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Just in Time vs. Just in Case Healing

We’ve been hearing the fuss for months—healing is intended to be a “triage” affair come Cataclysm. Health pools will be up while healing numbers will increase incrementally, and having players at less than full hea...
by Vixsin

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Lessons from an Alt: the Holy Pally

As many players and bloggers out there have discovered, the end of the xpac is a great time for alts, and like many others, I’ve been living it up these days on a variety of toons, including one annoying cutesy Holy Paladin. ...
by Vixsin

Halion Hard Mode Kill - US21

Life Behind the Kill Pic: A Look Inside Hardcore Guilds

With the recent preview of the guild leveling and perks system, now more than ever, the tag under your name will start to impact your interaction in the game world. With perks ranging from more XP, more money, and more tier poi...
by Vixsin


Hello My Name is Inigo Montoya

Hello, my name is …

Believe you me, I tried to abstain from the discussion on this one. As bloggers everywhere took sides about the introduction of the RealID system, I stayed silent. As guildies and former guildies sent me random email...
by Vixsin


A Question of Identity

Since I’ve been writing a bevy of serious posts lately filled with numbers, philosophy and the like, I thought I’d take some time to dial it back a bit and address a more critical question facing all spectrum of players. It...
by Vixsin



Ding Dong, the King is Dead (*with Flowcharts!)

Yes, that title means exactly what you think it means. FH went into ICC last night, powered through 11/12 Hard Modes and got ready for a night of work on LK. Attempt #1 of the night saw him down to 22%. And 4 attempts later he ...
by Vixsin