebuffed and cut down to size by our resident spriest), and then went back about the business of trying to prep myself for our continued efforts in hard modes. So, it was a bit of a surprise to read yesterday morning that resto shaman, and shaman in general, were not the victims of yet another “working as intended” side note, but were actually a belated mention in a patch ostensibly aimed at tweaking the performance of all of the classes.

But, despite the minor tweaks and the MAJOR change to Mana Tide (which I’ll discuss a bit later in this post), this patch left me thinking—just how good are resto shaman right now?


In heroics

It’s been just over a month since Cataclysm release, and despite the gear that I’ve gained during that time, I do still feel that heroics are holding their own as challenging content. For resto shaman, heroics hold the opportunity to acclimate yourself to the triage philosophy and become accustomed to the kind of “healing rotation” to be had from interweaving RT and UE with single- and multi-target heals.

In this respect, shaman healing holds up nicely against the AOE and tank damage abilities commonplace in most heroic mode encounters. Tidal Waves, as usual, provides for a seamless transition between healing styles. And despite CH’s low baseline heal value, heroics provide a good opportunity (because the group is typically in close proximity), to boost output by setting up UE + CH through tank combos. Even HR has its situational uses for tempering some of the incoming damage in boss’s AOE abilities.

If there’s any complaint that I have right now for Resto Shaman healing in heroics, it would be the underwhelming nature of HW in comparison to tank health pools. Whereas on my druid, with Lifebloom rolling, I can get Nourish casts that hit for around 12k on average, my resto shamans’ HW casts seem to average 9-10k even with ES up. This definitely can lead some newly level 85 resto shaman to disregard the spell as worthless, when really it does serve a buffering purpose, allow you to slowly chip away at incoming damage while not blowing your entire mana pool on fast, expensive heals.

Finally, in heroics, RT firmly emerges as a stand-out, star-studded spell. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s cheap as hell. And if its performance in heroics doesn’t convince you to set up an RT PowerAuras alert, then I don’t know what will.


In normal raid modes

Once you make your way into the normal modes of T11 instances–Throne of the Four Winds, Bastion of Twilight, and Blackwing Descent–a whole new world opens up, one where you will have ample opportunity to use your entire arsenal of heals. Whereas in heroics, AOE healing sees situational usage, normal mode encounter mechanics in both 10s and 25s give you room to expand your application of Chain Heal and Healing Rain. And although I can only speak from a 25-man perspective, (as my second shaman project was sidelined to focus on Cata release), I think I can safely say that Resto Shamans’ single- and mutli-target heals are more than sufficient to accommodate every group composition. Whereas in BC and in Wrath, raids suffered the vapors if, for instance, they didn’t have a paladin for tank-healing, it’s now a role that just about any healing spec can slide easily into.

In terms of healing tools, if you are running 25s, you should be seeing your CH numbers being chipped away at by HR, RT, and Earthliving (the latter two generally each contribute ~10-14% of my healing on each encounter). And on the single-target side of things, you’ll likely learn that HW has even less of a place in raids, although it can be a very efficient way to bring players back up if there’s a lull in incoming damage. (Glyph of Healing Wave still gets the evil eye from me). As of late, players have been siding more with HS instead of GHW for tank healing, although we’re likely to see this preference normalize a bit when 4.0.6 releases and our GHW receives a fairly big boost to output.

Ultimately, if I came away from normal modes with any golden nuggets it’s these three things: first, that there no longer is such a thing as a pure tank healer. With the removal of spike damage from normal modes (don’t worry, it comes back in hard modes), healers have significantly more overlap in healing than they once did. Mindless Holy Light bombing is not required. (I swear I heard paladins cheering there …) Secondly, precise mana management will make or break your performance. More so now than ever, slipping into the easy groove of topping people with HS, or letting your WS fall off, or saving your MT for <60% mana instead of <70%, has a big impact on your longevity. And lastly, that there are more lulls in encounters than you might think. While the urgency is always there to keep players as high as possible, it behooves shaman to learn how to, and become comfortable with, topping players as slowly as you can within the confines of the fight. This ability to let hots, HST, and AA take players that last 10% was incredibly helpful in making sure that I could last during normal modes without heaping helpings of gear. (And definitely comes into play in hard mode raiding).


In hard modes

Last week FH spent some time on a number of hard modes—Halfus, Tron Council, Maloriak, and Conclave—getting a feel for what Blizzard has in store for us “hardcore” raiders of the expansion. Unfortunately, our hard mode raid week fell victim to incredibly glitchy toggle mechanics, as our main holy priest and rogue officer were completely locked out of BWD for 3 of our 5 raid nights. But, despite the very frustrating lockout problem, I did walk away from the week with a better understanding of where Resto Shaman stand as we undertake more hard mode kills.

Suffice to say, my perspective differs a little bit from the stance taken recently, and infamously, by one of Paragon’s members on the EU forums. While I agree that there are some areas where shaman feel a bit weaker than our healing counterparts, the proposed adjustments from patch 4.0.6 look to be targeting the right areas:

Greater Healing Wave now costs 33% of base mana, up from 30%. Base healing value increased by 20%, from 7473 – 8538 to 8968 – 10245.

Cleansing Waters now has a 0.5 sec cooldown.

Chain Heal’s effectiveness has been increased by approximately 10%.

Deep Healing now Increases the potency of your direct healing spells by up to 24% (up from 20%), based on the current health level of your target (lower health targets are healed for more). Each point of Mastery increases direct heals by up to an additional 3%. (up from 2.5%)

Cleansing Water changes aside, my take on this is pretty simple—what we’re seeing is a boost to shamans’ top end potential, which is what specifically comes into play in hard mode encounters. The boost to Greater Healing Wave was warranted by the very low differential in output between HS and GHW, leading many tank healers (as I mentioned in the preceding section) to favor the former much as they had in WotLK. In regards to the Mastery buff, with multiple hard-mode fight mechanics that apply heavy AOE on the raid, our Mastery is being engaged more often than not. So the increase of Deep Healing is a logical way to help Shaman in hard modes while not making them overpowered in normal modes. As it stands, with the additional 0.5% per Mastery rating, I’ll gain ~6% more Deep Healing benefit. Combined with the potential buff to CH output, this should amount to a good boost in HPS in hard mode encounters.

