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March 31, 2010

Road to the Bloodbathed Frostwyrm

Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher

Ever since they were released as Season 5’s Gladiator award, I have slathered over the Frost Wyrm mount model. I’m no mount collector, nor someone who is hugely motivated by nerd points, but when I read that I could obtain my very own winged flying skeleton by completing Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 and 25), I knew that they were two sets of achievements that would not fall by the wayside. As of this coming reset, it will be official—I will have healed every achievement needed to get my very own Bloothbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, the reward for Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10-man). And because I don’t think anyone should emerge out of Icecrown without a Frostwyrm of their very own, I’ve assembled the following guide to help you on your way.

Do note that I’m assuming that you will do the achievements on Normal mode; while most are achievable on hard mode, believe you me that it is a lot more of a pain in the arse to go that route. Ratings are provided to give you a gauge on the level of difficulty associated with each achievement, with 1 being “oh hey look, we got an achievement!” and 10 being “holy hell I would rather play the South Park version of Ro Sham Bo than do that again.”



Rating: 1/10

Recommended Healers: 2

Defeat Lord Marrowgar without any raid member remaining impaled for more than 8 seconds in 10-player mode.

One of the easiest achievements of the ICC10 meta, Boned is as simple as it sounds; kill every bone spike within 8 seconds of the player being impaled. To accomplish this, it’s easiest to have the group position themselves in Marrowgar’s hitbox (so that the entire raid is clustered within easy reach of melee and ranged dps). The lone exception to this would be hunters, who need to stay farther away to enable their ranged attack. The best advice I can give to getting this achievement is that every dps needs to prioritize spikes. The moment they go out, all boss dps should stop until the spikes are dead. There is no way I know of to cheese this; your dps simply have to be on top of their game.


Full House

Rating: 7/10

Recommended Healers: 2-3

Defeat Lady Deathwhisper with at least five different types of Cultists active at the time of her demise in 10-player mode.

An achievement designed to test your coordination and throttling skills, Full House can take a number of wipes before things finally settle into place. In order to complete the achievement, you will need to have five types of Cultists alive when Deathwhisper kicks the bucket:

  1. Deformed Fanatic – must be kited
  2. Reanimated Fanatic – shackleable
  3. Reanimated Adherent – tankable
  4. Cult Fanatic – tankable
  5. Cult Adherent – tankable

It’s generally recommended that you employ as much CC as possible to counterbalance the RNG you encounter while doing the achievement (mind controls, loose adds, spawn order, etc). An additional healer is advisable, as well as a dedicated decurser, as damage will be significantly increased due to the presence of Phase 1 adds during Phase 2 mechanics (frostbolt, frostbolt volley, and ghosts).

In Phase 1 your group will be focusing on collecting the right number of adds and killing those which are duplicates of the ones you need. Killing the adherent(s) on the first wave ensures that Deathwhisper will transform a cultist (into a reanimated if you’re lucky, a deformed if you didn’t sacrifice enough to the WoW gods). While you are collecting the adds (and kiting, if need be), take Deathwhisper down to ~15% Mana and then stop all damage (dots should wear off before this point, so dot classes should plan accordingly). The transition is arguably the trickiest part of this achievement, as you want to ensure that one of the Cult members does not get transformed by Deathwhisper while you are pushing into Phase 2. So, once you have confirmed that you have all necessary mobs, hit Bloodlust and dps full blast into the phase transition.

After that point, it goes back to business as normal (albeit slightly more hectic). Be ready for misdirects/taunts on the boss tank as your OT will have to be on adds fulltime. In terms of healing, Phase 2 will be long and chaotic, so stay vocal about who is in and out of range and keep an eye on your mana.


I’m on a Boat

Rating: 2/10

Recommended Healers: 2

Claim victory in the Gunship Battle without any raid member visiting the enemy gunship more than twice in 10-player mode.

