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February 13, 2011

Reflections on 4.0.6

Spirit Healer

It seems like just yesterday we were newly 85, stumbling around the fresh Cataclysm landscape, getting used to new mechanics and new healing norms. But, this past Tuesday marked the first “major” patch of Cataclysm content, a patch designed to fix a myriad of issues with classes, instances, and the world at large. Patch 4.0.6 saw a handful of changes for Resto Shaman, notably: a change in the effects of Mana Tide (MT), a 0.5% buff per point of Mastery rating, an increase in the healing done by Chain Heal (CH) and an increase in both the cost and healing done by Greater Healing Wave (GHW), the effects of which I’m going to address in the following, somewhat math-laden, post.

So, grab your new casting animations (glowy white hands, just what I’ve always wanted!) and let’s take a look at the aftermath of 4.0.6.


The Newer New Version of Mana Tide

Short of the amount of dissection needed to understand Shadow Priest tooltips, never has so much discussion centered around such simple wording. The redesigned version #3 of Mana Tide was foisted onto Restos everywhere as a countermeasure against MT group stacking and on-use trinkets. As of 4.0.6, Shamans’ mana restore ability will be described as:

Summons a Mana Tide Totem with 10% of the caster’s health at the feet of the caster for 12 sec.  Party and raid members within 40 yards of the totem gain 400% of the caster’s Spirit (excluding short – duration Spirit bonuses).

So, the million-dollar question of the hour is: What effects are defined as short-term and what effects are defined as not short-term? Thankfully, the testing on this one is easy, and as of this evening, MT will affect the following:

  • T11 Spirit bonus
  • Heartsong
  • DMC: Tsunami
  • Jar of Ancient Remedies
  • Flasks/Elixirs
  • Food
  • Enchants

As to what it won’t include in the Spirit multiplier:

  • Core of Ripeness
  • Fall of Mortality
  • Dream Owl
  • (any other trinket with a +Spirit on-use or random proc)

So, although I’m not likely to be advocating that all resto shaman out there switch immediately to using only trinkets, enchants and buffs which offer spirit, the above list is good thing to keep in mind when you’re gearing up. Especially when you start picking up hard mode loot, you’ll want to be very conscious of how much spirit you’re gaining on gear if you do choose to break your 4pc. (My own t11 4pc bonus is currently parsing at ~60-70% uptime, so I was looking at a +400 Spirit difference to make up when I ditched tier for heroic pieces).


Trinket Selection, Redux

Now, the secondary question that comes about as a function of some trinkets being included in the MT calculation is: “how much do I gain from each of these trinkets?” And wouldn’t you know it, I have some math to throw at you! Here’s how I calculated the value of each trinket if used in conjunction with MT:

  1. Determine the OOC mp5 value of the Spirit using the Spirit regen formula: 0.016725 x SQRT(Intellect) x Spirit
  2. Determine the IC mp5 value: (OOC mp5) x 0.5
  3. Convert the IC mp5 value to mp2: (IC mp5) x (2/5)
  4. Determine the additional mana gained during MT, assuming Totemic Focus: (IC mp2) x 8
  5. Determine the mp5 value of the gain over a complete MT CD: (Mana gained) / (180/5)

This process means that your final calculation looks something like this:

MP5 gain during MT =  ((((0.016725*SQRT(Intellect) x (Spirit Gain x Multiplier)) x Meditation) x (Mp5-to-IC2)) x MT ticks with Totemic Focus) / (MT CD / per 5)

Going through this same calculation for each of the trinkets that we know are affected by MT yielded the following (assuming 5000 Intellect and 2200 Spirit as base values):

  • For JoAR  = ((((0.016725*SQRT(5000)*(515*5))*0.5)*(2/5))*8)/(180/5) = ~135 mp5
  • For JoAR H =((((0.016725*SQRT(5000)*(580*5))*0.5)*(2/5))*8)/(180/5) = ~152 mp5
  • For Tsunami =((((0.016725*SQRT(5000)*(400*5))*0.5)*(2/5))*8)/(180/5) = ~105mp5
  • For Mandala of Stirring Patterns … [brick wall]

Yes, that last one is a bit of a toughie …quite frankly I went cross-eyed trying to work my way through the math of aligning proc timers with MT gains and whatnot. And since I’m not yet exalted with Hellscream’s, because I already sleep only 4-5 hours a night, I won’t have the option of testing the gain until sometime next week. (Sorry to disappoint, folks.)