This being said, there are still some underlying points of concern that I have for Resto Shaman performance in T11 hard modes and beyond. (None of these are game-breakers, and lest anyone be under the impression I’m claiming that Resto Shaman are absolute crap, let me state for the record: I still think we kick ass.)

  1. State of regen: It’s become apparent over the course of the past month that Resto Shamans’ Water Shield is not providing nearly as much regen as it once did through procs. When looking at my own mana gained versus a shaman with almost 8% less crit (on the same encounter, with similar spell distribution), the difference amounted to around 100mp5. Given WS’s poor scaling, and with crit levels being what they are, this divide between the returns granted by our static values and other healing class’ stat-based returns will continue to expand as gear increases. (Remember: Innervate, Shadowfiend, and Divine Plea are all based on max mana, a value which will increase as we gain more stats). One potential solution would be to make Shamans’ WS scale partially from our Spirit, which would encourage us to keep a more balanced perspective on stats and underscore the value of spirit in our regen mechanics (both WS and MT).
  2. Lack of cooldowns: As would be expected, early normal-mode and heroic kills have, thus far, entailed significant use of raid cooldowns. Aura Mastery during Maloriak’s Fire Breath, Tranquility during Chimaeron’s Fued, Divine Hymn during Cho’gall’s Phase 3, Power Word: Barrier during Halfus’ Roar, etc. (Not to mention the timing of personal CD’s). But at no point during these encounters can Resto Shaman offer a raid any respite. I cannot elect to make HR more powerful, I cannot fire off CH more rapidly—one instant-cast CH or an instant-cast GHW does not constitute a viable raid-saving CD. (And if the healing isn’t needed while the raid is moving, then Spiritwalker’s Grace offers me absolutely no benefit.) This deficiency in the shaman arsenal was put into harsh relief when, in our attempts on HM Conclave, I was relegated to the only platform which does not require a CD to address incoming damage. In the discussion of who needed to pop what when, I was left to twiddle my thumbs in silence. Resto Shaman are the odd healer out when it comes to cooldowns of any sort, and quite frankly, it’s about bleedin time that something was done about it. Because as funny our guild’s running joke is about my lack of CDs is (“how could you possibly die to that when Vixsin’s ES is on you?!”) it’s damn depressing as well.
  3. Lack of triage in hard modes: (this is really a point that affects all healers, not just Resto Shaman) One of the characteristics of heroic dungeons which I greatly appreciated, and which I mentioned above, was the continual reinforcement of the principle of “triage”, wherein a healer is allowed to use judgment on who may or may not need immediate healing. It was delivery of a concept which had been hyped to healers for the year preceding Cata release. However, the concept of triage is notably absent in hard modes, where players consistently need to be kept at > 90% HP to avoid instant-death mechanics. Now, I’m not arguing for a greater margin of error in heroic encounters, because I appreciate the level of effort that they require, but this inconsistently in approach inherently stresses healers who have been acclimated to a different pace in the preceding content.
  4. TC + Healing Rain Spam – It generated a good amount of buzz in the resto shaman community, but from all evidence, Paragon’s resto shaman utilized the infamous 7/2/32 spec for a number of their world-first kills in hard modes, including their Heroic Nefarian kill on Sunday. In essence, this spec is designed to maximize the mana return of Telluric Currents so that the shaman can afford to cast Healing Rain on cooldown. By picking up Convection and Elemental Precision, a resto shaman can almost completely mitigate LB misses and gain an increased amount of mana back per cast. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to test this setup in a raid environment, I can at least testify that from a pure numbers standpoint, continual HR (HR + LB filler) constitutes one of the highest HPS “rotations” that a resto shaman can use (topped only by HR + CH filler). And while I give Kahva an immense amount of credit for his application of this spec, I have some concern about how it might influence the future of shaman healing. Not only does it highlight the current misalignment of philosophy and application of Telluric Currents, but it also puts into stark contrast the tension that exists in shaman healing.  And while the former condition is easily addressed in the form of a TC nerf, the latter condition is not as easily handled. Because HR is such a high HPS spell, with a small limiting CD, resto shamans will naturally try to cast the spell more frequently, as their mana will allow, in an effort to increase their healing contribution. Should the limits on mana become imbalanced (as they are with TC usage), then the spell will become a new 1-button to victory, casually disregarding qualities like selection, judgment and overhealing in favor of a brute force approach. This is not a direction I care to see shamans go, and it’s hopefully something that the watchful eyes at Blizzard have on their radar.

In the end, while Shaman aren’t dominating the top HPS parses on WoL, I’d be hard pressed to argue that we’re not in the race. From the parses I have looked at, from guilds across the raiding spectrum, shaman performance is comfortably riding in the middle of the pack (and sometimes coming out on top, depending on the encounter). The 4.0.6 buffs, at least as they’re described at present, will narrow the margin on our baseline contributions, but it will remain up to the shaman in question to excel beyond that point.


Without our beloved Uber Mana Tide

Yes, I suppose it was only a matter of time before our beloved Mana Tide hax was nerfed into the ground. (And yes, now I feel guilty for dedicating half a post almost entirely on how to capitalize on the mechanic). As of the latest 4.06 patch notes, restos and our Group 5 will be operating under the confines of a new Mana Tide mechanic:

The totem no longer multiplies the Spirit of those affected by it. It instead gives a flat amount of Spirit equal to 400% of the casting shaman’s Spirit, exclusive of short-term Spirit buffs affecting the shaman when the totem is dropped. In addition, its effects are now raid-wide.

Now before you scream for joy, there are a couple things to consider. First, it seems unlikely that we’re talking about a raid-wide source of mana return. I would imagine the totem will now function like Hymn of Hope, granting the 5 lowest targets the Spirit buff. (Of course, I could be wrong, but that would be fairly OP if it went in without any restrictions). Secondly, if the Spirit buff is raid-wide, then the question becomes, will the source Resto Shaman receive the buff as well? Personally, I would hope so, because other Resto Shaman are receiving a 1-2 punch in the regen department.

