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March 8, 2010

The End of Aftermath’s Group 5

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Written by: Vixsin
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The past couple of weeks have been, frankly speaking, an emotional rollercoaster for me. First, about three weeks ago, I was promoted to officer; I promptly used to opportunity to say more on vent in one night than I have in 7 months (~ 10 whole sentences). Then Drug called it quits—aw hell. Then, last week, Aftermath’s GL decides that despite my shining presence in O-chat, he needs to leave the guild he’s been a force in for over 3 years. In his absence, the guild makes the smartest and hardest decision we’ve ever collectively made—we decided to quit raiding (effectively disbanding the raid team). So, instead of writing posts over the past week about the litany of topics I had lined up, I instead spent it writing guild applications. The fruit of my editorial labor is that I’ll be joining a fellow blogger, also one of the players featured in The Raid alongside former Aftermath member Ttocs, in FH (Forgotten Heroes) on Black Dragonflight. It’s a hard thing to do, to watch a Group5 that I’ve collaborated with for so long fade away into the WoW community, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I’m still a little choked up about it.

But a new chapter awaits, with new surprises. I’m on to a guild that’s been around since the days of Molten Core, so at least I know they have good stories. And who knows, maybe FH puts its healers in Group 3! (/GASP) I’d better go reserve a couple of domains, just in case …


  1. Monsieur

    Thanks for all the great posts Vix :) This is a punch in the face for the resto community(possibly a wipe) when combined with drug leaving. Maybe flow can pick up the gauntlet :) Good luck with your new guild, and keep talking on vent, I know you you only have good stuff coming out of your brain!! cyas

  2. Monsieur

    Oh noes I read it wrong!! You confused me with the fading of group5 :)

  3. Looks like you wrangled yourself a nice guild there. Hope you get to see some action straight out of the box and await many posts detailing fitting into a new healing group 😛

  4. Well, the loss of an established and experienced healing group is always a bad thing.

    On the upside, you get to experience a new group with other people who do things differently is always fun as well!

    Lets hope the positives outweigh the negatives. 😉

  5. Yep, same me and same blog, just with a new guild and a new name. (Darn you “vixsin” on BDF! I bloody spent 15 minutes trying to come up with name variations that didn’t involve special characters!)

    The upside of the change is that I have a plethora of new topic ideas: “How to impress people you don’t know”, or maybe “how to recover after looking like an arse in your first raid”, or “how to alienate an entire guild with sarcasm” …. heh

  6. FH is an excellent guild and BDF is home to more than its fair share of WoW bloggers — including yours truly! If you run into a fellow Horde shaman by the name of Liliuye, /wave!
    .-= elleiras´s last blog ..Surreality: Uniting Geeks and Losers since 2007! =-.

  7. I got really worried when I saw the post title. I’m glad you’re staying with “us” Vix. And here’s hoping that the new guild situation works out well for you (both sides!).

  8. Morose and slightly misleading title gone; new, more precise one inserted. No more scares that I’m leaving the blogging scene.

    And thanks for the shout, Elleiras! I’m quite excited to join the BDF community and you are now, officially, the first person I know on server.

  9. thats sad to hear. i’m sorry they fell apart.
    Glad your applications worked out to get into FH!
    Its hard to leave a good working group of people. Hope to see your new guild and raid spot work out.

    keep on postin.

    Totems down, Hero up!

  10. You broke the server!

  11. Toccata


    Looking forward to hearing your horrible impressions of FH and BDF. What did you think of our first raid? The vent and how people acted? When I first came over to FH I was surprised how.. loud people were.

  12. Yeah, you scared me there for a second too. I was like, am I going to have to do real math in my posts now or something? :)

    Hope the move works well. My new guild puts the healers in group 4, which definitely took several weeks to get used to. Why, I don’t know, but thought I’d let you know. :)
    .-= Wugan´s last blog ..Pimp my Resto Shaman: A Shameless Ripoff for a Blog Idea =-.

  13. Heh. First night on BDF and the server goes down for 2 hours. Then comes back up and promptly dies again. And FH puts its healers (at least last night) … in Group 1. Suffice to say, my self healing wasn’t on the ball, as a year of training kept me looking for the blue box in g5.

    Further proof, change is a horrible thing! /grumble

  14. Sorry to hear that about Aftermath. Best of luck on BDF, Vixsin.
    .-= Borsk´s last blog ..ICC25 Hard Mode: Them Bones =-.

  15. Mimetir

    Moo! Sorry to hear about Aftermath – tho’ I hope all of Aftermath go on to good things, and that your new adventures are filled with suitable amounts of villain-vanquishing and epic plunder.

    I’m glad to see you’re still with us :)

  16. Kurono

    =/. I heard about aftermath a couple of weeks ago, sorry to hear that vixsin. Guess I’ll have to create a character on BDF now so I can continue stalking my favorite shaman! But hey, keep in touch, will ya, and good luck in FH, hope everything works out for you.

  17. Thanks again for all the well-wishes, everyone.

    (And life wouldn’t be the same without my one groupie. ^_^ Let the stalking recommence!)

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