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Getting into Dungeons and Heroics

As more and more players reach 85 and get into dungeons and heroics, the question on everyone’s mind seems to be, “What gear do I need to start into dungeons, heroics, and raiding?” The good news is that a sta...
by Vixsin

Maybe we should have brought more reinforcements ...

The Final Showdown: The Lich King

Upon seeing the encounter for the first time, my impressions of the Lich King were many—“holy heck that’s a small throne”, “did he shrink since Wrathgate?” and “oh lord, not more RP”. Looking forward to breezing...
by Vixsin


An Intro to WoL: Wading through the data

World of Logs is the latest and greatest in a string of independent online combat log parsers, borne into the WoW community in early 2009, about the time that Ulduar was released. As stated on the website, the goal of WoL is ...
by Vixsin



The 5 Whys of Wiping: A Healer’s Lessons

If you ever have the inclination to study supply chain management, manufacturing, or production system design, you will likely bump into an evaluation technique called “The 5 Whys”. Originally developed by Sakichi Toyoda an...
by Vixsin


The Haste Quandary

A recent post on MMO-Champion’s Shaman forums got me thinking about Resto Shaman’s current stat of choice, and if there was such a thing as too much haste. After the geek in me quieted down about the chance to make an excel...
by Vixsin


Vixsin | Level 80 Ding

Gearing and Tips for the Newly-80 Resto

Admittedly, it’s been a while since I had to gear out a shaman (since the first days of Wrath’s release, to be precise, all those months ago). So when I received numerous requests to provide a how-to-gear for newly dinged 8...
by Vixsin