Regardless of how the new MT totem works, I can imagine that most of you are asking: will it be worth it to stack as much spirit as possible? Well, let’s take a look at what you could stand to gain. At present, I have 1997 Spirit prior to buffs, with 5131 Intellect. Testing in this gear yielded the following:

So, with my current gear, applying the new Mana Tide characteristics, I will be getting ~16k mana per MT drop, in comparison to the ~14k I get now when I drop MT without using trinkets. Once the MT change goes live, were I to swap out my Core of Ripeness for Mandala of Stirring Patterns (+321 Spirit), this would result in an additional 3k mana per drop, or an additional 85 mp5 over the course of 3 minutes. Assuming that MT will apply to 5 targets, this would yield 425 mp5 across those 5 people. In exchange for this fabulous 425 mp5, you the shaman would be likely losing out on 321 Intellect (the typical ilvl359 trinket stat), ~5k mana, and 321 spellpower (which based on my stats would amount to losing 4.5% of my total spellpower).

In my opinion, that’s a pretty big hit to take to offer my teammates an additional 3k mana. So, if MT remains as described in the most current 4.0.6 patch notes, while I will try to optimize my gear to afford me the most spirit possible, I will likely not be switching to +Spirit trinkets or gemming Spirit unless other quantitative evidence comes forth. And yes, I’ll be hanging onto my Core of Ripeness (because I will be holding out on farming Tyrande’s for as long as possible).


In light of other assorted changes

In addition to the changes which lie in store for us in 4.0.6, there are a couple other items I thought I’d highlight in the most recent set of PTR patch notes:

Vibrant Alchemist Stone – grants (effectively) 351 Intellect, 194 haste, +40% from potions

An excellent addition for dps and healers, the important thing to remember with this trinket is that it equates to pure throughput with limited longevity contributions. This stands in stark contrast to other “healer” trinkets which provide 200-400 constant Spirit during an encounter.

Enchanting: Enchant Off-Hand – Superior Intellect now increases intellect by 40, down from 100.

A minor nerf to overall stat values, it’s important to remember that this adjustment will also lower your spellpower and result in a margin decrease to your crit rating.

Enchant Bracer – Mighty Intellect – Permanently enchant bracers to increase Intellect by 50. Requires a level 300 or higher item.

The addition of a bracer enchant for +50 Intellect makes the Leatherworking bracer enchant equal in nature to the benefits from most other professions. In light of the change, Engineering steps slightly ahead of the other professions with its +Intellect enchant to gloves (which provides a constant +96 Int in the best case scenario and +XX Int in the worst case).

Flask of the Draconic Mind. / Mats changed to: Volatile Life x 8, Azshara’s Veil x 8, Twilight Jasmine x 8, Crystal Vial

All I can say is … about bloody time. At 12 herbs per flask, and no alchemist benefit to keep me afloat, I’ve been going through 30 – 35 flasks a week, which considering sale prices of ~350g per flask, amounted to over 10,000g worth of flasks a week. It’s only a 3,000g savings for me, but hey, something is better than nothing!


Where do we go, from here?

I think it’s been a bit of a bumpy road so far for shaman in Cataclysm–figuring out new stat priorities, new ways of healing, and doing it all with a mana pool that isn’t very forgiving. And while I think most players who’ve hit level 85 and worked their way into dungeons and heroics have ironed out some of the healing kinks, it would seem that the biggest target for us all at this point is continuing to work at finding a comfortable balance of stats. (To this end, I’ll likely be putting together a post analyzing my own raid performance over the past couple weeks and discussing the impacts of the gearing changes I’ve made.) Is haste really all that important heading into hard modes? Just how much does Mastery help us out? How much Spirit should I have? All of these questions remain open and on the table for discussion. And in my opinion, the only thing better than knowing the answers, is the path to finding them.



  1. Aegle

    If we haven’t already invested in CoR, do you think we should still do so prior to other epic upgrades? As in is the on cd spirit still a big enough increase in stats?

    • As I showed in the MT/regen table, the return from CoR is around 4100 mana / 2min. So, while not incredibly amazing, in my opinion it’s still an excellent trinket to pick up for a pre-heroic mode set if you don’t have 30k to spend on Tsunami and the time/luck associated with getting Tyrande’s Doll.

  2. Instant

    Regarding Alchemy Trinket 😉

    40% from a ~10000 that current mana regen potion provides is ~4k, and you can always reforge some haste to spirit (~78 spirit).

    Don’t have enough time to do the math, but from your chart i can see that mandala adds roughly ~153 MP5 which in 5 minutes long fight is 9180 mana. But trinket also gives int, that scales with Replenishment :p

    I’m also not sure if Stone works for Potion of Concentration ( i’ve complety forgotten about this potion until yesterday eh). If it does, then Stone could have some additional uses. But some comments on wowhead says it does work, which means additional 8800 mana.

    I think that every alchemist should at least try Stone. It’s looking really nice.

  3. Grookshank

    About Mana Tide becoming raid wide in 4.0.6: I am quite sure it will affect the whole raid and not only 5 people, since only healing specs now receive mana back from spirit and therefore from Mana Tide. So in a typical 25man raid you will have 5-7 people affected by it. I doubt the potential 2 more target would justify a “lowest mana” mechanic like Hymn of Hope. All that some dps casters (SP, Boomkin, Ele Shaman) get, is a temporary boost to hit, which seems worthless.

    • Good point. I’m likely just being a pessimist about the change; preparing for the worst so that there’s the possibility I might be surprised when the application isn’t as harsh as it seems.

      • Cort

        just to tack on to Grookshank with a small correction: Hybrids who gain hit from spirit via talents do not gain hit from Mana Tide as it is currently. I doubt that’ll get borked between now and 4.0.6. I also think it’ll just hit the whole raid. Delicious!

        • Grookshank

          Oh, I did not know that. I probably made the common mistake of just assuming truth for something I never checked, sorry. I’ll have to tell out ele shaman to get hit capped asap then 😉

  4. Soulmojo

    I read your article, and it sums up the issues very vell.

    About the gear changes:

    We might not get out badly from the changes.

    We will lose about 1k int yes, and we wont be able to reforge spirit, but with the boost of mastery we will be compensated. Think about this: if you stack up spirit you will have a steady and good mana regen. you will lose mana a lot, but the bonus mana regen will compensate you through the fight, and by losing 1k int you will lose 1k spellpower too. But if you also stack up mastery you will gain more power. If you gather lets say 10% more mastery healing bonus (which is easy considering you will gain 3% per point ) you will get 5% healing done bonus for spells when the stat kicks only at half power. You are compensated, and by stacking up spirit so much, you wont need the t11 4piece set bonus(maybe), you wont need hearthsong anymore and you can use the tol barad trinket (they will change the mastery buff to intellect). You can also reforge mastery to haste or crit if you like, to balance your gear.