So, Mandala of Stirring Patterns remains on the “to be considered” list. But there is one thing I’d like to note when it comes to Mandala—because it offers static spirit and a +Int proc, it will essentially double-boost the regen formula. Not only will you benefit from the 500% multiplier on the Spirit, but if you time an MT drop with the +Int proc, the regen converter will adjust upwards as well (which will boost the mp5 you gain from the Spirit you just boosted through MT).

But before everyone rushes out to pick up JoAR because of the above data let me be perfectly clear about how the trinket weighs up against your other epic options (the numbers presented are based on 5000 Int and 2200 Spirit, prior to adding trinkets into your gearset):

ilvl 359 & 372 trinkets Total stat gains
Core of Ripeness 5136 Mana , 337 Spellpower , 0.49 Crit , ~233 Mp5
Fall of Mortality 5136 Mana , 337 Spellpower , 0.49 Crit , ~328 Mp5
Fall of Mortality (H) 5808 Mana , 381 Spellpower , 0.56 Crit , ~333 Mp5
Jar of Ancient Remedies ~860 Mp5
Jar of Ancient Remedies (H) ~969 Mp5
Darkmoon Card: Tsunami 5136 Mana , 337 Spellpower , 0.49 Crit , ~384 Mp5
Vibrant Alchemist Stone 5616 Mana , 369 Spellpower , 0.54 Crit , ~169 Mp5
Lifebound Alchemist Stone ~145 Mp5 , 194 Haste
Mandala of Stirring Patterns ~368 Mp5 , 337 Spellpower
Tyrande’s Favorite Doll 5136 Mana , 337 Spellpower , 0.49 Crit , ~393 Mp5

What I’m hoping you did was look at the above and think to yourself, “wow, JoAR doesn’t really offer much beyond mp5”. If you did–bravo!–because you’ve just recognized the trap that so many Restos are falling into. Yes, the mp5 is alluring; yes, you’ll be able to give each of your healing teammates 2-3k mana back every 3 minutes. But please recognize that you’ll be losing out on so much more to do it. So, to summarize:

JoAR is best from a PURE REGEN PERSPECTIVE. If you take other stats into account, cause you’d like to, ya know, actually contribute some healing to the healing team, IT’S PRETTY DARN HORRID. Work some TC into your rotation and stop taking pure regen trinkets FFS. Pure regen trinkets make Vixsin emo-rage.

Whew, okay. Now let’s move on to looking at those great healing boosts that went into place on Tuesday.


Effects of the Mastery, GHW, CH buff

Suffice to say, I started out healing post-4.0.6 on the wrong foot—the first pull of Bastion on Tuesday night saw me land an 82k crit GHW on our almost-dead main tank. My jaw promptly hit the floor and I floated my way to Halfus, convince of my own epicness. But, as we took Halfus down, despite having logged much better overall performance on the fight, reality started to set in.

Moving over into BWD, we made our way through each of the hardmodes—Tron Council, Magmaw, Maloriak, Chimaeron, and Atramedes, all fell over in quick order (after we made a few strat adjustments to deal with the changed heroic mechanics). But two things immediately stood out through all of our kills:

  • Disc priests got a HUGE buff.
  • The disc priest buff would serve to reduce the amount of “available” healing, meaning that I likely wouldn’t get an accurate assessment of the impacts of the Mastery change.

In order to get a better understanding of just how the disc priest and resto shaman changes were playing out in terms of my own performance, I turned to CompareBot (the most amazing, wonderful, absolutely helpful tool ever) to take a look at a couple of pre/post patch fight pairings. The following are only a couple of pairings I looked at while comparing pre-4.0.6 data with post-4.0.6 data; for each I’ve called out some notable qualities of the comparison.

