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To Each His Own: UI Design

­ Like the art you hang on your walls, the furniture you buy, or how you arrange your desk, your UI is as much a reflection of your thought process as it is an effort at self-expression (although arguably sometimes more of the...
by Vixsin

Sulfuron Spire - Hyjal

Beta Impressions & Musings

The past couple of weeks have seen a tsunami of new Beta information flooding the front pages of sites like World of Raids and MMO-Champion. 31-point talents, Twitter chat, multiple beta builds, specializations, guild leveling ...
by Vixsin


An Argument for Addons

A month or so ago, I had one of most all-around discomforting experiences of my raiding career. I had a moment, not dissimilar from showing up to class stark naked and lacking your homework, where I was simply stunned into immo...
by Vixsin



PowerAuras and You: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

It’s fairly safe to say that I’m a visual person; telling me the way to the party isn’t going to ensure my arrival, but show me where it is on a map and I turn into a veritable TomTom. So it’s no surprise that one of my...
by Vixsin


The Obligatory UI Thread

When I lived back in LA, I used to spend some weekends working at the Lowrider Car Show. It was an amazing experience, if for nothing else than sheer morbid curiosity about what someone armed with yards of purple felt, rolls of...
by Vixsin