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February 13, 2011

Complete Email Fail

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Written by: Vixsin

No theorycrafting here, just a quick apology to every who’s emailed me directly over the past 3 weeks. Amazingly, despite my incredible ability to program my own VCR (back in the day) or configure my home wireless network, I managed to not realize that all LiG5 email was going straight to a spam folder. /facepalm …  So, my humblest apologies for seeming like a absolute ass and not responding to anyone’s burning Resto Shaman questions. I’ll be sending out a wave of responses tomorrow, hoping that you all will subscribe to the “better late than never” philosophy and forgive my technological ignorance.

~ A very sorry Vixsin >.<

UPDATE: 67 responses later, I think I’ve managed to answer just about every email that went awry in the last 3 weeks. If you didn’t get a response from me and did send me something, feel free to send it to me again along with a harsh reprimand.


  1. Vatra

    Well, that explains you not responding to my sexual advances.

  2. Nabol

    Hehe, told ya 😛

    I just *knew* something was wrong. You wouldn’t let us down now, would you? 😉

    In any case, I’m glad the issue has been resolved. But gawd.. the staggering amount of work you must have in replying to all those emails… makes me want to hide in a corner, really.

  3. Programming VCRs… now that brings back memories. I remember my parents used to rent one at the video store together with a video every now and then when I was younger. Now I’ve got most movies at the click of my finger! Freaky.
    Zinn´s last post ..Happy Valentines Day!

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