Halfus comparison

  1. HR Healing remained similar, suggesting that Mastery buff had little impact
  2. CH healing per hit skyrocketed
  3. EL hits and RT overhealed a lot more, meaning that players were not being topped by hots
  4. ~80% of heals affected by Mastery, 25% passive healing pre-patch versus 20% passive healing post-patch
  5. ~300 HPS gain, kill time reduced by 30sec

Valiona comparison

  1. Very similar distribution of heals (meaning that I didn’t change my playstyle)
  2. CH average heal increased while overhealing stayed constant (meaning that a. I was hitting lower HP targets and/or b. my heals were hitting harder)
  3. Greater overhealing experienced on EL
  4. ~78% of heals affected by Mastery, 28% passive healing contribution (consistent performance for both weeks)
  5. ~540 HPS gain, kill time reduced by 50sec

Nefarian comparison

  1. Very similar distribution of heals (meaning that I didn’t change my playstyle)
  2. CH average heal increased with similar amounts of overhealing
  3. Both EL and RT overhealing increased
  4. ~78% of heals affected by Mastery, 22% passive healing contribution (consistent performance for both weeks)
  5. 550 HPS gain, kill time reduced by 45sec

And so, I walk away from this week with one issue lodged into my brain like a pebble in your shoe—it’s painfully and perfectly clear that Resto shamans’ HPS will decrease in inverse proportion to the gear of your healing team, and more especially, the gear of your Disc Priest(s). As was posited so early on in Beta, this week’s healing meters for many guilds were a preview of what’s to come when content starts aging and stats start rising. Whereas at the start of the xpac, my hots were consistently making up a significant portion of my healing, they’re slowly starting to experience increasingly higher amounts of overhealing, which would seem to indicate that players are getting “topped” more often. Which leads me to think that if this trend continues I’m going to be dialing haste up like an old girlfriend, looking to rekindle the flame.


In conclusion …

Ultimately, while this patch did make some inroads into bringing shaman more in line with the pack of healers, I think 4.0.6 was more about baby steps forward as opposed to a big goblin spring-loaded, jet-pack enabled leap. While most players look at the MT changes and cry foul, the removal of the “MT group” limitation is actually a boone for every healer ever asked “Do you need mana tide more than Googlypriest? Can we put him in G5 instead of you?” In addition, I think the healing boosts to GHW and CH were well-placed, although maybe more valued in a 25-man environment than in 10s (since CH really isn’t as effective in smaller raid sizes).

But I admit, I’m still a bit frustrated these days, still a bit out of sorts. And it has nothing to do with the small, incremental changes slowly (very slowly) closing the gap between shaman and other healers. It does have everything to do with the continued silence from Blizzard on the issue. A number of concerns raised by the community over the past several weeks have been valid ones (many, many others have been complete and utter hooey and/or pure loads of shite), and yet there has been an absolute dearth of comments about the topics being created daily on WoW’s own forums.

Tell us that Paragon’s a bunch of noobs, tell us that you might possibly agree, tell us that everything is working as intended or that we can expect Spirit Link “soon”. But for the love of the horde, please don’t let us to wallow in assumptions and conspiracy theories any longer. We shamans may look tough, but when it comes down to it, we all want some big blue to come along and tell us that everything is going to be okay.


  1. Voltigeuse

    Thank you for the great post. I agree that Blizzard should be saying something about the elephant in the room that is Shaman design. Even if just from a customer service perspective.

    I have no math but can say that my use of Mandala rather than my dream owl has softened the changes to MTT.

  2. Malefícent

    As Always Vix, I agree with you.

    The raids post patch saw my output skyrocket to the point I actually came away from the raid as top healer……something never even close to attaining previously.

    I raid 10mans, so my exp may be different to others, however I did notice a large increase in CH outout, and deliberatly tried throwing in GHW’s which crit like a truck now!

