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March 26, 2011

Getting a Handle on Tier 11 Best In Slot

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Written by: Vixsin
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I’ve hemmed and hawed, procrastinated, buried my head in the sand, and outright avoided the issue for the past 3 months. I’ve released partial information, talked about aspects of selection with players via email, and fiddled with my own personal lists, all the while casting anxious glances at the queries popping up on my site’s analytics. Oh yes, I’ve been dodging this topic, big time. But with FH moving on to 12/13 HM last reset (diaf Cho’gall … oh wait you kinda do, HA), I don’t think I can put it off much longer. You’ve been searching for it, you’ve been emailing me about it, and I’ve personally been spending a little more time paying attention to it—so here it is, the Best in Slot lists for Tier 11’s normal and hard modes! (/suitable fanfare)

OHAI A DISCLAIMER! – There’s really only one thing to note about these lists, and that’s: your mileage may vary. The value of Tier 11 stats is very dependent on *your own healing environment*. If you heal with 2 disc priests who get all the innervates they could ever want and thus spam shields all day long, mastery will not do you much good. On the other hand, if your healing team likes to run with 1 under the recommended number of healers, Mastery is going to be good choice. And if your tank is a fanatic for Ancestral Fortitude, then you might want to get a bit more crit.

Normal Modes

After culling a number of the shaman with top WoL parses for normal modes, I feel fairly safe in saying that coming out on top of the normal mode game entails a fairly distinct set of conditions—less healers, lots of damage, and … wait for it … a good investment in haste (It also entails a plea for raid leaders to sideline any available druids/discs, and no, I’m not joking when I say that). Now, before everyone squeals in glee for a return to the days of ICC haste stacking, let me say that Int, and Spirit to some extent, will still trump any secondary stat out there. So if you do go out and socket all Quick Amberjewels, I will roll a toon on your server just to go all elitist cranky shaman on you.

So why does haste inch out Mastery and Crit as the secondary stat of choice? Because the process of moving from blues to epics through normal modes results in healers gaining a significant chunk of stats in an environment where, exclusive of Nef, raid damage remains relatively low. So, as overhealing rises, your best supplemental stat will be the one that enables you to beat your healing teammates to the punch. While this same mentality did not apply when raid teams were killing Nef NM in mostly blues (which led to haste not being quite as favored at the start of the expansion), if you’ve yet to wrap up normal modes, chances are you’ll be getting your Defender of the Shattered World title in mostly, if not entirely, epic gear. Thus, some haste is back on the menu.

So, for normal modes, I’d place the general stat order at:

  1. Intellect (above all else)
  2. Spirit (to ~2200 unbuffed)
  3. Haste (to 916 minimum)
  4. Expand Haste beyond this point if you have mana to burn (which you should), Mastery if you’re still progressing
  5. Crit (reforge out of this when you can)

Plugging this preference, along with my own estimated stat weights into the fabulous Mr. Robot, yielded the following results (you can see the complete list, with gems, reforging and enchants, here):

Main Hand Incineratus
Off Hand Elementium Stormshield
Ranged Relic of Norgannon
Head Faceguard of the Raging Elements
Neck Valiona’s Medallion
Shoulder Mantle of the Raging Elements
Back Drape of the Twins
Chest Tunic of the Raging Elements
Wrist Chaos Beast Bracers
Hands Handwraps of the Raging Elements
Waist Waistguard of Hatred
Legs Kilt of Trollish Dreams
Feet Treads of Flawless Creation
Ring 1 Ring of the Boy Emperor
Ring 2 Signet of the Fifth Circle
Trinket 1 Tyrande’s Favorite Doll
Trinket 2 Darkmoon Card: Tsunami

There are a couple things to note about the above set:

  • It includes Archeology items, which just make me cranky but which I can’t ignore as viable entry-level raiding loot. So despite the fact that TFD provides no MT benefit, it is one of the best trinkets out there for normal mode raiders.
  • The cumulative stat values presented in Mr. Robot’s analysis are *with* raid buffs; one would assume that includes totems as well.
  • As I confirmed with Revulva, Mr. Robot’s trinket evaluation *does not* include valuation of the trinket’s benefits with relation to MT. So bear in mind that Tsunami, Jar, and Mandala are the only epic trinkets with supplementary effects that will provide a benefit if used in conjunction with MT.
  • The cumulative stat values presented in Mr. Robot’s analysis are *with* raid buffs; one would assume that includes totems as well.