Since this achievement was changed (from “more than once”), a cheesy and/or glitchy strat is no longer necessary to rack up these 10 points. Start by forming 2 groups within your raid—one tank and 3 dps apiece; healers will stay on the starting boat for the entire time. The first time that the mage is summoned to freeze the canons, the first group will rocket over. After they kill the mage, they will stay on the boat and kill the summoned mage #2. Once mage #2 is dead, then they rocket back to the starting ship and the second group prepares to handle mage #3 and #4. Killing adds on the starting boat is left for periods when the guns are frozen; but it’s worth noting that it’s good practice to clean them up in between every wave so that the tank swap after mage #2’s death isn’t particularly harsh. For healers, it’s important to be prepared for the tank on the opposing ship to get hit harder and harder as the Faction Leader’s stacks increase; towards the end of the group’s session on the opposing ship your tank will be taking very heavy spike damage and you will likely need to spam heal. If all goes well and your gunners aren’t slacking, the ship should go down shortly after mage kill #4.


I’ve Gone and Made a Mess

Rating: 2/10

Recommended Healers: 1- 2

Defeat the Deathbringer before Mark of the Fallen Champion is cast three times in 10-player mode.

While some might maintain that this achievement hinges on having incredibly good dps, I maintain that it’s really non-dps elements that matter most of all—specifically Rune of Blood, Blood Beasts, and Blood Nova. While all of Saurfang’s abilities cause him to gain Blood Power, the aforementioned have the potential to increase his rate of gain almost exponentially if handled incorrectly. For Rune of Blood, this means taunts between the tanks need to be quick and immediate following application of the Rune. For Blood Beasts, this means employing a snare and/or a knockback so that the Beasts do not melee their agro targets. For Blood Nova, this means spreading out across the entire platform at max range (DXE Proximity meter should be set to 12 yards) so that the spell only afflicts one person. Doing all of these things will significantly inhibit his rate of BP gain and make the achievement an easy one. Do note that you can no longer cheese the amount of BP that Saurfang gains by having a disc priest shield Boiling Blood and Blood Nova (not that it makes an incredible amount of difference, post-nerfs).


Dances with Oozes

Rating: 6/10

Recommended Healers: 2

Defeat Rotface without a Big Ooze casting Unstable Ooze Explosion in 10-player mode.

This is definitely one of those achievements which is harder on 10man than it is on 25man, by virtue of the reduced number of resources you have on hand. While most Rotface normal mode encounters will have 2 or 3 ooze explosions during the course of the fight, the goal of Dances with Oozes is to avoid them altogether. For our group, this meant coming armed with 2 ooze tanks, 1 main (boss) tank and 2 healers. Your third tank need only be a pseudo-tank, capable of building and maintaining ranged agro on a big ooze (a dps dk worked well for us). The important thing to note is that when you combine a Big Ooze (2+ stack) with a Big Ooze (2+ stack), your resultant Big Ooze will only be at the max stack +1, (in this example, a 3 stack). This allowed us to accommodate a couple more spawns than would otherwise be allowable.

In addition, we used a “cleanse immediately” strat, which means that the small oozes are tanked by the formerly affected player until they merge to form a Big Ooze (whether because a melee ran out a small ooze to a ranged dpser or because another nearby dps was infected and cleansed). When a Big Ooze formed, it was taunted out by the OT and kited around the outer edge of the room. When two Big Oozes form, the second is taunted out by the pseudo-tank so that it doesn’t latch onto a dps target, and it is then kited by the pseudo tank into the Big Ooze that the OT is kiting. When the first Big Ooze reaches 4 stacks, the pseudo-tank then goes on fulltime ooze kiting duty, performing the same tasks as the first tank.

Provided that players avoided slime spray, stayed spread out (at ranged) as much as possible and stayed out of the Big Ooze’s kite path, there really wasn’t an overabundance of raid damage. Ultimately, increased raid awareness–staying alert about slime puddles, spawning Big Oozes, kite paths and other players with little oozes in tow–will limit the amount of healing needed. But don’t be surprised if it’s a messy finish.


