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February 24, 2011

BWD Boss Strats Launched

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Written by: Vixsin

Just a quick note to say that the site has been updated with detailed boss strats for all bosses in Blackwing Descent. They’re not intended to be the “best” way to do a fight, simply the way that’s worked well for FH. So drop by, check them out, and leave a comment if you’ve found some strats of your own! Good luck and have fun. ^_^


  1. Luuma

    Excellent work, thank you.

  2. Bawksy

    You’ve wrote “blacking decent” in the drop down under strats at the top. 😉

  3. Richard

    Excellent, just what we needed! thx!

  4. Hmm…I’m about to hop in bed…but thank you for the guides! I have been thinking about whether or not I will need special stat sets for raiding…but…my 10 man team only does normal modes because our team composition fluctuates a lot and none of us have the patience to do HMs. I am guessing in that case…a nice set of balanced stats will be fine, with certain exceptions as we see fit. I’m already a packrat so I will be saving every piece I get.
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