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The Value of Community Self-Sufficiency

Back in the days of Nintendo, die hard gamers intent on beating Super Mario Bros on “hard mode” or trying to get into the hidden dungeons of Zelda learned that there was one way to fix any bug in the game—to blow on the c...
by Vixsin


Is Your “Best” Healer Really Helping Your Team?

In the world of competitive raiding, we oftentimes depend on key people—guild leaders, raid leaders, healing leads, main tanks, uber dps—to carry heavier loads than others, to hold the reigns and contribute a little more th...
by Vixsin

The VIP velvet rope

The Construction and Deconstruction of an App

There comes a time in every raider’s life when they find themselves faced with a daunting challenge—writing an application to a guild that they would actually like to join. In stark contrast to those guilds that you join as...
by Vixsin



Lessons from an Alt: the Disc Priest

Without a doubt, healing is something I consider a comfort zone. I write about it, I talk about, and I genuinely enjoy the game more when I’m doing it. So a few months ago I finally bit the bullet and rolled the last healing ...
by Vixsin


The Shaman Teaser: Deconstructed

At around 12:30pm yesterday afternoon, a loud <THUNK> was heard from the Resto Shaman community as jaws hit the floor and tall blue trolls fainted dead away from excitement. Unless you are living under a rock, you know th...
by Vixsin



Tidal Force: Rediscovered

About a month or so ago, during some down time at the end of my day, I wandered onto the MMO-Champion Shaman forums ready to answer some questions and, instead, walked away with one of my own. As I detailed in a previous post, ...
by Vixsin