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December 9, 2009

Stumbling into the Citadel: An Initial Foray into ICC

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Written by: Vixsin
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The Lobby in ICC, complete with Muzak

The Lobby in ICC, complete with Muzak

It was a monumental evening last night—the release of the final raid instance in WotLK, the addition of a gated series of heroics, and a patch where the servers were largely … stable. (Shocker, I know.) Aside from several instance zone-in glitches, Aftermath was able to work its way through the first four bosses of ICC last night in both 10 and 25-man. To help you will your own killing efforts, I thought I’d offer healing tidbits based on what I observed.

Disclaimer: I’m sure there are a number of elements I’ve left out, so consider this a living document which will be improved upon in the weeks to come, and ultimately posted as a strat guide for both normal and hardmodes.

Lord Marrowgar

The Gist: A two-part fight split into a tank-and-spank (phase 1) and a scatter (phase 2), your 3 tanks will be taking consistent and heavy damage when tanking Marrowgar in Phase 1. The raid takes moderate damage with incoming damage spikes whenever Marrowgar impales 3 of your raid members. Phase 2 will require slightly more raid healing as player not only get hit by whirlwind, but also the inevitable fire or two.

Healing Tidbits: Make sure that you have Impale displaying/working as a debuff in your raid frames of choice—it will allow you to quickly target and heal Impaled targets. Also note that the tanks will be taking some pretty consistent damage during Phase 1, so 2-3 tank healers would be advisable. A Resto Shaman’s CH is excellent for keeping all 3 topped (the main tank will be taking the brunt of the damage, so CH thru MT is advisable.) Raid healing during Phase 1 is limited to those caught in fires and Impaled, but will ramp up slightly during Phase 2 where players will be taking whirlwind and fire damage.

Lady Deathwhisper

The Gist: Lady Deathwhisper is another 2 phase fight—in Phase 1 you’ll be working to burn through her mana shield while killing a number of adds, while in Phase 2 you’ll be dpsing her and avoiding her ghosts. Healing is widely distributed in Phase 1, and can be almost frantic if adds making it loose from tanks. Quick CC on mind control targets will help limit additional raid damage. Phase 2 however, is much more contained with only localized and tank damage occurring.

Healing Tidbits:

Phase 1 healing is fairly distributed given the number of mobs and afflictions up at any given time, and given that a number of the mobs do area effects upon death. Tanks will be taking moderate damage provided that your dps are killing adds in a timely fashion. Make sure that you have the following displaying/working in your raid frames of choice:

  • Death and Decay – will be cast by Lady Deathwhisper on a random raid member; it has the same effect as the DK spell.
  • Curse of Torpor – a heinous curse which increases your spell cooldown by 15seconds. Needs to be removed immediately.
  • Necrotic Strike – Absorbs the next 14k healing applied to the target.

Phase 2 involves significantly less raid damage provided that your interrupters can keep Deathwhisper’s raid-wide frostbolt from casting.) Also, be prepared to switch to the second tank when your main tank’s stacks of Insignificance get too high.

Gunship Battle

The Gist: After your raid has obtained their jet packs (good luck trying to get everyone to not jump around madly), players divide into two groups—an offensive and a defensive team. The offensive team’s responsibility is simple: after the cannons on your ship have been frozen, rocket over to the other ship, kill the mage that’s spawned (while controlling the ship commander–either Overlord Saurfang or Muradin Bronzebeard) take out a couple of Mortar Soliders, and then hightail it back to your ship. On the defensive side, you’ll be manning the guns and defending yourselves against waves of mobs who port onto the ship.

Healing Tidbits: Depending on which ship you’re assigned to, you’ll be dealing with two types of damage. If you’re a member of the offensive team, be prepared to heal through steadily increasing damage, since Muradin gains a stacking attack power buff every time he hits your tank. So long as the tank is able to grab agro on the enemy ship’s captain, damage should be limited to just the tank. Resto Shaman, put your ES on the offensive tank—he’s going to need it. If you’re part of the defensive team, be prepared to spread your heals around. The adds that port onto your ship hit fairly lightly, but since your ship is also the target of enemy attacks, you will have to deal with damage to the defensive tank and damage to the raid from the NPCs on the opposing ship. And whenever you are on your own ship, shake off your lead feet to avoid the incoming rocket strikes (the project texture has the same detailing as Mimiron’s rockets.)

Deathbringer Saurfang

The Gist: Saurfang is, for all intents and purposes, a tank-and-spank with a little bit of adds thrown in. Throughout the fight, Saufang will summon Blood Beasts onto his platform. At that point, dps switches to the adds and burns them down as fast as possible. For every spell hit that Saurfang does or melee hit that adds do, Saurfang will gain Blood Power. At 100 stacks of BP, Saurfang will cast Mark of the Fallen Champion; it is healing through this debuff that will ultimately make or break your kill.

Healing Tidbits: In terms of mechanics, this fight mixes a lot of different damage types—dots, adds, bleeds, aoe effects, and unforgiving heal mechanics. Make sure that you have the following displaying/working in your raid frames of choice:

  • Boiling Blood – a single-target debuff that hits for mild damage
  • Blood Nova – cast on a single target but affects all players in the immediate vicinity with moderate damage per tick
  • Rune of Blood – cast on the tank, necessitates a tank switch since any attacks against a target with Rune of Blood will heal Saurfang.
  • Mark of the Fallen Champion – cast every time Saurfang reaches 100 Blood Power. This target will take high damage for the remainder of the fight (since they are taking a portion of the tank’s incoming damage.) If the target dies, Saurfang heals. AND, since the Mark persists through death, if you attempt to res the target he/she will die again right away, healing Saurfang for a second time.

Hope this helps you out some in the weeks to come. I’ll be transitioning this data to a strat overview as the weeks progress, and hopefully adding some helpful media (pictures and videos) to give you a feel for our strats.


  1. keyez

    Hi! great article, as always.
    The strategy my guild used for saurfang was a little different. We actually let the first 2 people with the mark die. The reason for this being that he only heals for 5%, which is easily dps’able(new word?), and also, it completely negates the stacking amount of blood power that he gains. The only downside(at least i consider it a downside) is that healing is very dull. All you have to deal with are keeping the tanks up which doesnt require more than 2 holy pallies, and the random tiny dots. Once hes at around 20% and you start healing people with the marks, it gets a little more intense, but only a little.
    So anyways, just a little input.

  2. Vok

    Great post – we’ve knocked off the first two, so we have the Gunship and Saurfang to go. This will be very helpful.

    .-= Vok´s last blog ..The classes of Star Wars =-.

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