So, you’ve read a post of mine, seen my comments somewhere, or just stumbled upon this page by happenstance–whatever the reason, my Inbox is always open. Even though a blog tends to be a one-way street (lots of my thoughts versus some of yours) I’m always open to differing perspectives and counterpoints to the arguments I put forth. And I’m always willing to give advice to anyone who might lack a shaman yoda of their own.

So, if you have questions, comments, concerns, suggestions or want to whittle me down to size, I invite you to shoot me an email directly (vixsin at life in group 5 dot com) or send me a message through the form below.

Do note, my schedule can be all over the place at times, so it may take me a couple days to respond. But if you take the time to send me a message, I’ll gladly respond every time. :)



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