    In the end of the day you will gain the same healing done, much more stable regen, and two powerful int proc for burst heal.

    Btw mastery is THE best stat for us stack it up throw out every item with crit and you will get very good results. by stacking up mastery (im currently at 16pt) and I am no more lagging behind on the healing meters.

    here is an armory link to my gear:

    • Solemme

      I will tell you this, and i am quoting Kahva with who i play often. In the hopes that this may help you understand what stats are working good.

      On the question of why is he stacking haste instead of spirit/crit/haste soft cap:
      Spec is 7/2/32 – Haste gives me faster heals – faster LB – quick regen
      Going Crit/Mastery is too much RNG.

      Think about it and judge yourselves.

  5. Voltigeuse

    Thank you for your efforts in doing all of the math stuff that I get lost at, I took up Telluric currents last night after you recommended it and the results are impressive.

  6. Nabol

    Hey Vix, excellent post. I was wondering when you’d post a bit about TC being awesome. Did you use some of the data I sent you for this post?

    And as said above (about Potion of concentration), my wife will probably use the Aclhemy Trinket and save her VP for her first piece of T11 set. Not sure what to get, though, since she already has quite a few ilvl 359 gearpieces (with a new helm from Halfus yesterday). Any suggestions? You should still have her armory link somewhere.

    One other thing. My wife’s been running with a similar build to that of Kahva (even though she thought of it herself, unaware of who Kahva is or w/e) and instead of “spamming” HR, she’s been (ab)using the hell out of Healing Surge. It seems like she’s able to get away with it with TC offsetting the mana cost.

    • The TC post is in the works and will be coming … soon. ^_^ (To be quite honest, I have about 3 months’ worth of posts in my Drafts folder–there’s so much to write about!)

      As to gearing, I generally aim for swapping blue for tier first, and then worrying about “ideal” tier composition later. (Granted, I have a max Valor point income every week, so my purchase aren’t as strictly planned). As I said in my previous post on Building your T11 gearset, there are so many options out there right now, that you can reforge to get the secondary stats you need. It should really be the 346 > 359 conversion that most should be concerned about.

  7. Philip

    you having touched on our buff to mastery which equates to about 20% buff on the overall stat of 2.5%.

    How much impact do you think this will have, given we have decided mastery is good and not bad (well getting better should i say)


  8. grakthon

    seems like lots of shaman are love/hate with our mastery, especially compared to crit. have you done any kind of personal testing to compare the two stats? and i guess its not completely clear how to compare the two, as mastery gives baseline larger heals where crit gives AA, IWS, larger heals sometimes…its kind of an apples to oranges comparison. is it clear to you how to compare them, and if so, how do you think about their relationship?

  9. grakthon

    edit/addition to above: i have seen jynus’ post, and his argument seems to center on relative heal sizes and i havent heard him delineate how to consider the ‘spreading around’ value of AA or the mana returns. another major tenet of his opinion is that in progression (i.e. hardmodes) more people spend more time at lower health, inflating the mastery, which is true under triage conditions. however, your opinion seems to be that hardmodes require maintaining about 90% health pools and the concept of triage missed the hardmodes boat. if that is the case could the utility of mastery have been oversold?

    • Perhaps I could have been clearer on the “triage in hard modes” point, because I actually am on Jynus’ side when it comes to the Mastery debate. What I define as a “triage” environment is when players sit at varying levels of HP across an entire raid, and are attended to by healers in terms of criticality. In normal modes, at least when we first entered into them, there was a state of triage in most encounters because there were very few “insta-gib” mechanics.

      In contrast, in hard modes, there are a number of mechanics which will simply 1-shot you if you’re not close to topped. And, these mechanics oftentimes overlap with or occur in immediate succession to targeted or raid-wide AOE. Thus, as a healer, you cannot let players sit at sub-90% for very long at all. “Top the raid” is something we’ve been calling for quite frequently. and it generally needs to be accomplished very rapidly.

      If anything, I think this makes the argument very strong for Mastery, and to a somewhat lesser extent, haste. The harder your heals hit, the more likely you are to avoid random deaths (and the more mana you have to expend elsewhere).

  10. ZUG

    Looking at the healing rankings on World of logs, how can Blizz NOT buff shaman? I mean look:

    those are the top 10 healers for every encounter in BWD, there is not a SINGLE shaman in the top 10 for ANY boss.. the numbers speak for themselves.

  11. ZUG

    I’ll add that healing ranks for TBT and TFW look the same, no healing shamans to be found even close to the top 10 in healing output in any encounters.

    • While I understand that position, and it’s a line of thought I sometimes find myself entertaining, I think there’s a difference between maximum output (which is what the “top” WoL parses represent) and healing performance.

      That being said, shaman have been absent from “top” parses since BC. We had our moment in the sun, and I doubt we’ll see the likes of it again. But that doesn’t mean we’re bad healers. If for example, our Ancestral Healing was tracked in the combat logs as an absorb instead of performing as a flat damage reduction buff, we’d no doubt see shamans skyrocket on meters, when really nothing had changed about the class..

  12. ZUG

    Very good point about AH, still though, if you look at the Lich King raids you will see Resto Shamans sprinkled around in the top 10 ranks. In Cata they are no where to be found, some encounters not even breaking into the top 100 in healing output. I know meters don’t mean everything but geez..

  13. Shassara

    In terms of cooldowns, I’ve been the running joke of our raids for the last year and it was funny at first but yea, it’s starting to get old.

    There are so many excellent ideas for a shaman healing cooldown and I just find it mindboggling that they can’t give us one, or at least give us a well defined reason that we don’t have one. I’m always clinging on to a little bit of hope that they will give in and give us SOMETHING. Or at least flat out say “Hey Shamans, you aren’t getting any cooldowns this expansion”.

  14. Pyrrhic

    Most morning I get up and and come to with my coffee, and have done for quite some time.
    Just want to finally give a shout out and tell you thanks for all the time and effort you put aside for this site to be current and always relevant.