Flu Shot Shortage

Rating: 3/10

Recommended Healers: 2- 3

Defeat Festergut while none of the players in your raid group ever had 3 stacks of Inoculated in 10-player mode.

In contrast to the fancy footwork and coordination required by the Rotface achievement, Flu Shot Shortage only requires a minor adjustment on the part of your raiders when Gas Spores are distributed. In order to make sure that no one in our group had over 2 stacks apiece, the first spores were run out of the raid so that only the two affected parties received the buff. Subsequent Gas Spores were distributed normally, with the first two affected players abstaining from getting the second Gas Spore. There are a couple ways that RNG can make this challenging for you (eg: having a tank targeted for 2 of the 3 Gas Spores or having someone targeted with the first Gas Spore accidently get the second and then be targeted with the third), but all are easily avoidable through communication and execution.

At two stacks of Inoculated, you will only receive a 50% reduction in the damage of Pungent Blight, so Shadow Protection is requisite to reducing the incoming damage. With 2 stacks, no one should die, but it will be a healing scramble to pick players back up from low HP. When Festergut releases the Blight back into the room, Divine Sac, Tranquility and/or Hymns can all be useful in bringing the raid back up to full again (accompanied by Bloodlust, of course). After you survive the first blight, you can coast your way to a kill.


Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion

Rating: 4/10

Recommended Healers: 3

Defeat Professor Putricide without using Regurgitated Ooze on the Abomination in 10-player mode.

There are very few achievements in ICC where I would say that completion hinges on entirely dps, but Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion is definitely one of them. Without the Abom slowing the red and green oozes, your dps will have a significantly smaller window of time in which to pump out massive damage before your raid succumbs to ooze explosions. Of the two oozes, we found green to be the more deadly, since its root effect on its target severely limits the amount of time you have from spawn until contact. For this reason, positioning becomes key.

Currently there are two camps of boss positioning—those that tank Putricide directly on the green ooze spawn point and kite him around with the oozes; and those that tank Putricide on the opposite side of the room as the ooze spawn. For this achievement, however, if you are not already practicing the “pile on green” method of positioning, then I would highly recommend a switch. The reason is simple: both oozes will be moving fast, and I mean really fast, towards the targeted player and the more dps time you have, the less likely it is that an ooze will kill players. While positioning on the green spawn can result in two melee getting targeted and blown up back-to-back (oftentimes resulting in a wipe) more often than not, the green ooze will choose a melee target and then a ranged (or vice versa). This will allow sufficient time to orchestrate a kill; and believe it or not, those 5-10 seconds of melee dps time can make a difference.

With all melee (including MT + boss) following around the green oozes, distribution of explosion damage shouldn’t be an issue. Alternately, if your raid is having problems killing the orange ooze in time, speed pots (run speed not Potions of Speed) can provide a much needed boost to the amount of time you have to kill a spawn. But, again, careful positioning to the sides of the room prior to the orange spawn can afford you the additional kiting time you need. If an orange ooze does connect with a player, don’t despair; at this point it shouldn’t be a wipe. Ultimately, you should only have to deal with 3-4 oozes before Putricide switches into Phase 3.


The Orb Whisperer

Rating: 1/10

Recommended Healers: 2-3

Defeat the Blood Council without anyone in the raid taking more than 23,000 spell damage in a single hit in 10-player mode.

Otherwise known as the “You did the fight correctly!” achievement, The Orb Whisperer is an almost guaranteed award after completing the fight with no deaths. Alas, there are no tips that I can provide for this achievement other than: run away from fire orbs, keep Kinetic orbs off the ground, and stay spread out for Empowered Shock Vortex. Provided that no one in your raid gets nuked, this achievement should be yours with minimal effort.


Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Rating: 2/10

Recommended Healers: 2-3

Defeat Blood-Queen Lana’thel once as a vampire and again without becoming a vampire in 10-player mode.

