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July 8, 2011

Dammit Jim, I’m a Raider not a Juggler

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Written by: Vixsin
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There’s no doubt about it—one of the biggest challenges about being a progression raider is juggling your commitments when new content launches. One week you’re clearing content in a single evening, and enjoying the wonderful process of elevating your SC2 ranking, and the next week you’re up to your eyeballs in content to clear and less time to do it in. So, it’s no wonder that the sound of crickets in LiG5 has been a little bit louder the past couple of weeks, as raiding and life have been pulling me in a multitude of directions*. But, since I don’t want you to think I’m abandoning you, dear readers, I thought I’d give you a look inside my world in these most chaotic of times and hopefully pass along a little chuckle or two.

So similar to how Kruf gave you some insight into his world back in January, here’s a typical raid day in the life of Vixsin.

7am – Alarm goes off. If I’m stressed about my day’s workload, I might actually wake up. Most mornings I snuggle deeper into one of my two cats and snooze a bit longer.

7:30am – Alarm goes off again. ZZZZzzZzZzzz …

7:50am – Last alarm goes off. I disengage the cat latched onto my side/head and struggle out of bed.

7:51am – Crash into door frame on way into bathroom. Vow to one day catch the gnomes who rearrange my floorplan every night.

8:05am – Marvel that I manage to waste so much time in the shower. My bathroom must exist in a zone where time goes by at double speed. Iron slacks and top, while daydreaming about living above a Dry Cleaner, so that I never have to iron another thing ever again.

8:18am – Look longingly at my Significant Other lazing away in bed. Contemplate evil thoughts, but remember that I probably wouldn’t be able to raid while in jail. Darn.

8:19am – Try to make it down my front stairs without tripping on the cat who has decided to make me play a RL game of Naxx’s Frogger. Distract her with a twisty-tie—go fetch!—and rush downstairs. Depart house with pride; I > small fluffy mammal.

8:20am – Make it out of the house. Hope that traffic is good so that I can pick up breakfast along the way to work.

9am – Arrive at work without breakfast and wondering if I should send a letter to the bloody city traffic engineers about the benefits of well-timed stoplights. Feel guilty that I didn’t make it in at 8am. (If I did make it in at 8am, feel guilty that I didn’t come in at 7am).

9am+ – Work.

10:30pm – Finally eat some oatmeal/Nutri-grain bar while reading MMO-Champion, my personal email, and various other blogs. Flag those that I’d like to comment on later; spend the rest of my time answering one shaman email.

10:45am – Handle some hot issue for another consultant who can’t meet deadlines and thinks its okay to lean on me. Wish that I could vote-kick people from the workplace.

12noon – Lunch at desk. Open up one of the blog topics I’ve been working on and try to get some ideas worked out. Get distracted reading forums and reviewing a WoL parse. Wonder why my WS uptime is absolute crap on some encounters; resolve to do better.

12:30pm – Someone walks into my office and says “Oh, you’re eating lunch. I don’t want to bother you, but …” and then proceeds to bother me. Imagine shadow trap exploding underneath the person in question.

3:30pm – Start stressing that I might not be able to make raid because I haven’t finished everything I need to. Open up unfinished blog topic and jot down a few more thoughts. Repeat aforementioned steps unless weariness sets in.

5:30 – 6:30pm – Leave work. Pray that bad traffic doesn’t make me late. Call SO to chat. Pretend to be interested in discourse on obscure graphics/physics engine. Brag about blog (hey, if you can’t brag to your SO, who can you brag to?!)

6pm – 7pm – Arrive home, cursing the inevitable bad traffic. I swear if I ever meet one of the city’s traffic engineers …

7pm – 7:30pm – Eat something quick or praise SO for cooking. Socialize with the SO before I start raid. Play chase with my cats; give out as many tubby rubs as possible. Marvel at how awesome a cat’s life is.

7:30pm – 12:30am – Raiding. Leave strat notes/WoL Live parse up on second monitor to edit/review in between attempts. Depending on raid downtime, check a couple emails and respond to shaman questions.

12:30am – Raid ends. Grab a snack or dinner (if I didn’t manage to eat while raiding). Do dailies … I HATE DAILIES RAWRSNARLGRRRR  … and gem/enchant new gear. Do a heroic if I need to get to weekly Valor point cap. Yay I don’t have to do this any more!

1am – Remember that one thing I need to do that will keep me up another hour (eg: blog research, strat review, reading, finally buying a mirror for my guest bathroom, quick SC2 match, etc.). Decide to leave it until the weekend. Chase cats around the house, hoping to exhaust them before bedtime. Realize that they had exactly the same idea.

1:30am – Crash into bed. Snuggle with SO and watch an episode of some TV show I don’t really care about but which is apparently THE thing that everyone’s watching. Wish we were watching an H-to-the-Usky cast instead.

2am – Fall dead asleep and dream about Rag stepping out of the lava … with bunny slippers on.

* Just a reminder, I may not be posting on LiG5 as frequently during progression, but you can always follow my Twitter feed (@Vixsin_LiG5) or check out Pie Chart’s raid streams (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 7:30 – 12:30pm ET) to see what I’m up to!


  1. Naturalchaos

    I lived, I loved, I laughed.

    4 piece or not to 4 piece, that is the question. I’m thinking Shoulders/Legs Tier and Hands/Chest OS. Hell maybe rock 3 pieces with Hands/Shoulders/Legs.

  2. Osi

    If you are on google+, I’d follow 😉 If you need an invite let me know.

  3. Outstanding recap. :) Sounds about like my days. I think us “grown folk” have similar stories and it’s always a blast to read about others you can relate to in some fashion. Hell, if it wasn’t for my job, I don’t think I’d ever get caught up on all my extracurricular WoW stuff.

  4. Hehe. Loved the recap of your day!

    I work 8 AM to 5…but luckily I don’t have to crawl out of bed until 7:15 ish. If I want to be risky, I can do 7:30. I live about 10 minutes from work.

    But, I am a grouchy, bitchy, angry person without about 8 hours of sleep, so I try to be in bed before 11:30 ish.

  5. Esoda

    What’s your SCII tag? 😀

  6. Cool story, bro. Very similar to mine with one huge exception: i have wife instead of cat :)

  7. Kaitri

    That was my life as well for the last few years – juggling raiding, working, the SO and any other RL things is too damned hard. I’ve often been forced to beg my GM to let me sit out of a few farm kills just so I could do the dishes, eat or pay attention to my cat. Of course, the second I stepped out of the instance, another one of our healers would complain because they didn’t get tide. /sigh

    Thanks for yet another awesome (and this time hilarious) post, Vix.

  8. Punraz

    Oh, that’s so my day, Vix, except my cat is my roomie …

  9. liz

    Imagine if you added kids to the mix.

    • I have two. They’re about 15lbs each, with short hair. (I keep telling my parents that they need to get used to the idea of feline offspring). And sometimes I have a third, but only when I’ve been raiding for 6+ hours … 😛

  10. Quint

    Hmm got a solution for you, put some ads on your blog, write us more info about our lovely class and change your rythm :
    12:00 – 2:00 pm : Alarm business
    2:01 – 4:00 pm : breakfast, lunch or diner and shower
    4:01 pm – 6:00 pm : wonderfull articles, analysis, best of chaman, etc…
    6:00pm to Whatever : WOW

    Become a rich geek and a wow nolife,

    We need you !!!

    • It would indeed be wonderful if ad revenue would pay as much as being a consultant. But until then … I shall be a wownolife with a regular job. 😛

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