    The last few raids I have been running with a Crit heavy gear set – unbuffed stats:

    Int – 4961
    Spi – 1932
    Haste 793 (7.25) – Goblin
    Crit – 1699 (21.32)
    Mast – 609 (11.40 = 34%)

    After reading around and coming to the similar conclusion as you Vix, I have decided to give a haste heavy gearset a go this evening on Neffy and have altered the stats accordingly:

    Int – 4914
    Spi – 1937
    Haste – 1882 (15.84)
    Crit – 852 (16.53)
    Mast 302 (9.68 = 29%

    I shall see if this increase in Haste which allows me to hit the second haste cap and therefore get additional tick on RT and also ofc reduces the casttime on CH et al makes a difference to our Output.

    Trinket wise I have opted for Tsunami and Vibrant stone as i think Core has lost its luster :(

    I will record logs this evening and see if this change makes a difference.

    I have to say though that overall I am very very happy with the resto changes thus far.


  3. Verus

    The buffs to disc priests negated the improvements I had. A disc priest we used in half blue gear and half epics did some crazy healing and had several top200 places on wol just by smacking a few buttons.

    I do like the increase to the ghw but the lack of any cd for tanks makes us dodgy mt healers at best :/

  4. Shamad

    You are, quite simply, wrong about spirit trinkets. The reason is that for every 1 point of spirit you will benefit a 7 healer raid ~2,5 points of spirit over the duration of the average encounter. For this pleasure, you lose out on some throughput, however as HR/CH should still be your dominant heals, and their coeffs are very low, the damage will be reasonable. More to the point, the spirit you provide to other healers will allow them to gear for more throughput, allowing them to make better use of their superior coeffs. So by you doing your job right, the raid gains in terms of absolute healing potential, while you lose a bit. Where’s all that “it’s not about the meters” talk now? This one is a rather obvious one to me at least. It’s still pure shit, and the whole patch was a bloody joke and an insult, but either way, unless you’re a GHW spamming, mastery stacking spot-healer in a 25man raid, there’s no excuse for being selfish.

    As for 10mans, there is no place for Shamans in 10man HM’s. The only way you could come close to matching the others in healing (while still miles behind in utility), is if they were absolutely appalling at playing their classes. In which case, might I recommend changing guilds?

    • Awesomesauce

      Feel free to stack spirit then.
      You are there to heal, not give other players a low percentage increase. Mana tide is just a nice bonus.

    • Elatari

      He made precisely one reference to meters in his entire post: “as was posited so early on in Beta, this week’s healing [b]meters[/b] for many guilds were a preview of what’s to come when content starts aging and stats start rising. Whereas at the start of the xpac, my hots were consistently making up a significant portion of my healing, they’re slowly starting to experience increasingly higher amounts of overhealing, which would seem to indicate that players are getting “topped” more often. Which leads me to think that if this trend continues I’m going to be dialing haste up like an old girlfriend, looking to rekindle the flame.

      To translate: based on the results post 4.0.6, and now that we’re starting to gear up, the old rules are starting to come back, and we’re going to need haste. (Notice, on my comment, I came to the same conclusion that gear was bringing back the old rules, to discount our mastery as a worthwhile stat.)

      Long story short: he isn’t saying “OMG DON’T DO REGEN TRINKETS FOR THE LEET HEEPZ!!!” What he is saying is that don’t fall into the trap of giving so much to everybody else, that you are essentially a liability healing wise, and only good for your MTT.

      Not that I mind spelling it out, but I kinda thought his point was fairly clear, here. Going to be honest.

      • Elatari

        Final point: raid benefit and personal performance (not for the sake of looking good, but for the sake of pulling your weight) is going to require a fine balance, and that’s what’s being advocated here.

  5. Firestyle

    Blues aren’t speaking to shamans because things are going to be binary again, and they know it. Our mastery should be very good if 25% health was moderately acceptable at times. However, it’s not and healing isn’t working out they way they planned it. If things keep as they are, by tier 14 we’ll have some nice X000/second damage auras going on in every fight.

  6. Elatari

    Am I the only one that feels Blizzard looked at resto shaman, couldn’t figure out how to properly bring us in line with the other healers, and just went: “Uh… buff chain heal!” I was beating our other healers on trash pulls, and when doing raid healing, I was holding my own. The periods of time where I had to main tank heal, my HPS (etc.) went down – the tank lived, though, which is all that really matters.