    Best of luck going into HM’s.

  15. Badazzle

    If any Resto shaman with 16 points or more of mastery have any 25man logs, I sure would like a link. I wish I could go through WoL and sort by stats >.< but since I can't maybe some active readers will post a link.
    Here is my armory and I currently go for as much crit as possible and try to maintain a easy 3k regen in combat.

    I have ran with multiple resto spec's but lack the raid progression to do to much theory crafting in game sadly. This is where you guys come in!
    Next is a link to my guilds most recent raid and you will be led to my shamans buffed gained page for our kill of 25N Maloriak.

    ALOT of shaman are doing what I am doing and avoiding mastery but the few brave shaman pushing for mastery which will grow in time on my priority list are the ones I want to hear from.

    Big question!!! 😀
    Is all that mastery worth it when I gain 100k mana back from IWS? Note:some fights even more

    I want to know if I should be gathering mstery gear with valor points and EP now so when the time for HM's does come I am as prepared as I could ever be.

    This post is in response mainly to Soulmojo's post! I want to see what you mean by "throw out every item with crit and you will get very good results. by stacking up mastery". I am not measuring EPEEN or anything I don't want to see who is the better shaman I just want to know what is meant by "good results" because this mastery stat has got me all tangled up and my results as pretty strong I'd say thus far this expansion and I want to keep improving!

    Thanks for reading and all I want are the logs of resto shaman with A LOT of mastery and no crit if possible but a lot of mastery will be worth looking at IMO.


  16. Soulmojo

    I don’t understand you people. You always talking about WoL and the rankings there. To be honest , I really don’t care about that. And you should not too. There are a lot of low damage phases where i could burn mana to perform better on the healing meter. But but I don’t because it is better to play safe. I’m satisfied with the fact that nobody dies during the fight, and i don’t lagg behind other healers. So as long as we kill the boss, and i can handle every task I’m assigned to, I don’t care that I am not in the top 500. and btw, 12 million people play the game and I’m sure there are at least 2 million healers and adding the fact that shaman is a difficult class to play with and it is not as popular it deserves to be, plus there is a huge imbalance between classes it is not surprising that the top 500 are composed of paladins and priests.

    Now about the mastery: what does your healing spells miss compared to paladins and priests? Power. Since priests have a stacking hot mastery, and paladin spells were always powerful, you have to get the punching power from somewhere. I never liked crit because it is an unreliable stat, and haste makes you burn your mana faster. So that leaves mastery. Easy to stack, gives the highest combat rating, and power. and if you heal earth shielded target or someone who has a talent which empowers the heals casted on them, your spells get an even greater buff.
    So it is all about power. Mastery gives us that.

  17. thora

    Let me see if u got all that right.We stack up spirit and mastery ,we use LB when ever its possible ( cus i tried the so called paragon spec and ye its an endless mana spec) and we spam HR.
    Why this reminds me the end of TBC ,the huge amounts of mp5 and the CH spamming?

  18. ZUG

    Soulmojo: “there is a huge imbalance between classes it is not surprising that the top 500 are composed of paladins and priests”

    Pretty much my whole point… you just managed to disagree, and agreed with me at the same time.

    Sure, all that matters is that the boss dies I agree with that argument to some extent. But what happens when you can’t down the boss and the RL brings in a class with higher healing output?

  19. Soulmojo

    Zug listen there is an imbalance yes, but if you look most of the shamans gear choices they dismiss mastery almost completely. Think about that if shamans would stack mastery and gain power as i said before, I’m sure that more shamans would be in the top xxx healers despite the imbalance everybody is QQ-ing about. Also I’m sure that some of the top healers changed class because of the imbalance. And this started a trend, and put a stigma on the class that Shamans are bad, shamans are worthless…. no. Instead of qq-ing and saying oh yes we were good at the old days and we are bad now /cry, try to do something as i did, and fix your problem. Blizzard have made little changes because they know that the class is good, you just have to make the correct gear selection. We are not bad, we just make bad gear selection, and I understand RL-s if they don’t bring a healer with bad healing done because of poor gear selection.

    And yes i hate WoL because it looks like a clone of gearscore.

  20. Soulmojo

    To Badazzle:

    Hi i opened your wol log link, and what you posted was a summ of the four try. i post your last try to compare your to mine i post your last and succesful try:

    Here is mine from the same fight (succesful one):

    also here is my log on the chimaeron fight:

  21. I really hope we’re going to see a resto shaman cooldown in this expansion. It’s something that’s bothering me since I started healing in BC. It’s even more true now, where a lot of buffs are shared by different classes (bloodlust), which is a good thing. Especially a damage reduction cooldown would be incredibly easy to implement without touching healing balance between classes.

    Hard mode healing is going to be a theoretical concept for me in this expansion, I’m very much interested though how this is going to develop. If hard modes are going to be “keeping players at >90% hp” it’s going to be a about hps and thus int/haste stacking all over again. Not as bad though as in WotLK, because mana management is important again.

    • Absolutely agreed. In a world where we brought unique buffs, the only source of group mana return (since Hymn of Hope wasn’t implemented), and were the only healer with Bloodlust/Heroism, I can definitely see why giving us a raid or tank CD would have tipped the scales heavily in our favor. But in today’s environment, I just don’t see where it would give us that amazing advantage over anyone else.

  22. […] The state Of Play; Resto Shaman 4.0.6 Preview Edition – The definitive article on how resto shamans are performing right now and how they’re likely to do in the near future. Vixsin opens up with a detailed look at resto shaman performance in all major group content – heroics, normal raids and heroic raids – and accompanies the review with some strong opinions on healing in general. She goes on to examine the incoming big changes to mana tide and what questions still remain unanswered as the patch looms. […]

  23. Kerp

    hi vixsin, nice post but have a question.

    the tr + healing rain spec seems good to 25 man.. but how do you think it will work in 10 man

    my guild is just bout to enter hard modes – with 3 end bosses to go after 1 weeks progess (new guild) we are soon at hard mode point, but would that spec be viable assuming my guildies dont stand in fire.. also.. haste is preeetty good on this build right… i just got the feeling!

