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March 19, 2010

Raiders’ Answer Bag

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Written by: Vixsin
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In my travels in WoW and my quest for interweb answers, I’ve collected a number of resources and a good deal of information about Resto Shaman. Previously, all this information was relegated to a Bookmarks folder and a disorganized Word doc. But no more! Behold, the Raider’s Answer Bag—a collection of answers obtained through my own experiences, efforts, and theorycrafting to some of the most regular questions asked by new and experienced resto shaman alike. Where applicable, I’ve added links to source data and/or tried to explain in as easy a way as possible where/how I came up with the numbers presented. (And I do hope the veracity of information held through multiple document iterations and edits.) So, without further ado, let’s get on to the questions, and the debates they’re sure to spark!

Current Sections:

These pages can also be found under the main menu above–“Shaman Tools”.

*If you have a specific question about resto shaman or simply healing in general, I invite you to throw it into a comment at the end of this blog or email it to me. I’ll try to keep this thread up to date with questions that I get from readers as well.


  1. Maker

    I saw your comment with regards to the DFO in the gearing section. As an elemental, I’ve had it proc pre-pull several times from just dropping my totems.

    The totem combination I’ll usually drop pre-pull is:
    Totem of Wrath / Wrath of Air / Stoneskin / Mana Spring
    Totem of Wrath / Wrath of Air / Stoneskin / Healing Stream

    To be honest, I have never noticed it proccing off of the first combination, but I do see it proc fairly often from the second combination.

    Should I forget to test it and report my findings to you, I’d suggest finding a shaman who has a DFO and asking them to try dropping Healing Stream to see if it’ll proc.

    Those are the only two combinations of totems I drop.

  2. Maker

    As a follow up, I can confirm that dropping healing stream can proc DFO. Happy hunting!

  3. Wow, that’s really good to know! I do know that Healing Stream has been a viable way to stack “spell effect” trinkets for most of WotLK–I used to power up Eye of the Broodmother and Illustration before fights by spam dropping HST, but I never really considered it an offensive spell!

    Now if only we could find someone who could seed our instance with trinkets every week …

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