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Resto Shaman 31 point talent trees

Resto Shaman Talent Audit

In the spirit of Cataclysm, which someone so appropriately has dubbed WoW 4.0, talent trees are the latest game element to see some of the effects of new-but-old-but new redesign philosophy (which by the way, as a fan of contin...
by Vixsin

Arrogant Linux Elitist T-shirt

The Argument for Elitism – Part II

In WoW, as it exists today, elitism is both a good and a bad thing; its connotation greatly depends on who you talk to. Most oftentimes, being an “elitist” is looked upon as a negative, and not with the tongue-in-cheek appr...
by Vixsin


The Argument for Elitism – Part I

I have a slight confession to make; make sure you’re sitting down for this one folks. I am … a WoW elitist. I make no bones about it—I believe in optimal stats, optimal specs, optimal rotations, and optimal performance. I...
by Vixsin


Sisyphus - Pushing the Rock Up the Mountain

Dealing With Raid Regression

With the 15% buff in place and an instance of “farm” and “progression” content to clear, a number of guilds these days are facing a very real and very scary problem—raid regression. The opposite of solid progression, ...
by Vixsin

The VIP velvet rope

The Construction and Deconstruction of an App

There comes a time in every raider’s life when they find themselves faced with a daunting challenge—writing an application to a guild that they would actually like to join. In stark contrast to those guilds that you join as...
by Vixsin



Is Your “Best” Healer Really Helping Your Team?

In the world of competitive raiding, we oftentimes depend on key people—guild leaders, raid leaders, healing leads, main tanks, uber dps—to carry heavier loads than others, to hold the reigns and contribute a little more th...
by Vixsin