    • Healing Rain definitely has reduced performance in 10s versus 25s, simply because the number of people you can catch with any application is significantly reduced. But, that’s not to say that TC wouldn’t be beneficial in 10s because it would allow you to work more HS into your rotation, which although not as high in HPS as HR, would likely be more suited to an environment where players are more spread out.

  24. Hallany

    Soulmojo, I’m personally finding WoL rather useful for helping me analyse what I’m doing and not doing. I’m still trying to learn more about theorycrafting so I can hopefully improve my output and efficiency. When I compare myself to the priests and pallies who are also healing on 25-man with me, I’ve mostly been at or close to the bottom (sometimes as high as 4th out of 6, but fairly rarely) . I’m not blaming it on my being a shaman, since there are some who have higher throughput than I do at this point. I’ve only been doing Cata raids a little over a week now, and I only did one fight on 10 (other than the Baradin Hold boss). While of course I watched the strategy videos, it’s different actually *doing* it, and most of the strategy vids were from a DPS rather than a healing perspective.

    I’m a little over the suggested haste and spirit figures, and I’ve been trying to balance crit and mastery. Of course, I’m snagging all the int I can get my paws on.

  25. wylhelmina

    a few idia that could be cool to have has CD for resto chamy!

    first a water totem that spanw littl water elemental that go heal the target the most in need in 30 yard range. there could be like an amount of ellemental to spanw or even greater a number that can vary like starfall.

    second would be the spirit link that have been brought many time as idia. wiche would link a tank and psread the damge with the other link person.

    a third would be to summon a wall of rock wich could abosrbe a lot of incoming damage.

    i’m sure there plenty of other idia that can be good . either a cd that would resemble to tranquility and hyme of hope or one the would resemble to hand of sacrafice or pain supression

  26. Dion

    Do you still recommend buying Core of Ripeness as the first VP gear? Since MT will be nerfed and all when 4.0.6 release

    • The benefit will be significantly reduced, that is true. But, when picking up valor upgrades, if your trinkets are the worst pieces of gear that you have, I wouldn’t see any reason to hold out on picking up CoR first. For example, my resto druid was sporting Rainsong and Talisman of Sinister Order, so CoR was her biggest stat upgrade and thus the first piece I picked up.

      In a BiS scenario, CoR won’t be your ideal trinket any longer. But would it be worth holding onto your 333 or 346 trinket until you get Heroic Fall of Mortality? Not in the slightest. In terms of trinkets, with the MT nerf, the BiS options are shaping out to be: H Fall, Tsunami, Tyrande’s, and then CoR.

  27. Soulmojo

    Wixsin what do you personally think about this whole mastery issue? Have you tried it out? and if you did (reforge all to mastery), why are you not favouring it?

    • I’ve actually been transitioning my gear towards Mastery over crit, as I gain the pieces to do so. As we get deeper and deeper into hard modes (we’re 4/13 at present), I definitely see the benefit of having more powerful healing on lower HP targets. There are a ton of boss mechanics, on every fight thus far, that take players down to sub-50% very quickly. On tanks and on the raid, the additional spellpower simply isn’t wasted.

      That being said, I can see Kahva’s point (made via Solemme’s post above) about haste and the available mana gains through faster LB’s. It’s a different style of play than most of us are used to, but it would seem a viable one continuing forward.

      • Soulmojo

        Actually I have one more thing to add.

        I tried out yesterday the power torrent weapon enchant. I thought the plus 500 int surpass the power of heartsong, and it did. Oh yes. I would advise to get the enchant as soon as you are able to, becouse It is great. With specialising to mastery, the power gain when the enchant is active is increased greatly. When I healed the tank when he was low on hp, and when the enchant was active I often did 44k crit with ghw, and sometimes 18k crit with hw. I know that the enchant is unreliable and it is a bit of a gambling, but I think it is worth it.

  28. OhNoes

    I’m going to try out a bit of mastery reforging and enchants.

    I’ve been playing with 3 different gear sets. Each varies in stats, but all meet the minimum 916 so all hot’s receive additional ticks.

    Set1: Reforge Haste->Crit after 916. Reforge Mastery->crit.

    111,588 mana
    7683 SP
    3099 MP5
    28.72% crit
    17.45% haste
    2.13s HW Cast Times
    1.28 GCD
    165 mastery

    Set2: Reforge Crit/Haste to Mastery to maintain 916 haste and close to 25% crit

    112,149 mana
    7721 SP
    3040 MP5
    25.25% crit
    17.45% haste
    1.28s GCD
    2.13 HW
    901 mastery

    Set3: WOTLK LOL. Reforge all Crit->Haste as well as Mastery.

    112,149 mana
    7721 SP
    3029 MP5
    23.91% crit
    25.44% haste
    7683 SP
    165 mastery
    1.2 GCD
    2.05 HW

    I’ll be trying the 2nd set of gear out this week in BWD/BoT and our foray into heroic halfus. I think I can see why you wrote your article about haste. I do see how hots can tick faster, but the sheer haste reforge makes the slowest spell only a tenth of a second faster. The 8% extra haste seems like it could be much better elsewhere.

  29. Hey there,

    (this discussion is ONLY about 25 man)

    It’s been a while since I posted here last time (was mentioning our chain heal spam and mobility issues in ICC25 HC enviroment) Like I said few months ago I rerolled druid. Yes, I know we (druids) are broken now (upcomig MAJOR changes just prove it) thus positioning us behind other healers in tems of output. But druids in my opinion, along with priests and paladins are way more complex class than shamans. Thats why I don’t regret rerolling even druids slightly fall behind other classes atm.

    Our trademark skill, Chain Heal was too powerful in WotLK, we used to spam it because in most situations it was most efficient cast. It’s not that godly now because of lack of haste on current gear but still major spell in our “rotation”. Healing Rain. Another AoE healing ability. Proccing EL, theoretically with 100% uptime (same duation and cooldown). Riptide and Earth Shield, good as always. Why do I mention this spells? Because when I look after WoL reports or Recount to see abilties with shaman healing consist most of them are, excuse me, no-brainers.