Now there’s one last thing to remember here, and it is a biggie—the above set is for NORMAL MODES ONLY. If you don’t plan on doing any hard modes aside from Halfus, then this is the gearset for you. But if you are already making your way into hard modes, or will be in the near future, skip this “optimized” normal mode set and start building up your Mastery pieces, because you’re going to need them.

Hard Modes

When you get into hard modes, a change will take place in your stat valuation the moment you bump into AOE encounter mechanics—Mastery will start to perform incredibly well. Because hard modes are designed to stress your healing team, and that generally involves dropping players down to 20-40% HP levels, Mastery becomes your best throughput stat (but only if you utilize it properly, and that means being one heck of a proactive healer). Haste, then, becomes secondary to Mastery, a way to pump out more powerful healing more often, provided that your mana pool can sustain the cost.

So, for heroic modes, you’re looking at stat order of:

  1. Intellect (above all else)
  2. Spirit (to ~2600 unbuffed)
  3. Mastery
  4. Haste (greater than 1100)
  5. Crit

Plugging this preference, along with my own estimated stat weights into the fabulous Mr. Robot, yielded the following results (you can see the complete list, with gems, reforging and enchants, here):

Main Hand Andoros, Fist of the Dragon King
Off Hand Scepter of Ice
Ranged Relic of Norgannon
Head Faceguard of the Raging Elements
Neck Valiona’s Medallion
Shoulder Mantle of the Raging Elements
Back Drape of the Twins
Chest Circuit Design Breastplate
Wrist Chaos Beast Bracers
Hands Handwraps of the Raging Elements
Waist Waistguard of Hatred
Legs Legwraps of the Raging Elements
Feet Boots of Az’galada
Ring 1 Security Measure Alpha
Ring 2 Signet of the Fifth Circle
Trinket 1 Fall of Mortality
Trinket 2 Darkmoon Card: Tsunami

There are a couple things to note about the above set:

  • If you find yourself in need of more regen, simply switch your reforging around and avoid reforging out of Spirit. (Personally speaking, I never reforge out of Spirit unless I know my mana will be able to hold up).
  • It excludes Archeology items, especially TFD because, as I confirmed with Revulva, Mr. Robot does not take into account the MT benefit of any trinkets. So, while TFD provides a solid benefit in normal modes, it simply doesn’t compare when placed up against Heroic FoM’s increased Int values or DMC: Tsunami’s MT integration.
  • The cumulative stat values presented in Mr. Robot’s analysis are *with* raid buffs; one would assume that includes totems as well.

All this being said about Mastery, there is still an argument out there for picking up more haste for hard mode healing, because all damage patterns are not created equal. (My thanks to the handful of players who have emailed me directly to present a number of good arguments and data for haste—keep ‘em coming! I’m always glad for a counter-perspective). While in fights like Valiona and Halfus, you’ll be dealing with consistent raid AOE, on other fights like Atramedes and Maloriak, you’ll be encountering more burst mechanics. And other fights, like Ascendant Council, Nef, and Cho’gall, you’ll be tasked with handling both burst and constant damage phases. This means that stat balancing isn’t a perfect science, and depends largely on the fight in question and your healing role.

Be Prepared for Ongoing Tension

If nothing else, Tier 11 serves as a great example of the tension that will exist within Resto Shamans’ stats so long as the triage healing model remains in place. Now, I’m not saying that the triage model is a bad one—I for one really appreciate it when a healing team is being pushed into making tough decisions—simply that “triage healing” is not something that can exist in a constant state. A fight which has triage conditions at early gear levels will become a zerg fight when players upgrade to a different ilvl. So, with Resto Shamans’ Mastery bonuses directly tied directly to that model, I would think that we’ll see our stats fluctuate right along with it. Mastery will, thus, become a priority in triage, and haste will, thus, become a priority when the balance of healing and incoming damage is tipped in your raid team’s favor. This creates the stat balancing cycle that I’ve illustrated below.

