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September 19, 2012

Resto Shaman Mists of Pandaria Guide is Live!

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Written by: Vixsin
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With one week to go before we find ourselves in Pandaland, the Resto Shaman Guide for Mists of Pandaria has gone live on Life in Group 5! This guide is intended to help Resto Shaman understand some of the changes that have been put into place with the new expansion, and help steer you through some of the choices you’ll have to make as you make your way through PVE content. (Sorry PVPers, but I’m quite sure you wouldn’t want a PVP guide from me even if I did write one!)

As with my previous Resto Shaman guides, you can expect to find a wealth of information on:

The new LiG5 layout has made it much easier for me to also push content into the Guide pages from posts and theorycrafting. So, I’ve sprinkled “extra reading” and links into various sections, so you can see the theorycraft behind some of my statements. (I also spent at least 5 hours putting icons everywhere …. so admire all the icons, dammit!) As always, I’m not going to represent this as the end-all, be-all guide, but hopefully it goes a long way to increasing your proficiency with the class and, ultimately, your enjoyment of your time in game.  Because wicked good Resto Shaman are happy Resto Shaman! ^_^


See you all in Pandaria,

~ Vix



  1. Thanks a lot for this guide Vixsin! I am going to read it asap! Plus the new layout is sick! 😀

  2. Mario

    Awesome! Ty ty ty.

  3. Awesome guide. Covers everything to keep someone up to speed with Panda land changes.

    Lots of obviously intended links don’t link anywhere, not sure you even need them though, pretty easy to find everything if you have the barest understanding of what you are looking at.

    Interesting to see your view on unleash life and unleashed fury, you say to pretty much use unleash life on CD, giving it a high value, but don’t seem to sing the same praises for unleash fury which is more potent and has no apparent cost since you are already using unleash life?

    • Pirjo

      It is important to balance praise of UF (which only benefits single target) and PE (which benefits all healing). Heavy single target healing where you are willing to cast GHW after UF will be one situation. The other is if a lot of your healing is healing rain/earthliving, that bulk healing being boosted by PE will outdo the single target heal gains.

      I would add that PE allows your Earth Ele to be a personal survival CD of sorts in addition to being a HPS boost, especially useful during burn phases, with it’s 20% DR for an entire minute. Shaman’s lack personal mitigation, this fills that weakness.

    • Yep, updating the links is on my to-do list, because it would be nice to have all of those tooltips available. But, this year I’m going to wait until after expac launch to set them all up (since last expac I linked everything to Wowhead’s beta database and when Cata went live … all the links died! Ugh, I don’t want to go through that again).

      Re: UF, I’m a little reserved when it comes to its throughput potential because it is restricted to single-target spells. Granted, on beta I was using a ton of HW on every fight because of its sustainability, but you have to balance that out with the fact that AOE healing is so much more throughput. So a good buff on a small heal might not outweigh a small buff on a large heal; it really does depend on spell breakdown.

  4. Offspec Heals

    Thanks again for the great guide!

    Under the “Spells (Active-cast)” section, the tooltip for Earth Shield no longer restricts the 20% increase in healing to our single target heals. I’m not sure if that’s an error or a fix though.

  5. Su

    Thank you, Vix! Site looks wonderful. =)

  6. Mulch

    Awesome work, as always, Vixsin!
    Just one question, doesn’t ES increase the healing of Healing Surge? Because it’s not listed in the table in “Heals (Active-cast)”.

  7. Morkwis

    Thanks for guide any chance of a gearing up for raids guide like you have done previously?

  8. shammypie

    After a couple of nights of raiding vaults i noticed a few things . The first is that spirit and intellect are equal in weight and stacking one devalues it a little. So for things like profession bonuses which give an increased spirit bonus over intellect get the spirit bonus. For food i suggest intellect since its flat bonus to both and trinkets I suggest a mix. (I’m using price of progress and fruit barrel). Try to aim for around 12k mp5 for a conservative game-play (fully buffed).

    For secondary stats reforge everything to crit because you will have so much haste on gear you won’t need it all and a lot of mastery enchants due to crit enchants being gone so with full pre-raid gear i sat around 55% after reforging and ~10-11% crit. I am using AS since mana is such an issue that spam healing during an ascendance will drive you oom before you know it and might be more healing than you need if your raid is stacked up on your healing rain.

    finally i raid 25 mans so this might change for you 10 man healers. here are my guild’s log if anyone would like to check it out and see how people in my guild are doing. some of them are undergeared so be kind.

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