    As far as mastery goes, if you really think about it, our mastery is going to get progressively worse and worse as time goes on anyways. The reason that our mastery has been “valuable” so far, is because of the constrains on healer mana – a lot more people have been sitting at a lot lower values than we were used to in previous expansions. As we start to acquire gear, content becomes easier and easier, leading to more gear. When we start out gearing the content (heroics and regular mode raids will drop off rapidly, not so much heroic raids)… old habits are going to come back, and people are going to be sitting closer to full health, because mana won’t be as big of a concern. I’ve already started noticing that.

    I just feel like CH is their go-to buff when they can’t figure out what to do with us.

    Hint: a cooldown, better mechanics for mana regen, equivalent throughput, and a mastery that doesn’t get progressively worse as we get better geared would be a nice start.

    • Elatari wrote:
      “old habits are going to come back, and people are going to be sitting closer to full health, because mana won’t be as big of a concern. I’ve already started noticing that.”

      I niced that too. Perhaps it won’t occur during the current content but in the further tiers (T12, 13 or 14) i can easily imagine that mana won’t play a big role anymore. (More Int, Spirit, better trinkets…). If that happens, our mastery……..*you know*. But in addition the healing style Bizzard wants us to will also change. Not only shamans, also the other healers will be affected too.

      I’m a bit confused. There are “high end” shamans who stack spirit (since 4.06) to support the other healers in the raid and there are also shamans (like you Vixsin) who probably will stack haste. I don’t really know what is “better” (i know, there is no right or wrong) ……….or more precisely which way should i go to improve our raiding team the best way. That’s the question each shaman have to ask himself, i think. We have 2-3 druids (heal of course) in our raid, 1-2 pala-healers, 1-2 holy/disc priest and 1-2 shaman healers as healing team. Whats your oppinion? how can i support them best?
      We all know, we aren’t the healer with big output, but we can save one’s life very good.
      ……btw I think disc priests know need a little nerf. what i see in wol is a bit questionable ………………. a 1 button healer with 22k hps (yeah, hps doesn’t matter, but that’s way too exaggerated)

  7. NaturalChaos

    Actually I’ve noticed T11 does in fact NOT work with MTT. I’ve sat in Org several times, with all my buffs going and looked at my spirit. I noticed that only 540 spirit is being added, not the 2700 from the MTT.

    • Soulmojo

      are you sure? I’m picking up the fourth piece of t11 item, so I don’t have experience on it, but the bonus buffs only counts if it was active before you put down mana tide. Could you confirm that that in this case the 4p set still not count to the tide? It would really help! Ty

      • NaturalChaos

        You’re right, it does as long as you have the 4piece in effect when you lay MTT down. I was looking at every time it fell off, that the 540 spirit would disappear, wasn’t looking at the MTT Icon showing spirit.

  8. Soulmojo


    I was for mastery very strognly, but after the patch, I started to reconsider things, like Vixsin, and I too started to pick up haste, with the mastery buff, and the gear gain made me to move from 17pt of mastery to 13,6 pt of mastery. Tha bonust is same of what I had before the patch, and moved a lot of stat to haste (from 8% to 12%). It is serves me well, and i will push the stat even further. I tried very high mastery rating for a short time (moved even higher than 17pt), but the benefit I gained was smaller than the benefit from other stats, since our increase of spellpower and the buff we got fills the gap on power which we missed before. so i would say 13-15pt tops is fairly enough. So charge for crit or haste!

    Btw the article is great! Keep up the good work Vixsin!

  9. Ssitri

    Just a note on Lifebound Alchemist Stone. With the stone Mysterious potions gives up to 37k mana on “criticals” and 25k-32k on average.

  10. Ssitri

    meh.. Vibrant Alchemist Stone of couse..