Another freebie of an achievement, this should be easily obtainable by healers, dps and tanks alike. Because you should have a total of 8 vampires at the end of every fight (provided that you don’t lose a bite somewhere along the way), rotating players in and out of the bite list should have no impact on the kill. Your MT should have a significant enough lead by the time the 3rd waves of bites go out that, if he is bit, the threat mitigation component of Essence of the Blood Queen should have no adverse effect. Likewise, being bitten has no real effect on healers (provided they are in the last round of vampires created).


Portal Jockey

Rating: 1/10

Recommended Healers: 3

Enter every portal spawned by Valithria Dreamwalker before healing her to full health in 10-player mode.

Although one of the easiest achievements in ICC, our 10man group in Aftermath actually failed this one several times thinking it was a player-only one like “Gotta Go …” So, WARNING: THIS APPLIES TO ALL PORTALS SPAWNED BY VALITHRIA DURING THE ENCOUNTER. In 10-man, this means that one of your dps will need to hop into a portal every time they are spawned (healers will be taking the other 2 of 3) so that every green portal spawn is used. This is then repeated every portal cycle. This If there is a slight overlap between the spawn and the end of the fight, it is generally recommended that you jump into the last set to make sure you get the credit (although, in our last several runs, Valithria getting to 100% seemingly negated the last set of portal spawns from being included in the achievement’s requirements).


All You Can Eat

Rating: 9/10

Recommended Healers: 3

Defeat Sindragosa in 10-player mode without any member of your raid receiving more than 5 stacks of Mystic Buffet.

Prior to the recent nerf, I would have rated this achievement a 10/10 difficulty based on extreme level of coordination and precision required to not exceed the max stacks of Mystic Buffet. After the nerf … it still requires an extreme level of coordination and precision, you simply have a couple more seconds of leeway. Since the achievement only comes into play sub-35%, you’ll spend the majority of your time perfecting Sindragosa’s air and land phases and comparatively less time actually working on your stack management.

When Sindragosa does reach 35% HP, the fun begins, and by fun I mean the challenge of making sure that everyone resets their stack of Mystic Buffet on EVERY iceblock. For healers, this is arguably the hardest achievement challenge that you’ll face, as you will be juggling raid health, tank health, unchained magic, and stacks and cannot miss a single iceblock reset in between it all. So, in preparation for this phase, your raid will want to establish block placement using one of two positioning scenarios. The first setup has blocks placed in line with Sindragosa’s nose and mid-section (with tanks stacking in the same position) while the second setup places iceblocks in line with Sindragosa’s tail and nose (with tanks placed on either end of Sindragosa and alternating taunts after every reset). The benefit of the former is that the raid will have the minimum travel time in between blocks, while the benefit of the latter is that tank travel time is the shortest possible distance.

Whatever positioning you do choose, it will be to your benefit to assign one dps and one dps alone to killing blocks. Similar to killing stars on Algalon, this player will throttle their own dps to make sure that blocks are broken at the appropriate time—only after all players have reset. This means that there will likely be some overlap between blocks; with block #1 being killed after block #2 is created (and so forth into the fight). Healers will need to get the tank up to full, complete with hots and shields, before ducking behind a block to reset and even then, be prepared to scramble to top the tank and the raid off before the next reset is at hand. Divine Sac, Hymns, and Tranquility are all great to have at the ready even if you do attempt this with 3 heals, as raid health will oftentimes become secondary to keeping tank HP up.


Been Waiting a Long Time for This

Rating: 7/10

Recommended Healers: 3

Allow Necrotic Plague to stack to 30 before defeating the Lich King in 10-player mode.

Although difficult in terms of execution, the one good thing about this Lich King achievement is that it’s entirely based in Phase 1 (meaning that, unlike Sindragosa, you aren’t required to go through 6 minutes of the fight before you get to the part that matters). As stated, the goal is to stack Necrotic Plague up to 30 by way of ghoul/shambler deaths. The problem that you will quickly discover is that maintaining the Plague stacks can be a bit tricky, especially since you have a limited number of ghouls and shamblers to work with and at higher stack values, mobs will die fairly quickly. It’s important to note that ping-ponging the Plague between players and mobs will quickly drop your stacks, since each dispel decreases the stack by 1.

