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Lessons from an Alt: the Disc Priest

Without a doubt, healing is something I consider a comfort zone. I write about it, I talk about, and I genuinely enjoy the game more when I’m doing it. So a few months ago I finally bit the bullet and rolled the last healing ...
by Vixsin


How to be an Unabashed WoW Gamer

With WoW’s subscription count in the tens of millions these days, and the console market covering everything from Wii Fit grandmas to NASCAR devotees, I think it’s very safe to say that gaming isn’t as closeted as it used...
by Vixsin


End-Game Gearing, Part I – An Evolution

Whenever I think about the process of gearing in WoW, I invariably picture MC Escher’s famous print, “Ascending and Descending”. Although more people might be familiar with the movie Inception’s depiction of the Penrose...
by Vixsin



Crashing the Healers’ Party

The Circle of Healers Webring, the brainchild of Miss Medicina herself, has been done and gone for just over 4 months now. It was enlightening, uniting and incredibly interesting to follow as a study in information flow. In par...
by Vixsin

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The Raiders’ Training Cycle

We, the raiding world of WoW, hit a collective milestone this month, which went largely uncommented on in the larger community save for a collected few players who like tracking this sort of thing (or who like to look for crack...
by Vixsin



On Iteration and Design: Spirit Link Totem

Before I spent my days wading through calculations, and before I spent my time being a problem-solver, I spent some time studying architecture (translation: I spent a good amount of time in a studio laboring over architectural ...
by Vixsin