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Hello My Name is Inigo Montoya

Hello, my name is …

Believe you me, I tried to abstain from the discussion on this one. As bloggers everywhere took sides about the introduction of the RealID system, I stayed silent. As guildies and former guildies sent me random email...
by Vixsin


A Look at Raid Design Challenges

Raid lockouts have been the talk of the town as of late, with Ghostcrawler recently providing more than enough forum feedback for ardent raiders and trolls alike to sink their teeth into. With Beta on the horizon and a number o...
by Vixsin


Shaman Roundtable

There’s no long post to be had here, folks, just something worthy of note: The Shaman Roundtable, part of a series hosted by the Raid Warning podcast, is being held on July 13th. There are some great community members tak...
by Vixsin



A Question of Identity

Since I’ve been writing a bevy of serious posts lately filled with numbers, philosophy and the like, I thought I’d take some time to dial it back a bit and address a more critical question facing all spectrum of players. It...
by Vixsin

LK Versus Yogg

A Hard Look at Hardmodes

The last major instance of the expansion and one that has been explored by a large number of raiders, Icecrown Citadel (ICC) has been surrounded by criticism and drama since its release. It was an expanded testing ground for a ...
by Vixsin



A Healing State of Mind

For many, avoiding burnout and sustaining interest in the wind down time before Beta news floods WoW fansites means capitalizing on the chance to explore the world of healing, Resto Shaman or otherwise. In my forays through all...
by Vixsin