  11. Zuuz


    “Tell us that Paragon’s a bunch of noobs, tell us that you might possibly agree, tell us that everything is working as intended or that we can expect Spirit Link “soon”. But for the love of the horde, please don’t let us to wallow in assumptions and conspiracy theories any longer. We shamans may look tough, but when it comes down to it, we all want some big blue to come along and tell us that everything is going to be okay.”

  12. Philip

    Just wanted to say what a brilliant post once again. I miss your posts!!

  13. Rika

    Hey Vixsin, I’m also a resto shaman playing on your realm, I read your blog every week! I’ve been thinking that the “mp5” stat has been removed on everything except like two buffs (water shield and blessing of might). It could be a good idea if Blizzard removed those to give equivalent spirit buff instead. It would synergize pretty well with the shamans at least, and working with MT.

  14. Hai! Im a resto shaman in Invictus EU-Ragnaros, and i wonder.

    What stat should i go for? For ex. Spirit -> int -> haste -> Crit -> Mastery. Should i watch it over or what should i do? Plixx help

    Btw great post!

    • Stych

      If you check out the Resto Guide on this site, it breaks down what stats you should be focusing on, and explains the differences available depending on your gear and raid’s gear.

  15. Mal

    Thank you Vixsin for your well thought out posts.

    I, too, play a Restoration Shaman (also a Troll because, let’s face it, they bring the sexy). I consider myself to fall more into the ‘average’ category in terms of healing playstyle. I have a full time job as well as a full time relationship. With that in mind I still do my best to read the different healing forums to stay abreast with the latest information pertaining to healing (I’m the healing lead for our guild) and Restoration Shaman in general. And lately, I’ve been incredibly disheartened.

    Now, please understand, my guild is by no means cutting edge when it comes to content but it’s a wonderful group of people with whom I truely enjoy playing. And we’re trudging along at our own pace (we downed Maloriak for the first time in 10-man last night which was a clean-up night since we’re actually a 25-man raid guild). In general, I’m usually second or third (out of seven healers in our 25-mans) on the charts and the only Restoration Shaman who currently raids. So, when it comes to throughput I feel like I can respectfully hold my own, though I still feel like I have to work rather hard to maintain the numbers (I can’t speak to how hard other healers need to work since I’ve never played those classes at max level and so can only speak to my own perspective). The area that I find the most frustrating is when it comes to mana regeneration and management.

    I keep an eye on all of the other healing classes throughout our fights (we have one of each of the other healing classes, including a holy and disc Priest) and without fail, I’m the one constantly scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to mana. The Druids and Paladins usually finish with greater than 40% mana while often times I’m left casting Healing Waves since I’ve run out of other options (including dropping MTT early and often and using a Concentration mana pot). Once more I preface all of this with the fact that I see myself as an average (perhaps above average) healer who tries to do his best but is limited by something over which I have no control. I will admit that I do need to work on my trinkets. I’m two days of dailies *crosses fingers that Horde has Baradin Hold tonight* away from my Hellscream trinket. And I’ve the Vibrant Alchemist’s Stone (and thinking about trying to buy Tsunami). So, there is still work to be done. And continuing to tweak and modify my playstyle is a never-ending process. I’m continually trying to do better on each attempt and I believe I’ve come a long way in the Cataclysm healing style but it’s still quite frustrating that with everything else we healers have been asked to manage, that mana has been added to the mix.

    And please understand, I think that mana should matter as a resource. I just think that, for me, our current mana regeneration system makes for a very frustrating experience. And that brings up the point as to why I’m actually posting (sorry for the long wind-up, but this has really been weighing on my mind and the WoW forums can be a hostile place to post your ‘feelings’), the fact that Blizzard has failed to address most of the healing concerns logically and rationally expressed to them (including a defensive cooldown – seeing a Druid turn into a tree and spam heals or a Paladin popping their wings makes me green with envy). No, the sky isn’t falling. No, healing on a Restoration Shaman isn’t impossible. And I understand that as my gear improves that the quality of the experience may vary. But, I am where I am now. And it’d be really nice to hear, at least, “Hey we recognize your concerns and we are working on creative ways to address them.” That’s all I’m looking for: validation that we, as a community, have been heard. Hope that the potential for change still exists.