Resto Shamans' Stat Preference Cycle (through Normal and Hard Modes)

Ultimately, I think this tension is going to make for an interesting expansion, where Resto Shaman are constantly fluctuating between stats, trying to find the perfect balance of throughput and speed. And if stat values stay at a consistent growth rate, it’s possible that the end of the expac will see us masters of Chain Heal cuddling back up to haste once again.

** Did I mention, I think Ask Mr. Robot is the best thing since sliced bread? Anyone who’s willing to be pleasant and accommodating in response to one of my novel-like emails is worthy of some admiration!


  1. Hello Vixsin, long time reader here, first time poster.

    I have mixed feelings about your BiS. On one hand I was very excited you had an update and then even more so when I saw what it was. However I became disgruntled when I saw the BiS list. As with most resto shams (I think) we have been craving some solid secondary stat validations as to which we should gear and reforge too. Personally i’ve played it safe and reforged to mastery, maintained 916+ haste and left crit to fend for it’s self. That leaves me roughly with just under 2k spirit 17% crit 950~ haste and 40% bonus to mastery.

    That being said I would also like to say I run 10-man normals (stuck at council, 6/12) and play with a resto Druid and hpaly/disc priest (depending on who’s available). Often I am middle ground or topping healing out of our healers so my question is; would mastery still be viable > haste for a 10-man progression guild? I don’t run out of mana but I am relient on MTT and pots to maintain and I also use a TC build.

    I just feel uncomfortable with the gear selection (probably because i’ve made different gear choices and BiS is a set back in terms of cross upgrades I would need).

    I am still happy with a long term goal such as BiS but like I said, is that BiS for 10-mans too? Thanks for all your time and effort!!!!!

    • Believe you me, I’m uncomfortable with it as well. So you’re not alone in that sentiment, and in fact, it’s why I hate issuing BiS lists especially given the relative worth of Mastery in content. But, I went through the top parses in 10s and 25s in normals, and the top performers overwhelmingly favored haste. In hard mode content, it was Mastery with some haste mixed in. Naturally, there were some exceptions to these.

      I still think the Haste to 916 advice is solid for those people who are pushing hard through content, but it’s hard to ignore so much anecdotal evidence. >.< In the end, for the reasons I tried to demonstrate in the Resto Shaman stat balancing graph, I don't think BiS is going to be a perfect science for us with our biggest *potential* throughput stat being tied to raid health. Because it means that one night, your raid might be low, in which case you reforge and regear to Mastery and then you go in the next night with an additional healer and all that Mastery does nothing for you. Either way it shapes out for you, my recommendation proves wrong. So I just wind up being cranky and I procrastinate on making this kind of post, lol. >.<

  2. Rodrigo

    Hello !

    My guild will never see a hard mode fight…maybe 2 or 3/12, but we still couldnt kill Nef/Chogall…

    So, my question is: For this kind of guild, should I follow your haste advice ?! Haste give us any good after 916 ?

  3. Shockeye

    My suspicion is that Haste is best for farm content and Mastery is best for progression, speaking from a 10 man regular perspective (the same may apply to hard modes, I don’t know).

    For farm content, quicker heals for moderate raid damage seems to make sense, but on progression where there’s much more damage Mastery is going to make a greater difference as health bars will drop lower more regularly.

    Personally, I’m sticking with Mastery as taking precedence over Haste and Crit as we’re still progressing through regular mode content, though I’m not wanting my Crit to drop too far (it’s currently too low for my liking right now) and keeping my Haste around the 916 mark.

    • Exactly what the Stat Preference Cycle in the last section of the post attempted to illustrate. Haste will increase in value as fights get easier; Mastery will be at its most powerful when you’re doing progression.

      • Stych

        In fact, I think you could extrapolate on this further, by saying Mastery is the safer stat to go with all the time, and the better stat for the overall good of the raid.

        Yes, haste will be better when content is on farm status, because you will “beat” your healer buddies in getting the heal off first, but we have to think of the bigger picture! This just makes it so your healer buddy you beat gets the overheal, where you don’t.

        The way I look at it, is that if you want to be the best for the raid (including the times in farm content where someone isn’t paying attention, and the encounter goes bad), go for Mastery, if you want to be a healing done meter whore (don’t interpret me wrongly, it’s not always a bad thing to have healthy competition) pick Haste.