    I’ll use two of your WoL reports Vixin as my arguments. One of them is Maloriak (normal mode), a fight with some raid damage, with spreading and bunching:
    Healing Rain – ~20%
    Chain Heal – 26%
    Earthliving – 10%
    Earth Shield – 14%
    Riptide – 13%
    Healing Surge – 10%
    Ancestral Aw. – 4%

    Summary: AoE heals – 46%, passive (see below) – 28%, single target heals – 23%

    And, as oposition, fight with more raid damage without spreading:
    Healing Rain – ~31%
    Chain Heal – 27%
    Earthliving – 8%
    Earth Shield – 5%
    Riptide – 13%
    Healing Surge – 8%
    Ancestral Aw. – 3%

    Summary: AoE heals – 58%, passive (see below) – 16%, single target heals – 21%

    By passive I consider Earthliving, Ancestral Awakening and Earth Shield – you have very limited control over these abilties because they are either procs from other spells (EL, AA) or cast-and-forgot (ES, requiring refresh every several seconds) With better gear (more crit) we will see AA healing % raising abit.

    Healing Rain, Chain Heal – 1st one heals every player who stands in its range, so they key to efficient usage of HR is choosing a right spot to drop it. Same with Chain heal – as for “intelligent” spell it heals most injured players. Good jump range (12.5 y, afair) makes him an ability that needs to be just cast with *any* target (think Wild Growth). Both will proc EL, CH can proc AA.

    Healing Surge – common fast intelligent heal

    Riptide – at last! ability with a litle more depth 😉 Don’t know what you do with riptide Vixsin but to end my essay – you propably gonna cast it every cd and roll 3 riptides and consume hots sooner or later, depends how much you cast CH. Yes, I know it gives us Tidal Waves, but lack of HS/HW/GHW makes it almost useless.

    Unleash Elements – I know that its heal is crap but looks like healing boost it provides is not wirth wasting gcd every UE cd. I’ll take our beloved blogger as example again – on my Magmaw example you cast UE 12 times out of 22 available – fight took 296 secs, so its 296/15 (ue cd) + 1 right after pull = 20 and you cast it 12 times, and Maloriak – 357/15+1 = 25 and you cast it 9 times so I would love to have our opinion on UE Vixsin.

    Healing Totem – ~1% of total healing done

    So, I took a quick overview about major abilities but more to mention:
    – lack of cooldowns
    – mobility issues (SWGrace will not cpletely solve it)

    And fast druid comparison:
    – single target heals used more often (Regrowth or Healing Touch on clearcasting procs)
    – lifebloom may be similiar to earth shield (casted on tank, forcing you jus to refresh it) but you can bloom it when needed for ~40k crit (with glyph and 2x T11 druids have ~40% lifebloom crit chance)
    – wild growth is a no-brainer but because of our mastery we can use it as a *background* for smart rejuvenating – wg + rejuv on wg targets
    – swiftmend proccing effloresence – although efflo has been nerfed on beta and its by no means comparable to HR its still a free aoe heal (I laways cast it on resto shammy to 15% increased effect ;))
    – tranquility for oshit
    – ToL – you know how powerful it is

    4.0.6 will bring even more changes to our healing style – when rejuv is on 3 targets Nourish cast time is decreased by 30%. Neat.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love shamans, their lore, It was my main for whole WotLK, cleared with him whole ICC10 and 25 except Sindi, Putri and LK 25 HC (armory – Meijin on EU VentureCo) I dont complain about shaman output, I think its fine and I’m sure Vixsin knows what he’s doing (you did fantastic on chimaeron 25 hc!) In my honest opinion shaman healing style is plain, shallow, focused on cast-based abilities, without interesting mechanics allowing you to use more than 2-3 spells.

    (10 mans are big different. Abilities usage moves towards single heals pretty much, tidal waves is effectively used blah blah)

    • Wow that is one hell of a post; I’m not sure I can do it justice with a simple response. Be forewarned though, I’m raiding on a Resto Druid as well this expansion!

      I think the biggest point that I want to touch on is what I see as the primary difference between Resto Shaman and Resto Druids–the decision-making process. As you mentioned, Shamans’ long cast times mean that we simply have less dynamism in our healing distributions. The long cast times also mean that our heals need to do more when they hit, to make up for the cast times’ decrease in HPS. So naturally, you gain more supplemental spell effects (like RT hots, Earthliving, AA, etc.). In contrast, Resto Druids have instant and low-duration casts, which necessitate the healer making more decisions in the same time frame. This is reflected by the greater distribution oftentimes present in Resto Druids’ healing summaries (similarly with priests).

      This is not to say that one is easier than the other, but simply that the weight of any decision is different between the two. Misplace a HR cast, and you not only waste 10k mana but also the 2 seconds it took to put down. Misplace a Rejuv, and you don’t have the same consequence. But, the druid has more opportunities to make that mistake, versus the shaman.

      In the end, I think it’s all about what you find exciting. I enjoy shamans’ contemplative nature (obviously, lol) because I appreciate the advantages you can find in being proactive. But I also appreciate that I can apply that same forethought to druid healing, and be more engaged on a moment-to-moment basis. What can I say, I guess I’m a healing nerd. 😛

    • Soulmojo

      To reply on this. This is why I hate logs and such. It is misplaced. It only descirbes the healing done, and by looking at it you can get the wrong feeling that we use mostly healing rain and ch and it is a simple no brain, no decision spam. Actually, in reality the logs doesnt say the 100 hw and 100 ghw i cast during the fight, which i have to decide when it is worth to cast, to not overheal and waste my mana. You only see the20% of total healing done by Healing rain which is casted 8-12 times during the fight. I find this post a little offensive becouse driuds pop effloresence and paladins pop holy radiance at the same time we pop HR. If you think about it more deeply shamans aren’t any different than druids. We (I’am) using all of our spells much much more than we use healing rain, and it is the logs which displays misplaced data, where you can get the wrong impression. And btw, druids priests and paladins can choose who to heal with their smart heals, i cant do the same with ch, and it is only effective when the four target is not specified. This problem comes out lets say in the chimaeron fight where priest druids can spam a group but i can’t, becouse i can bet that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th target will not be the people i want to heal.
      To end my monologue I hate when former collegues, and collegues from different classes make assumptions based on logs and and former experience without actively playing and raiding with the class.