So, to get the plague up to 30+ stacks you will have to “lose” some of the infections that go out during the course of phase 1. To accomplish this, the first and third plague need to be run completely out of the raid and dispelled, effectively “losing” the stack. The second infection (and every infection from #4 on) should be carried over to the offtank, to be dispelled onto the ghouls and shamblers as per normal. During this time, the OT and his helpful MD-er (we used a rogue), will be assembling ghouls and shamblers, in preparation for the point where the stack hits ~20ish. At this point, your plague will be ticking through the add pack faster than the spawns and the reserve of baddies stuck to your OT will start to diminish quickly. (This is also the point where our DPS needed to stop on the Lich as well). If you’re lucky, the Lich will spawn a pack of ghouls and a shambler in short order, and you’ll be able to get the stack up past 30 very quickly. If you are unlucky, you might have to ping-pong the stack around the raid a couple times until the spawns are in place. Beware though, with every dispel you’ll lose more ground, to the point where simply starting over becomes the best option.

During all this time, healers will still need to be pumping a good amount of healing into the MT and OT. While the MT will be dealing with typical spike damage and then some (since the Lich gains power as the stacks increase), the OT will be getting hit a lot harder than normal, due to the large pack of mobs he’ll be collecting. I would strongly recommend having 3 healers for this achievement, as the length and severity of damage in Phase 1 are much more than is typical for the encounter. And while you used to be able to cheese this encounter by way of a DK’s Pestilence, that was quickly hotfixed. Once someone has confirmed that the Plague has ticked to 30 and then past, your group can then push Lich into Phase 2 and hope nothing goes wrong with the rest of the encounter!



Neck Deep in Vile

Rating: 6/10

Recommended Healers: 2

Kill every Vile Spirit that spawns before it explodes and then defeat the Lich King in 10-player mode.

As of 3/24, this achievement is no longer required for the Meta, but for those wishing to finish out the last of the “original” meta achievements, it can still hold a refreshing challenge. Unlike some achievements which hinge on the performance of only a select few, this achievement will test your entire group’s awareness because, even with top-of-the-line dps, you likely won’t be able to kill all of the Vile Spirits while they’re floating above the raid. It’s also important to note that the spirits don’t explode after a certain amount of time; they explode once they reach their intended target. So, a situationally aware player can essentially kite a spirit for a short time while others dps it down.

Prior to their descent and immediately after the spawn, your raid needs to nuke the spirits with every ranged AOE attack possible, (with an Unholy DK hopefully adding in Ebon Plaguebringer, along with Pestilence and Blood Boil.) Disc and Holy Priests will want to Mind Sear (if their healing partners can sustain the loss in HPS). When the spirits start to descend, you raid will want to take up position as far away as possible and employ snaring techniques while dpsing the remaining spirits down. Again, remember that the spirits explode on contact, so expect to have to duck and weave a bit if you’re a target.

Because the spirits are summoned almost directly above the Lich, we found that alternating between the far east and west sides of the platform gave us the most possible time to kill all of the spawns before they reached the raid. The good news is that with everyone avoiding the spirit explosions, raid damage is significantly deceased. The bad news is that you’ll still have to deal with Harvest Soul, Defile, and Soul Reaper while dancing around the platform.


  1. Kaelinh

    Been Waiting a Long Time for This: I don’t recall ever having to lose stacks on this achivement. When I dispell the plague into the adds it usually jumps to a seperate one, so you have one big stack and one small stack until they join together, usually on the large mob. We only had to jump it between players once or twice.

  2. Behr

    We found it easiest to get “waiting a long time for this” with having every disease dropped on the offtank, only time we had issues is when we got rid of some, we would start running out of ghouls around 25 stacks.

    We’ve had to do the achievement 4 times now for various people who missed our first few times. So we’ve practiced a lot.

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