  4. Hey guys,

    I am a little preplexed about stacking Haste? Just about every source I read has expressed go with crit or mastery. Currently I have almost been trying to keep them somewhat even, I do run into mana problems at times but as long as I manage my CD’s, mana tide totem well, it is a managable issue.

    I run 10 mans and normally heal with a pally/disc priest and am normally either on top or we are all about neck and neck. Heals seem to be solid for our team at the moment.

    My main question or concern after seeing this is should i just stop stacking Crit and go straight into mastery? I felt after I started reforging some mastery my mana efficiency increased and my whole reasoning for stacking Crit was to regen mana.

    If anybody has any advice it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  5. Spot on Vix,

    Could not have said it better myself!

    Currently on HC Cho’gall atm, and just getting my head around the mechs of the fight….lots of dmg pumped out so I have gone Mastery Heavy while trying to maintain a high spirit level, for personaly regen but also MTT for the others.

    Run with two druids almost all the time and a Disc priest, the rest being pallies and maybe an extra tree if 7 healing.

    The blanketing the raid with rejuvs seems to meld well with shaman healing, but like yourself I do struggle to find the “balance” between stats. I also dont have my 4set yet, well I could but that would mean losing two of my 72 peices as dont have the others right now at 72…….still undecided over if this is worth getting, of course once all 72 then its a no brainer.

    This then leaves the problem of what to use where, but I do totally agree with your stat allocation and its what I have been advising people when they ask me also, so its nice to see further validation.

    Trinkets for me are where it gets tricky, choices are Mandala, Tsunami, Alch Stone, Jar (72). I always use Tsunami, its the second that the problem.

    Alch stone gives 351int (when gemmed) +haste and +spirit if you reforge, and also an extra 4k mana per fight from pots.

    Jar gives a nice buff to spirit regen and also 7oddK mana back and further helps the raid via MTT but no real throughput OTHER than ofc being able to cast a little more perhaps.

    Manadala sits between them, giving static spirit and a int proc….I notice that you run with this, or at least used to, so what are your thoughts on this?

    Appreciate any input vix,


  6. Hi Vixsin, why did you decide to not go for from Sinestra? I personally plan on running with Shard+DMC:Tsunami. Asides that your heroic BiS list seems pretty good, thought I still intend on running with spirit items on neck,ring and offhand slot on mana-heavy fights.

    Halby´s last post ..Sinestra Movie

  7. Yo Vix,

    In general, whether you feel right, wrong or cranky, I was pleased to see your list as it validates some of my choices thus far. I had to make a spreadsheet just to figure out where I should spend my first volley of valor points. My crew is still slowly chugging through normal progression (pseudo-stalled at 6ish) and I’ve gone pretty haste-heavy as it seemed that my cast times were just intolerable when I am tasked with keeping the raid up (other two healers are druids). Mana is constantly an issue but we’re getting kills so I’ll stay the course.

    My question is on Ask Mr. Robot…does anyone make a really good resto shaman calculator? After listening to one of their podcasts I eagerly tried it out only to be told to reforge all of my spirit into haste (HPS) or crit (regen)…at least I believe that’s a valid summary. I imagine what they have there is still a pretty decent tool for building gearsets, but the advice seemed lacking. I guess this is mainly a result of all theorycrafters’ frustration over putting numbers to resto shamans. Reading EJ and seeing lots of posts saying “it depends” and “go with what feels right for you” is far from the norm and really burning up my engineering / build-a-better-spreadsheet side.

    In summary, I’m well above 916 haste, feel like I need my heals fast…and then of course struggle with mana while my druid friends seem to have a lot more in the tank. My efficiency option would be crit but that is routinely spurned by pretty much everyone. I’m pretty confused and looking for a way to better my build…but maybe I’m just gear-capped for now and getting frustrated.

    • In 10’s Crit is a hugh help, especially in normals!!

      The reason behind this is because you are neither a Tank, nor a dedicated raid healer therefore need to be good at both. Crit allows you to do all of this, as you are likely to NOT be casting chain heals all the time, and HR’s.