    At the end of the day this is a game. And it frustrates me to become so impassioned by an amalgamation of pixels on a screen. But it’s something I enjoy and try to play for relaxation. The only problem is that, recently, it’s not been all that relaxing. I rarely, if ever, post on forums. I’m part of that ‘silent majority’ that doesn’t speak up and just keeps on trucking along, hoping that it gets better. But I read your post and very much appreciated the assessment and feedback and it prompted me to try and get some thoughts off my proverbial chest.

    So, thank you for helping me to maintain a realistic, grounded perspecitve on my most favorite class in the game (it’s my only level 85. I get bored pretty quicky playing any other class). I will continue to work on bettering my character’s stats and my own playstyle and, in the meantime, continue to hope that Blizzard will reach out to the Restoration Shaman community for an honest dialogue.

    • Stych

      Try speccing into Telluric Currents, and working more lightning bolts in your rotations, especially if you take Vixsin’s advice to start working more towards haste.

      I think it’s a pretty well-spoken idea that shamans need a cooldown to match the other healers though, to say that MTT is our cooldown, I don’t think is sufficient.

      • Mal

        Thank you Stych. TC is a very good point. It’s my intention to respec into this talent for tonight’s raid.

        It seems anthema to me that I would need to dps in order to assist with the regeneration of mana because if I’m dps’ing then I’m not healing. I recognize that there are gaps in damage where dps’ing is quite viable, it’s just a practice that requires some mindset adjustment.

        We did in fact have Baradin Hold last night when I got home from work so I’ll also be picking up my new trinket this evening before our raid. So, I’m very interested to see how those two changes (a respec and new trinket) affect the experience.

    • tunkerbell

      this post is exactly my sentiments. everything you stated mirrors my situation as well. tyvm for expressing your concerns so well. I love my shaman, and out of 6 restos in our guild, im the only surviving shammy from the group. Have a new resto in guild, but she still has some work to do on her rotations. appreciate any info re restos to help improve my performance in raids. still dont understand why blizz hit shammys with a ugly stick.

  16. Luuma

    It seems that (at least for HM 25 raiding) CH spam (+ HR) is the new playstyle. Here is one example report from Cutties only (with 2 resto shamans in there):

    I look at Barabs current armory and he goes heavy haste, so are we again going to play like in WoTLK? it would be sad because i think many of us enjoy thedifferent playstile, even if we are falling apart overall.

    That being said, i have even more problems being in 10 man casual Raiding by people standing not good enough for my CH to jump or HR to be placed at more than 5 player (most of the encounter, not Chimareon or Maloriak red of course).

    So, is Haste + CH (with HR on cooldown) the new shaman playstyle?

    • Zuuz

      In 25 mans, yes. If you can sustain HR on CD and Chain Heal in between (throw in some LB to regen mana) it is the highest HPS available right now for Shaman.

      This, of course, does not work on 10 man where there are less melee for HR and ranged are spread out too far for CH to jump.

  17. scarsnik

    i have have been stacking some haste into my gear, currently at 14.2% not sure if that includes my goblin buff, i have noticed my healing has gone up, especially on heavy aoe healing, did 17k in 10 mans on halfus he other night. i have 15% crit. as im the raid healer i find fights with stacking to easy, dropping healing rain and use chain heal when needed. I do think shamans will need to be buff to keep up. I currently raid with a resto druid and holy paladin. were not the greatest 10 man raiding guild as were the second team for the guild but knocked out 5/12 bosses in the first week. but im wondering will my healing go up? with my tier 4 set looking to awhile away. im gonna be scraping for epics! but sticking with mail for the bonus ofc, i think blizz need to change how mastery works for a shaman as i personally find it weaker than haste or crit. i avoid mastery as much as i can. there shouldn’t be a stat that can be useful to a class that is avoided at all costs i have currently 318 mastery on my gear and i want to get rid of it. also i found that the pvp glyph of stoneclaw is really get for my raiding, for 900 mana i stop 13k damage. and which stops me from being healed or healing myself thus allowing me to heal the tank. I still dont use GHW as i find it to costly and slow, i do use healing surge as with a riptide its a 20k crit heal with chance to return mana. if u see anything im doing wrong plz tell me

  18. Pekk

    Hello and thanks for another good read, Vixsin.

