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December 31, 2011

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

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Written by: Vixsin
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It’s hard to believe it, but 2011 and all its glory will shortly be a thing of the past. It’s been 3 tiers and over 100 ilvls since we all set about reaching 85, and thereafter steadfastly pursued a fire-breathing menace who set entire zones ablaze. It’s certainly been an eventful year at that—from the more recent LFR bans, to Legendary farming, and class stacking discussions. For Resto Shaman in particular, it’s been a roller-coaster ride of emotions, as we’ve gone from being cast aside in Tier 11 and 12 to being the healer de rigueur at the end of Tier 13. Buffs and nerfs, we’ve been through it all, and as MMO-Melting Pot has been chronicling, we in the blog-o-sphere have also talked about it all as well.

As I sit here looking back on it all, it’s actually my experiences in another MMO that have cast the sharpest relief on the game that I’ve been dedicated to for over five years. In fact, my adventures in SW:ToR have done more than cause me reflect on the past year; they’ve made me realize just how much change WoW has undergone on its path from underground release to industry and genre behemoth. So, instead of wrapping up this year looking at the events and occurrences that shaped a year in the life of this Vixsin, I thought I would instead take a trip down memory lane and remember just how far we’ve come.

Remember when …

  • Group buffs like Fortitude and Mark of the Wild were learned from tomes, which were a world drop?
  • Quest items didn’t sparkle magically, so you spent hours wandering around looking for the damn note that was sitting right on the table by the quest giver?
  • There was a limited number of debuffs that could be on a boss at any given point in time?
  • Raid bosses didn’t drop gold?
  • Opening the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj was a pretty involved process? At least, according to Oxhorn.
  • The only priests who had Fear Ward were Dwarves?
  • Bosses had immunities to complete schools of magic? (Hello there, everything in Molten Core!)
  • Alterac Valley battles lasted for hours upon end?
  • Friendships weren’t severed by the decision of Aldor versus Scryers?
  • There were no refreshment tables or food feasts and mages would spend 10 minutes before raid making food for everyone? (Prompting this PSA)
  • When you couldn’t summon from inside an instance so a group of 3 people would have to run all the way back outside to get a fill-in into the raid?
  • Rogue leather had dodge on it?
  • When there weren’t achievements, nonetheless ones for following in the famous footsteps of a raid wiper?
  • No one knew what a hit cap was? (Well, okay, maybe a select few)
  • Flasks were like elixirs and expired when you died?
  • You weren’t leet enough for Molten Core?
  • Nihilum was the big dog on the block?
  • There were no Soul Wells, so warlocks created each Healthstone one at a time?
  • Alakazam and Thottbot were the go-to sources for WoW information?
  • Corrupted blood was a great way to grief your fellow faction members?
  • Frost shock was the answer to everything and the reason why people rolled or switched to a shaman?
  • Feign Death was resistible? (Poor hunters!)
  • Saving up for an epic mount took months?
  • We didn’t know that Ozzy is the true Prince of Darkness?  Or the incredible computer prowess of Mr. T?
  • You had to spend the first 4 GCDs of any encounter dropping each totem individually? And then at 3 minutes in, or if your raid moved slightly, you’d have to drop each one again?
  • You spent days farming 8 mobs on the Elemental Plateau so that you could craft one pair of pants?
  • Pugging Karazhan was unthinkable? (And spawned this jewel of a vid)
  • “Guild bank” meant “officer alt”?
  • To level enchanting you had to go find this mob in the middle of an instance? (And walk uphill both ways)
  • Flight paths weren’t continuous?
  • There was no such thing as badge loot? Or, for that matter, there were no such things as tier tokens?
  • This guy wasn’t e-famous for his micro-management skills?
  • There were no such thing as dailies?
  • There was no way to “buy back” an item that you mistakenly sold to a vendor? Or for that matter, raid loot wasn’t tradable to “eligible” party members?
  • Resist gear was actually necessary for encounters, and you spent weeks farming for it?
  • There was no currency tab or pet/mount interface, so your bags were full of animals, horses, wolves and BG tokens?
  • There was no name-changing or server-transferring to get away from a bad rep?
  • PVPers actually feared the man in the blue dress?

So, here’s to all those memories from years past of WoW and all those to come in 2012. Happy New Years everyone!


  1. Niënni

    Happy new year 😀

    • Niënni

      The new year has started 5,5 hours ago over here :O but yes I remember most of those things. I think the fondest memory in that list is the AV battles. Hmm. Not all change is bad though looking at that list 😉

  2. Happy New Year!

    Also, I believe Feign Death can still be resisted.

  3. Aanzeijar

    You may want to check the blue dress youtube link.