      If you have two trees alongside you then I suspect that you are going to be assigned to tank healing and the odd raid heal here and there. with this in mind I would focus on getting as much crit as you can. When I run 10’s I have about 30% Raid Buffed Crit, I dont gem for crit though but do reforge to it. I kept Mastery low, simply because in normal 10’s you are not going to need it really. Haste was useful, however I found that I got far mopre bang for my buck with high crit values than higher haste.

      Afterall, you will mainly be casting HW and GHW’s….and more often than not under Tidal Wave, thus reducing teh impact haste would have, while crit will help on everything, RT hits, and RT Ticks, GHW and HW, HS if you cast them, a higher % of AH procs which are always useful in 10’s and of course greater uptime for -10% dmg on your targets.

      My advice at your level is go Int, Haste to 916, Crit, Spirit, Mastery.

      With two trees covering the raid and also Blooming the tanks, with you as tank healer you will find that this will give you a better throughput as you will also keep up RT on 3 targets at the same time also.

      This would be my advice for you in your situation.


  8. Thanks for the input, Mal. I’ll give it a whirl this week and see how it goes!

  9. Sekul

    We’re a 12/12 25 man guild, just started heroics (have 1/13 down).

    I found that for normals I performed best with Haste to 916 and reforging Mastery/Haste into crit. At one point my crit was at nearly 40%. Now that we’re into heroics I’ve gone with Haste to 916 and reforging excess haste and crit into Mastery (at 14.85 mastery right now I think).

    I think I’ve made good choices as before when I was crit stacked on normals I pulled very good numbers and we were very successful.

    On heroic attempts I can really “feel” the Mastery boost but on our normal farm bosses I really lack in healing. For me this vividly demonstrates the volatility of Mastery as a stat. I did try my crit build on one of our heroic nights and I was hurting in throughput and mana consumption. With the Mastery build and the same healing setup, healing was much more comfortable and I didn’t feel overwhelmed.

    For me at least, I would say stat priority would go like this:

    Normals (Haste to 916)
    Int > Spirit > Crit > Mastery

    Heroics (Haste to 916)
    Int > Spirit > Mastery > Crit

    I never reforge out of spirit.

    Of course as with all encounters, as you gear up and the encounters become easier and you have more room to reforge into the tertiary stats like crit or haste (or more accurately not reforge out of them).

  10. Tolimar

    So i’m tryign to figure out how to get the 2200 spirit unbuffed. Just from items alone you barely get 1600. Are you counting the 400 spirit from DMC as unbuffed?

  11. Brumak

    I was just wondering something. I know you raid for 25 mans only, would you think the spirit should be a higher for 10 man content, simply because there are less mana tides? I did some pretty simple math just to see how much more spirit you get out of having two mana tides in 25 man.

    Link to math:

    With that math, I learned that even with JoAR, you need 2500 spirit to be getting the same spirit as two shaman in 25 man without JoAR and 2200 base spirit. The math could be wrong though. Assuming the math is correct, it may be good to make separate lists for 10’s and 25’s.

  12. Just curious, is the 916 also applied to goblins racial 1% haste? Or would their cap be lower?
    Aelfin´s last post ..New Site Theme

    • It is lower do you need to get 1% less or in otherwords 916 – 128 = 788…….I think however its slightly higher due tothe way its calculated as when I had 788 it did not work, while 790 did

      Just be certain if you go for this lower number that you test it out first, drop a WoA totem and cast HW till EL procs, then watch your combat log and confirm that you are getting 5 ticks of EL…if you are then you are good to go 😉


  13. Hairyfool

    Since the question of haste breakpoints comes up a lot on the web, allow me to offer these verified calculations. They all assume you have the 5% haste buff. Feel free to double-check these by taking gear pieces off (not in a raid preferably :)

    ONE EXTRA TICK on Riptide and Healing Raid:
    There’s a minority of folks out there who advocate that getting an extra tick on ELW is pointless. Personally I disagree, especially for 25mans and HM’s in particular. But in case you want to try it out, your breakpoints are:
    – 610 haste as a non-Goblin
    – 477 haste as a Goblin

    ONE EXTRA TICK on all 3 HoT’s:
    This is the most commonly cited breakpoint.
    – 916 haste as a non-Goblin
    – 779 haste as a Goblin