    Long time reader, first time poster here, but I thought I’d share my 2 cents on the topic at hand.

    I’m in a semi-casual 10man guild that’s still doing normal modes (9/12), so my opinion doesn’t count for much in things hardmode or 25man.
    But it seems to me like this ‘rebirth of haste’ discussion has overlooked one thing – the fact that these comparisons and the noted drop in performance has only been recorded on Vixsin’s and other folks’ farm bosses. Meaning that those fights are smoother, people take less damage, people almost outgear it, whatever the reason, people are more often topped off.
    And while that, especially with disc priests being as strong as they are now, means we’ll drop on meters if we don’t have high enough haste to snipe heals, I’m inclined to ask – does it matter?

    My point being, on farm kills and well-practiced content, sure, we’ll look bad, but I don’t see a reason to think mastery still won’t have its place whenever you bite into fresh challenging content, when people aren’t as quickly topped off, mistakes are made and tensions are high.

    • Archonite

      I feel that certain important aspects are being overlooked. If our hot overhealing went up, that means people were topped off. That implies they were at ‘safe’ health and the encounter just wasnt challenging. If you need haste to land heals before other healers do, you are either running with too many healers or add to the other healers overhealing. You should gear for haste to land that heal before someone dies, not to land that heal before the next heal will show as overhealing on the meters. Since you mention our HPS scales inversely with the gear of the raid, doesnt that mean we are especially suited for cutting edge, very close call 3 undergeared people alive first kills?

      • It means exactly that–the lower the raid sits, the more powerful our heals become (both in terms of HPS and HPM). In the absence of that type of situation, when the raid isn’t taking as much damage as they would in true progression, our throughput decreases and gear/gemming becomes a function of “beating the meters” instead of “beating the encounter”.

  19. Zerrah


    Just wanted to express my reflections on 4.0.6. First of all im raiding 10man HM’s. In terms of efficency I feel that Crit is by far the best stat, since switching from heavy mastery to heavy crit I feel like I have to spend some extra mana sometimes just because other healers are in need of MT, yet delivering HPS in ranges of 10-12k without ooming. Im considering to switching to haste once I get a bit more haste so that I can get an additional riptide tick, I dont think its going to be as good as I feel crit is atm.

    Im using all 359 ilvl gear with a 372 neck, Tyrandes doll and DMC: Tsunami. We use a setup of holy pala, resto druid and me. Since 4.0.6, I am much more competitive, my gear is somewhat superior to theirs but I found myself on top of the meters instead of on the bottom.

    Even though I play 10mans, I see myself using CH alot more then I did before, It might be cause I’ve improved alot and getting a better of feel on which encounters and where I can use it, aswell as getting a better feel for the bounce range.

    Fyi, 3/7/31.

    Cheers, Zerrah

  20. Siouxsi

    Thanks for the wonderful Blog btw

    thought i would put this up. Looks like they have finally answered with a hotfix. Should improve things quite a bit. Here is the shaman specific bit for HPS and the link. Also looks like they may be considering a CD for the next patch


    We are also applying a hotfix for Purification for the Restoration shaman passive from 10% to 25%. We think that shaman healing per second is not as competitive with other healers and while we hoped to bring down Holy priest and Holy paladins (in particular) in 4.0.6, which we did, shaman still appear to be behind. In this case, it is simply easier to buff Restoration shaman rather than nerf everyone else or rebalance the encounters.

  21. Shamtastick

    Thank you so much for such a great website on healing! I just wanted to bring up Telluric Currents real quick: even those Blizzard has stated that the talent is not supposed to return a positive amount of mana, as of 4.0.6 I am still receiving a +500 mana refund after each lightning bolt. This is incredibly useful for fights such as Magmaw where healers have down time after healing everyone up and bringing in some extra dps and restoring some mana

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