  30. Meijin

    Soulmojo – my posty wasn’t supposed to be offensive, I propably used “no-brain” word wrong to describe shaman healing style. If you felt that I attacked your fav. class you have my apologies :)

    Now, I can’t understand your opinion that logs (WoL reports, recount) does not show proper data. They actually log all healing done (not overhealing, since it’s useless) and healing done its an effective healing, so I can’t see your hundreds of HW and GHW when like I said, they are a very MINOR part of shammy healing abilitirs (again – we are speaking about 25 man) and are being casted 10-20 times per fight (sum GHW, HW, HS)

    Comparing Efflo to HR and Holy Radiance is a one big miss friend, its not a separete ability like HR and Holy Radiance, its range is very tight, and it heals for such a crap that resto druids community is considering not talenting into it. If youre curious how effective Efflo is I give you numbers now – about 5% of healing done (basing on your hated woL reports)

    Druids cant choose which targets they want to heal since their main aoE healing ability Wild Growth heals players with lowest health not party but raid wide. So our main targetable spell is good, old Rejuv – with lowered mana cost we can finally afford pre-rejuving 4-5 players before AoE damage but still not viable on Chimaeron you mentioned when you have about 5 secs to heal your group, that’s why druids are prolly worst healers on this boss (dont know about shamans)

    Yes, I am not playing my shaman anymore. Yes, I have not been with him in any 25-mans. But just because I played resto for long time and I know that class deeply I can say gameplay has not changed much since wotlk. When wotlk was riptide-ch, cata is riptide-hr-ch with other spells almost not present. So it would be really nice if you explain why logs show misplaced data.

    • Soulmojo

      I want to apologze. I didn’t study the information on the logs very deeply before, so It is safe to say that I’ve said stupid things, so sorry about that.

      About the class healing style… well maybe it is me, maybe i play wrongly but I use ch to a lesser amount becouse of the small amount it heals(except burst heal phases where is spam it), i concentrate more on HW and GHW usually to help pallys on tanks. As for HR, I personally don’t have the mana to chain cast the spell(except burst heal phases ofc). I personally find the play style very different from what i’ve got used to in wrath, due to the inability to spam expensive heals for a long time.

      The one thing bothers me btw is the lack of regen compared to priests, and it bothered me on nefarian trys and also in the hc trys. I can keep up and do the same healing done for lets say 4 min, but after that I ran out of mana. if I conserve mana through the fight, I start to lagg behind, If i start to use TC to regen, I end up middle or the end of the line. Now all of my gear is spirit based, I even started to put full spirit gems to boost my regen, but it is nothing compared to priest regen, who don’t have to spam dps spells to keep up their burst healing.

  31. Monsieur

    I agree with sir soulmojo. And, it’s getting harder and harder to convince people that healing meters don’t matter, cause they don’t. Shamans right now, are quality over quantity. noone saves a near wipe as shamans do, and thats what i like about our mastery. It shines when it counts, but thats hard to quantify. I’ve had loads of huge heals on a near dead tank, and i’m damn sure that was needed at that point. I pretty much changed back to how i was healing in vanilla, sniping with big heals. I know the holy priests will catch the above 90% heals anyway. ofc, i’m noticing the lack of healing cd’s or midigation cds, but thats not much we can do about rly.

    It’s really frustrating with all the complaining, cause so far at least, the raid lives and I usually end the fight feeling that me and my shaman made a difference. And that difference was made below 50% hp :)

  32. Nayruu

    the spirit you get from Tsunami would also not effect the mana tide regen?

    • Soulmojo

      It does, but it is small compared to the spirit you get when activating the core of ripless, but still you get a good amount for it. But it will end when 4.0.6 comes.

  33. ZUG

    I’m not on board with the whole “I get a warm fuzzy feeling when the boss dies” or the claims to have saved the tank with a big mastery powered heal.. the performance is not quantifiable, the numbers don’t lie, our healing output is still lower than our pally and priest counterparts. Hopefully the coming patch will close the gap. I’ll be switching crit to mastery and hoping for good results.

  34. Totemhorn

    First off I want to say that this is one of the better forums for resto shammys I’ve seen and the fact, Vix, that you are so involved in the thread and respond, makes me enjoy and pay closer attention than other threads.

    Secondly I want to add my opinion on changes I would like to see (and yes I know this post 4.0.6 release) in the future. I would like to see a global cool down that is useful to us. I would like to see a bump in HW healing being that it takes the same amount of time to cast as GHW, or mabey just reduce the cast time. I would like to see Tremor Totem restored to all it’s glory, six second duration with a three min cd? Really? Most of the effects cast by bosses or mobs are insta cast so there is little warning (if any) on when to drop it. I would also like to see Unleashed Elements on a separate cool down instead of the global one, it’s a pipedream I know but doesn’t hurt to ask right? Lol.

    Thirdly, and I think lastly, my shammy was my first horde toon I made back in vanilla wow but I only played him to help my gf at the time lvl. I never really played him in raids or anythin but kept him lvl capped every expansion, guess I felt bad for him. When wrath hit I was a priest and then a druid then for some morbid reason I went back to my shammy really really late in wrath and fell back into my healing role. Now with cata out I want to excel with my shammy healing but all the changes have me confuzzled. My guild is a 10 man raider with eyes on 10 heroics and I really want to prove my worth since im new to them for raiding. So after this huge and lengthy diatrabe i’m asking for help. I’ve read so many other forums and it all sounds QQ. Im done QQing and just want to get better at what i’m really good at with other healers. I want to ask about mastery since I reforged out if it due to advice from other QQuorums. I want to know what’s the better stats to take since 10 mans differ from 25s. I also want to ask about this LB+TC combo tree I’m hearing about, to me it just seems nuts to dps to get better heals when my attention can be focused elsewhere. I guess in general i’m asking you and your wise forum for any advice and help they can offer a shammy just catching up. My toon is Totemhorn and I reside on the Sentinals server.

    I thank you and your wise forum for takimg the time to apply visine to finish reading this post and lend me the advice I seek.


    • Re: tremor totem, I would think the change was made predominantly for PVP reasons, to make it possible for shaman to use tremor without fear of having it stomped or having to guess that right moment when a lock’s death coil is headed your way.

      As to the great mastery debate, you’ll likely get some good guidance from the answer to Question #1 in my most recent post:

      Lastly, on the topic of Telluric Currents and Lightning Bolt usage, check out this other post:

      If you have any additional questions after reading the above, do feel free to shoot me an email directly. I’m more than happy to help any resto shaman searching for answers. ^_^


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