    TWO EXTRA TICKS on Riptide:
    I’m only offering this one up because it is achievable, and in fact I raided for about a month with this setup (while finishing up Regs). I won’t lie, I really enjoyed the improved cast time and was able to achieve a number of top 10 world ranks as Vix (this confirms Vix’s assertion that the top WoL numbers are derived from high haste setups).
    In the end though, reaching this breakpoint merely for the extra tick on Riptide was not worth it. Also, moving into HM’s, I definitely felt the need to shift my attention to Mastery and, sadly, to more regen.
    Anyway if you’d like to try this setup, keep in mind that it requires that you have Dark Intent from a lock. Otherwise, it’s unreachable in this tier.
    – 1,573 haste as a non-Goblin with DI
    – 1,431 haste as a Goblin with DI

    Reaching extra ticks on HR and ELW is most definitely impossible as well in this tier. For e.g. we’re talking upwards of 2,400 haste as a Goblin, with DI, for Healing Rain.

    Hope this helps!

  14. Snushus


    I understand why people think mastery is good, it makes sense to me. Actually in my eyes it seems like the best stat there is, beside intellect. But somehow whenever I try to reforge to mastery, it feels like ive just grabbed 3 pieces of gear and just put them in my inventory? I feel incredibly gimped anytime I try going for mastery. I go oom faster for some weird reason, I get crushed on the healing meters, and I cant really see that the mastery really makes my heals hit any harder on a target with 10% than in my normal gear on an 80% target.

    One could make the argument that you wouldnt get high sustained healing with such a build but very high hps where it counts the most, but then again if you had some more haste you could get that heal out quicker. I also found out that Healing Wave just became too shitty almost to use when I didnt have the haste that I used to have, and that might have been the root to my mana problems.

    I mean if there is a spell out there that benefits little from mastery it is Healing Wave, you kinda only use it as a filler when things are safe. Your not gonna use it @ 20% hp target.

    That means that only GHW, HS, and CH gains anything from mastery. And and in cases concerning casting those spells id rather prefer them to land 0.2 secs earlier than beeing slighty better.

    When we finally got to Chimeron this evenings raid, I thought to myself that this must be the perfect time to see how much mastery can shine under very good conditions. I was blown away to see that I was 3k lower hps than normal.

    Maybe patch 4.1 will bring change to this shameful stat, but as for now im kinda more inclined to go for crit instead.

    Im running with a 10 man guild 6/13 HC atm, so you can benchmark the conditions of our encounters.

    • There has to be something going wrong here, because if you are doing HC’s then Mastery is an excellent stat to have. ofc it does depend on your role is in your raids. I personally have limited 10HC exp as I have done all HC’s in 25. dont forget that HR also benefits from Mastery….but you are probably not casting this to often in 10’s.

      It is really hard to try to evaluate what it ideal for 10’s because they are so very very broken still really, and it totally depends on the people you heal with so what works for one person will probably not work for another.

      I am very surprised that you did not increase your healing in Chimearon with a high mastery build because it REALLY would make a difference there, again I can only surmise that what you are healing is the cause here.

      Who do you raid with in your Healing Team?


  15. Ssitri

    With and a bit of haste over 916 you can get 2 extra ticks on Healing Rain once in a minute :)

  16. Dundai

    Great run through as usual. Vixsin.

  17. Snushus

    I usually heal with a disc priest and holy pala/resto druid. We are a very solid team of healers and maybe the reason why mastery seem to suck for me is that we are rarely pushed to our limits. And as said im quite puzzled why our last chim hc kill had alot less hps.

    We usually split raid healing so that the pala and myself do raidhealing on four different targets including ourselves and we have disc priest/resto druid healing tanks. And when we have spare time we heal double attack tank. Then again the paladin might have improved himself and does alot more healing in feud phase than normal wich could explain why my hps was so much lower than usual.

  18. Snushus

    and I actually cast HR quite alot even in 10 mans. Ive whipped my raid into always trying to stand in it. I use it on Omnotron Shadow Conductor/Incineration Measure, Magmaw Lava Spew, Maloriak Red Phase, Chimaeron Feud Phase, Nef Electocute, Halfus when we AOE down dragons, Cho Empowered Shadows and Alakir phase 2. Rarely hit less than 6 targets so its still quite usefull in 10 man heroics.

