Frost Shock, by Phrolian Gardner for WoW TCG


till a sore point for me when it comes to the Resto toolkit, Glyphs nevertheless afford us the potential to change up our healing style and/or offer some additional utility. As with previous expansions, glyphs are divided into two categories. Major glyphs are described as those glyphs which will impact your performance and gameplay. Minor glyphs are glyphs which provide aesthetic or minor quality of life improvements, but have no effect on the performance of your character.



Major Glyphs

Glyph of Chaining

A glyph aimed at mitigating some of the issues that Resto Shaman have when healing a spread raid, Glyph of Chaining introduces a 3 second cooldown on Chain Heal (making it ~5 seconds in between heals) in exchange for an increase in jump distance from 12.5 to 25 yards. While this generally is sufficient to assure that CH has 4 bounces even in the most spread of conditions, it means that shaman will see reduced HPS in stacked raid conditions (while using the glyph).

  • Suggested for use when: a fight contains very limited to no raid stacking.

This glyph affords you a small heal on a player from whom you have successfully dispelled a magic or curse effect. It’s worth noting that the heal from Cleansing Waters is unaffected by Mastery and Crit, and given its reliance on the dispel CD and the presence of a dispelable effect, this glyph acts more of a slight bonus in a PVE environment versus a reliable healing source.

  • Suggested for use when: healing 5-mans with plentiful dispel mechanics.

Glyph of Eternal Earth

A slight bonus when you anticipate casting a number of Lightning Bolts, you nevertheless spend more time casting damage abilities than it would take to simply refresh the existing Earth Shield.

  • Suggested for use when: (none for PVE)

Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem

Due to its interaction with Primal Elementalist, this glyph has some relevance to Restos who are looking to provide more consistent throughput through the course of an encounter. This glyph will reduce Fire Elemental Totem to a 3-minute cooldown, with a 36-second duration. Although even with the reduced duration, Fire Elemental is still ineligible for further reduction via Call of the Elements, it does allow you to line up Fire Elemental with Healing Tide Totem, garnering you a 10% healing increase on our highest HPS spell and boosted healing for the duration of Fire Elemental’s Empower.

  • Suggested for use when: you need/want the additional burst on more frequent intervals.

Glyph of Grounding Totem

Although this generally does not see much usage in PVE content, there have been multiple occasions in past raid encounters where Glyph of Grounding Totem allows Shaman to mitigate potentially deadly effects.

  • Suggested for use when: testing has confirmed that Grounding Totem provides a substantial benefit.

Glyph of Healing Stream Totem

A minor damage reduction to Healing Stream’s targets, this glyph provides a mostly unseen and uncontrollable benefit during an encounter. When used in conjunction with the talent Rushing Streams, your raid will receive its benefit at potentially critical points, but again, the unpredictable nature means that this is a glyph to use if you have no better options.

  • Suggested for use when: you don’t have much use for other Major glyphs.

Glyph of Healing Wave

This glyph provides a small but reliable stream of healing  when you use Healing Wave as a filler in your raid rotation. Although the amount transferred to the shaman was reduced down to 10%, because the size of HW was substantially increased, this glyph will prove useful when you are focused on HPM.

  • Suggested for use when: your focus is on single-target healing and/or you frequently use a very mana-conservative HW-based rotation.

Glyph of Riptide

Another glyph aimed at mitigating Resto Shamans’ spread raid issues, Glyph of Riptide removes the cooldown associated with our trademark talent, in exchange for a 75% reduction in the initial hit. Although this results in a reduction in both the HPS and the HPM of Riptide, the trade-off is that you are free to use the hot more liberally (drawing inspiration from Druids’ Rejuvenation) and will not be constrained by Riptide’s cooldown when selecting Chain Heal targets.

  • Suggested for use when: the fight entails heavy movement and heavy damage (meaning that your RT ticks will see very low overhealing).

Glyph of Spiritwalker’s Focus

In exchange for a 50% reduction in CD time, this glyph will halve the buff duration to a mere 8 seconds.

  • Suggested for use when: an encounter includes heavy damage during regular periods of movement.

Glyph of Spiritwalker’s Grace

Because this glyph constitutes only a small increase in the duration of Spiritwalker’s Grace (making the total duration 20 seconds), it’s unlikely that Resto Shaman will find a need for this glyph.

  •  Suggested for use when: being able to cast while moving is critical to survival.

Telluric Currents

In Warlords, this glyph will simply reduce the cost of Lightning Bolt to zero, affording bored Resto Shaman the chance to contribute a minor amount of dps in an encounter.

  • Suggested for use when: fights have long segments of time where no healing is needed or if you are being asked to contribute DPS..

Glyph of Totemic Recall

A fairly straightforward glyph, Glyph of Totemic Recall will see much less use this expac given that the recall return was reduced to a mere 25% of the original cost.

  • Suggested for use when: (none)

Glyph of Water Shield

A  glyph that asks you to trade one thing for a potentially larger gain, this glyph could potentially net you an additional 671 mana per incoming attack, at a cost of 43 mp5. What’s important to note about this glyph is that it is entirely dependent on incoming attacks triggering Water Shield‘s effects, which requires that boss abilities be physical attacks (which they rarely are).

  • Suggested for use when: Incoming boss attacks will proc Water Shield more than 2.28 times per minute.

Minor Glyphs

The “flavor” of the glyph system, your choice of Minor glyph is entirely dependent on whether you would like to pelt your group with frogs, walk over water, forgo the classic yellow laser beams of healing in favor of more refreshing torrents, or enjoy the company of ancestors, elemental familiars, or compies. The only real minor glyph that I’d recommend is Glyph of Ghostly Speed, which is awesome for all those runs back necessary during progression.