    Other than that, most of these are things I definitely do not miss. The first time in the rookery we didn’t even need a Leeroy Jenkins for the same effect.

    But hey, do you remember the time when you could make mad profits with splicing? :)

  4. Happy New Year!
    While I only remember some of the items on the list, I am fortunate to have friends who have been playing since Vanila, so they educated me a lot on how far WoW has come….

    While I personally have never liked mages, Big Blue Dress by Cranius makes this warlock smile and reminds me of the first video which piqued my interest in machinima (I previously thought they were all just lame MVs) –

    WoW will always have a fond place in my heart, even as I await SWTOR’s offical launch in my country. 😀
    Kiedra´s last post ..Ultraxion 10M – Our Skill Check

  5. roel

    happy new year vixsin,

    when i read your post at the start i also went back into memory lane: when i got into wow via a friend, he showed me a couple of really fun things:
    40 priests do ony 😀
    or the 40 gnomes vs hogger 😀
    or the wow funeral ambush:

    wish i was there back then.

    i do hope they make raids again where one needs resistance gear.. or fights like leotheras, where a non-tank needs to tank the boss. For my shammy the most intense fight was m’uru.. that fight was the guild killer. still getting goosebumbs from that one. (last resto shammy standing.. together with the tank…)

    ow and what you missed as shaman:
    group switching during fights for heroism (group based spell :D).

  6. Koleraz

    Remember the time when you, as a resto shaman, could walk into a bg with a 2-hander and almost oneshot cloth-users by the power of windfury?
    Oh happy days

  7. Fluxions

    Oooh, memories!

    *Using Tranquil Air totem for the healing group, because we gained no benefit from the other air totems. Not dropping it toward the end of the fight because you couldn’t afford the mana cost.

    *Being in the melee group for WF. People spamming in LFG for shaman to come serve as windfury bot for 5 mans. Windfury totem in general. Pre-nerf windfury. Badass windfury kill videos.

    *Horde resentment over having no pally buffs. Being jealous of the efficacy, PvE practicality and duration of pally buffs. I wanna say blessing of wisdom was more effective than mana stream.

    *Using the mana stream level 50 class quest trinket well into level 60 raiding. Farming for the 11mp5 trinket in DM, then a hunter needing it. Trinkets generally being extremely hard to come by.

    *Waiting several seconds into the pull to begin healing in order to prevent pulling threat. Casting a crit heal after 4-5 seconds of tanking, pulling threat, and getting chastised for it.

    *Extensive use of CC in 5-mans. CC being a mandated party requirement: “LF1M CC, pref mage!” Not doing the instance because you couldn’t find a CC after all.

    *Putting together groups manually for leveling dungeons. Spamming trade and LFG channel. No summoning stones. Waiting for everyone to fly out there. Completing long lines of prerequisite quests in advance in order to do the dungeon quests.

    *3-man Onyxia (2 priests and 1 warrior tank, alliance, if i recall correctly). Generating mass jealousy among resto shamans for the unfairness of priest mana sustainability.

    *First getting Earth Shield pre-xpac patch in vanilla, and being utterly unkillable in pvp. Drove a guild rogue to absolute rage over this. Killed him with slow flametongue poking over 5 minutes.

    *Wiping to Drakk. Having to do Drakk to get Ony attune to be able to apply to raiding guilds. Wiping repeatedly to Drakk. Hunters having to kite Drakk adds far, far away. 10-man UBRS.

    *Resist requirements for guild applications (“200 FR, NR Required!”)

    *40-mans and class officers. Completely different guild culture and internal guild organization due to the size.

    *The inevitable retard who turns into a Drakonid during Chromag because they weren’t watching their debuffs

    *The inevitable retard who follows you on Mother Shahraz

    * AFKing in WSG in the water between farm and mine /

    *White raptor mount; ZG mounts being a big fucking deal

    *Lowbie pvp before heirlooms :(

    *Everyone PVPing like mad pre-BC when they removed pvp ranks

    *Tauren getting Double-Big buff from the shaman-in-training NPC in southern Durotar (get the buff, log out, log in, get the buff again + winterfall firewater = double big)

    *Glitching your way into the Caverns of Time (sneaking behind that dragon in tanaris and the stone wall that used to be there) and hanging out on the big hourglass. Summoning tons of people there.

    *Wondering what was behind the Greymane Wall

    *Pull ALL the crocodiles! (in Black Morass)

    *People being upset/irritated when the PvP cross-faction mounts were made available with honor, given the only way to get them before was to gruelingly farm reputation with runecloth turn-ins. /

    *horrible, horrible UIs, long before we had any idea what we were doing /

    Very good times :) Thanks for the memories.

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