  19. Still… of the reasons for Shaman healing being so OP on that fight is EL……just curious but did you let your weapon enchant fall off maybe, as with even other healers going full out the fact people get reduced to almost nothing and EL going all over the place means its next to impossible to NOT do well here.

    If you had bumped your mastery up also, then this does even more as your other standard heals also hit far harder than they would normally.

    Do you have a WoL parse by any chance mate??


  20. […] Life in Group 5 covers best-in-slot resto shaman items for both normal and hard-mode raiding. […]

  21. Fey

    Thanks for the work 😀
    I made a quite similar list for my shaman except for the relic (i chose the one with spirit an reforged it). Btw, if you had the opportunity to grab the Atramedes Shield (heroic version) would you drop the Elementium Stormshield? I guess it’ll take weeks until we can kill the Ascendant Council for the OH with mastery.

  22. ShamFTW

    I’ve been doing Norm 25m’s for months now, and everything was pretty much on farm, but my guild fell apart. I’m starting with a new guild and and we are starting hard modes tomorrow. Barring my back and a ring, everything else is epic, gemmed, and reforged Int>Spirit>haste. I read above that Spirit should be around 2600 (mine is 2900) and my haste is 1006. I’m goblin, so from what I understand I don’t even need that much. I want to get as much mastery as I can for Hard Modes, but I’m not sure what’s safe to pull out of haste and/or spirit.

    Healing team: 1 paladin, 2 Disc priests, 1 other shaman, and a R druid. Possibly a H priest if we really need it.

    I’m kinda lost here. Please help. Maybe this will lead to a “possible HM starting gear set” list??? Lol I can tell you hate the idea, but the transition to HM is huge and the second gear list you have includes almost all drops off heroic bosses. Seems like you skipped step 2 and went straight to step 3, ya know? Well anyways, thanks for all your hard work.

  23. Hey Vix! Does your list take into account the Throne of the Four Winds drops? There are some items in there that really blow Security Measure Alpha out of the water such as the Planetary Band of the Wavecrest (143 mastery/143 spirit). There are some legs that might shift your listing, but I haven’t really seen too many of those.

    For heroic modes thus far (11/13) I’ve also been able to get by better than fine by leaving my spirit at about 2200 and just learning the times to weave in TC. The only fight I can’t do that on is Cho’Gall as I have to spec into CW.

    Aftermath misses you!

  24. Just for the lol’s I have re-geared for a Haste build for this weeks HC BWD clear, current stats are now:

    Int: 5024
    Spirit: 2460 +480 from Tsu + 540 from tier

    Haste – 1882 = 15.7%
    Mastery – 675 = 34%
    Crit – 681 = 16.74%

    This is giving me a nice 2.05 sec Chain Heal Cast time and also the extra tick from Riptide (9 ticks).

    Will have to see if it makes a difference, or if it justs Oom’s me really fast, shall post an update with the results after tomorrow’s run.


  25. […] crit. This lends further support to the Resto Shaman stat cycle that I attempted to illustrate in my recent Tier 11 BiS post, where haste takes over as a preferred stat once your gear is sufficient enough to sustain ABC […]

  26. doublep

    I’m late to the active raiding group, but I’ve worked in very nicely to my group so far. I started raiding with an evenly balanced pre-raid/t11 2 piece. I took the 359 rep neck for the added intellect. With three healers, we went 1 shot through BWD up to nefarion. Took us many attempts on nef as our strat took some time to develop.
    I find myself really appreciating crit. I get plenty of benefit from mastery, and I reforge to keep my haste as close to 916 as I can. I find it incredibly helpful for my role to get earthliving procs. We are now 2 healing BoT all the through on normal mode and BWD excepting chim and nef.
    My main question is: if intellect is above all else, how close is spirit to it? I use the valor trinket for my own mana regen and MTT when our disc gets low. I’m looking ahead to 4.2 and wondering if crit and resurgence are going to take over for a large part of our regen?
    Currently, I take a higher ilvl piece and reforge haste or mastery into spirit. I use a TC build and if my raid would get better at avoiding dmg id have much more time to use it. We are starting heroics next week, so I will give the mastery build a shot.

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