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February 16, 2011

… And then there was light

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Written by: Vixsin
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I’m not normally one to repost from MMO-Champ or Bluetracker, but there are moments when sheer, unadultered joy gets the best of you and you can’t help but break out of the mold a bit and do a little jig. Today is one of those days:


The cost of Power Word: Shield is being increased by 33%. While we wanted Discipline priests to be able to utilize this spell more often and with better results, we also did not want it to be the main spell (and often the only spell) used while in groups. We don’t find this to be a particularly compelling playstyle and have found that it encourages players to avoid using other spells such as Penance. We believe that using a shield in a tight moment is totally appropriate, but we don’t want it to be incredibly efficient to do so with more frequency than that.

We realize that by making Power Word: Shield slightly more expensive for Discipline priests to cast that it might cause Holy priests to avoid using it. To that end, we are adding mana savings into the Body and Soul talent. The tooltip will not reflect this change until a future patch, however. Ideally, Holy priests should not notice much of a change to the Power Word: Shield costs.

We are also applying a hotfix for Purification for the Restoration shaman passive from 10% to 25%. We think that shaman healing per second is not as competitive with other healers and while we hoped to bring down Holy priest and Holy paladins (in particular) in 4.0.6, which we did, shaman still appear to be behind. In this case, it is simply easier to buff Restoration shaman rather than nerf everyone else or rebalance the encounters.

In Addition- Restoration Druids and Restoration Shaman
We agree with the sentiment among some players that Restoration druids and Restoration shaman are lacking in the healing cooldown department. The shaman buff and Power Word: Shield adjustment above should bring all healers reasonably close in terms of throughput. The decision on who to bring then might end up being dictated by the strong cooldowns offered by paladins or priests. This isn’t the kind of thing we can address via a hotfix, but it is something we are looking at for the next major content patch. (Source)

This is the type of thing I will actually put things on hold for, step out of a meeting for, and not take calls while I put up a post for. This is the type of announcement that I know so many of us were hoping for; an acknowledgment that our fears might have had some small basis in reality. (No, I am not encouraging you all to troll or bitch about the state of shaman; but rather celebrate those forum posts which offered critique and commentary in a constructive manner).

This is a time when I hope Resto Shaman can join me in thanking Blizzard for not subscribing to the belief that class design, and game design, are static. And thank them for not taking the approach that we had all better just decide to “Noob Toob” it if we want to be competitive.

Resto Shaman, rejoice.



  1. Luuma

    As a 10 man raider i still see a difference, even if there is not so greate difference as before, but still it is. Researching the 25 man (specialy heroic) i don’t see much different now, but still, in 10 man there is:
    We do struggle more than prepatch with mana and the jump distance for CH is to low for many fights in 10 man, we have to use the ability almost perfectly (Earthshielt 95%+ uptime, WS also, Riptide on cooldown, precast Riptide for CH preparation and so on) – i mean, it is a challenging job, most of the time having to svitch between spells (very rare there are fights with a spell going over 25% in oure healing overview).
    I think we still need a small tweak (and please not for CH and HR raw healing) – beside of the CD thematik.

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  3. Honestly enough, while I know it’s me in a sense, I look at the healing I put out and I find myself wondering why folks complain about Shaman healing. I know it’s me in a way because I’ve only started healing since the end of Wrath, and Shaman has been my preferred class for healing, so much so that I’ve really only just experimented with Druid and Priest heals. I can keep up with most classes, ‘cept for Druids most times, which is fine. I figure if I’m beating a Druid on the meters, they’re underperforming, which I don’t like at all. My GHW is not meant to pick up the bad raid healer’s slack.

    (And for the sake of notation, my Recount usually says I’m doing between 8-10k heals in the 10 man group I go with, and the druid’s doing around 12-14k, so yeah, good healer there.)


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